Thursday, April 30, 2015

WONDERFUL WASHINGTON (part 2) is that part TWO that I promised from my Washington DC vacation.....
Well, the truth is, I really believe that design is EVERYWHERE.
So much so, that I want you to look at these attractions and photos NOT like a slideshow from Aunt Cathy, but rather as a notation of the design of things that I thought were GREAT in Washington.... we go:
This.....the side of the building was shimmery....
.....soooooo shimmery...

This mural was lovely! Retro!

Union Station! Very pretty inside and out!!!

Union Station - I am a sucker for vaulted ceilings!!!

All the subtlety that I enjoy!

The Spy Museum!!

There was a BOND VILLAN EXHIBITION....that was GREAT!
Some might even say the exhibition was EXQUISITE!

An actual tool kit........only slightly used......

Lipstick Pistol = awesome!


ANOTHER thing to shove up your butt......oh those crazy spies!!

There was a room detailing how pigeons were used for spying......

There. I said it!

Look at that discreet camera around his neck.....
DAMN Pigeon paparazzi!

Cool spy related 1950's toys....

WAIT.....Julia Child was a spy?????????
She never mentioned it here:
We were SO CLOSE.
I guess you never can tell who is a spy!!

NEEEEEEEEEEEEED this 007 wallpaper!!!

Yep. I bought a flask scarf to wear.
Why wouldn't you?

Yup. Makes sense to me!

Better safe than sorry?

I turned myself into a Bond Villain.
CHECK OUT THE SPY MUSEUM! It was super cool!!!
The next day we spent in Georgetown. It was LOVELY!

These idiots are waiting in cue for cupcakes.
MOMMA didn't raise no fool who stands in cupcake lines!!
HEY....remember the stairs in The Exorcist.....
When the Priest gets thrown out the window....and falls down the stairs.......

My husband re-enacts the famous scene.
Well.....except me throwing him down the stairs part.....
Lovely hills in Georgetown!

Nice sign!
Instead of waiting for a cupcake - we sat and had a mini pie!!!!
PIE SISTERS - Check them out!!!
SOOOOOO GOOOD! One banana cream pie and one sourcream/apple pie!!!

Wonderful place!!!!!
The next day was at the Smithsonian again.....

The Air and Space Museum......was NEATO! 

SO MANY PLANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved these retro flight attendant outfits!!
How great would I look in that hat???

Yup. Its the space crapper.

New robot that replaces people!

High fives!!

and lastly.....the Tophookers.
Not the same as the Bottom Hookers.
So that was it!
Out big trip!!
It was delightful!
You should consider a nice Washington visit! Lots to see and eat!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


So here is what I have to show you......
A new piece!
It is a variation on another piece I did......this one commissioned for  client!

"Whole New Ballgame" 12" x 12", Acrylic on Board
I don't mind using the same imagery as long as it is different enough to make the piece look NEW and original.....I like the idiom - and although I know NOTHING about The Baseball, I think this piece works pretty well!
What do you think?
If you wanna see more of these little 12" x 12" beauties, you can CLICK HERE.
If there is something that you want to commission....I would LOVE to hear from you!!!
YAY! 2 Commissions down 5 to go!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Hey Y'all!!!!!
So all the jury results are in!
For those of you who are not artists, let me tell you, I do not enjoy the jury process.
I have a HUGE file of rejection letters.......that mostly all start with: 

"After much deliberation, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to include your work in this year’s __________. Blahbity blahbity blahbity!"

The truth is, each "no" still hurts a little, yes, even after all these years.
And each "yes" is still a validation of your art!
It is terrible! 
Each year, I have had to say to artist friends "Well, these things are subjective and have no reason........" when they inform me that they haven't gotten into a show that I have or vice versa!
The thing is, I am not on the jury committees. It must be hard. 
You want your show to be the best it can be, and you want to have the breadth and depth that a show should have. You can't have 100 pop-art inspired poster-stlyed painters (like me). You can't have 100 wildlife should have a varying roster of artists. I GET IT!
BUT still that "no thank you" is like a kick in proverbial balls.

This year has been a mixed bag or rejections and acceptance!
HERE are my upcoming summer and early FALL shows......


Sienna Gallery
A new gallery carrying works by ME!!
2865 Chamberland Street, Unit #2
Rockland, Ontario

I cancelled my MAY shows to focus on getting work done!
(And taking ANOTHER short VACATION!)


Riverdale Art Walk
Jimmie Simpson Park, Toronto, ON.
Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7, 2015

I will have brand new works in most every size, and some limited edition prints too!


Queen and Jackson: Art and Craft Market
Players’ Guild | Downtown Hamilton, Ontario
June 13 – 14, 2015

I am working on new Hamilton works - and prints!!!!!!

Kensington Market Art Fair 
Kensington Market, Toronto, ON.
June 28th

Getting a NEW print about Kensington Market ready!


Kensington Market Art Fair 
Kensington Market, Toronto, ON.
July 26th

Wychwood Barns Art Market
Toronto, ON.
August 15th 

Cabbage town Art and Crafts Sale
Riverdale Farm, Toronto, ON.
September 11-13th

THAT is the new schedule!
BUSY DAYS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you come out to see me and the new work at any OR ALL of these shows!
See you in the parks!