Wednesday, October 5, 2011


For some reason - I wanted to sing that subject sounds a but like an old country song.....
I'll wait while you craft that song in your head.
Go ahead...... here are the 5 things that I love this week!

1.) Those of you who know your Art Nouveau...and are a big geek......will recognize this.......and love this....super well done.....Karen Hallion Design.....check out her Etsy page....or just buy the t-shirt!

2.) Three 'chairs' for great design. (Get it? I put 'chairs' instead of 'cheers' get it??) you go.....

Sut Kutusu

3.) my continuing saga to find creepy - abandoned places, I give to you THIS!! (You're welcome)  The Staten Island Boat Graveyard. Also known as the Witte Marine scrap yard, the Donjon Marine Co. Iron and Metal Division facility on this marshy section of the Arthur Kill waterway is an official dumping ground for disused and decommissioned ships. (The Fresh Kills Landfill operates nearby.) Dozens of obsolete tugboats, ferries, barges and passenger ships sit abandoned in the water, waiting to be dismantled or salvaged. Naturally, this is not a place for casual sightseers, but the location is known as a photographer's dream for the few who dare to trek out there! Whats that?? Did you say ROAD TRIP?????? OK!!! Let's go check out some of this stuff:
4.) This one is for the ladies...and lady boys.......(thanks Cindy). Have you ever wanted to have crazy glamourous eyelashes? Well Check out these!!! (Here is the site)

5.) Finally, I enjoyed this. Although...I think 'Muppet Kurt' might be a bit much......

There it is.
Another week of cool/funny/interesting stuff for you!
I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. I know, right?? Art Nouveau never looked so great!

  2. Orange rocking chair - scary
    Suitcase chair - LOVE IT
    Boat graveyard - uber scary

  3. AkirE - I am gonna buy you some of those eyelashes for christmas!!!