Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WW195: BEVERLEY HAWKSLEY, GBD, and The Cat-tanic........

Hey guys! Welcome back to Wonderful Wednesday!!!!
Here are 5 things that I enjoy this week....

1.) I always talk about art that I see that moves me. This week I thought I would feature an artist that I have shown with and whose work I really enjoy. You gotta check out Beverley Hawksley. 

I love how subversive and dark, yet how playful these pieces are. 
I thoroughly enjoy seeing her work around Toronto. I want YOU to learn more about her art....
Check out this video:

You should go to her WEBSITE here.... to find out where you can see her work LIVE, because it needs to be seen live to get the real feeling from it! Engaging and melancholy work....but not depressing.....just interesting and lovely!
Oh also you can follow her tweets!!

2.) Okay my cat loving readers.....there is this. I know this may seem like a lot to you, but I REALLY think you need to own it!!!! Deb? Cindy? Cheapay? Adrienne? Mark? COME ON!!!!

Yup! The Kitty Titanic Condo! Go to Hollywood Kitty Company to BUY BUY BUY this!
Just imagine reanimating the last 10 minutes of the Titanic movie -- EVERY DAY!

Watch this wonderful see how your cat(s) will LOVE IT! (but be pre warned - the video SHOULD have 'My Heart will go on" instead of the weird porn-like music.):

3.) Okay, as y'all know I went to Washington DC a couple weeks ago....and you know how Robbie loves his chicken and donuts? Well I researched and found GBD (Golden Brown Delicious)...

Seriously folks. You like donuts? You like chicken? YOU GOTTA LOVE THE LUTHER:

Fried Brioche Doughnut Glazed in Maple-Chicken Jus, with Buttered Pecans,
Slab Bacon and Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh + Side of Fries

It was like heaven......maybe not for my arteries.....but still.....YUUUUUM!
I washed it down with this lovely punch......

This was the donut selection for the day....

Oh....also.....these deep fried brie bits......yes.....for reals......

Check out the menu HERE!
And if you are in Washington - DO NOT MISS IT!!!

4.) My hubby sent this to is really kinda interesting.........the evolution of the MGM logo...I thought it was really interesting. Check 'er:

or go here and see the evolution of the Disney and Dreamworks logos...
Also check out for TONNES of nerdy great stuff!

5.) Oh Billy......this clip of David Letterman was wonderful (thanks Cindy):

and this clip with Michelle Obama and Big Bird.....also enjoyable!!!!

There you go! 5 things I enjoyed this week!!!!!
I hope you did too!

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