Monday, April 21, 2014


Ok…so I am not ready to show you any finished new paintings - but rest assured I have a BUNCH of new stuff on the drawing board! I working on new TORONTO paintings of the Sunnyside Beach Pavilion and here is a little preview of my easel RIGHT NOW…..

It is gonna be for The Distillery!!!
I will have more to show by the end of the week - I PROMISE…...I am also working on more prints and such……..until then…...

I will share with you my schedule (as I know it today) and I hope to see you out this summer!!!

MAY - TBA - still waiting to find out about 3 possible shows…..I hope to know soon! ;-)

JUNE - Print exhibition, First Unitarian Church, June 1st-22nd
           - World Pride show (TBA)

JULY - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. BRAND new artwork for the "big daddy" of outdoor art festivals. Come out on this - probably SUPER HOT - fantastic weekend of fine art. I am not allowed to show my prints and reproductions at this show, so come to this to see my new mixed media paintings!


SEPTEMBER - Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival, September 5-7th!

Ok…so that is it for today. I  hopes you are having a restful Easter Monday!

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