Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I know, I know, it seems like I have forgotten you.
Fear not dear friends, I have not forsaken you.
It was my birthday last week, and just got over my birthday hangover just yesterday!
So to celebrate being able to hold my head up again, I would like to share NEW MERCH.
More specifically, I would like to share with you my BRAND NEW POSTCARDS.
Now those of you who follow my work and this chatty little blog, know that I currently have a line of postcards that I have been selling for the past 5 months.
If you don't…..why not??
HERE is a post about them….
They have been very successful for me, and I am so thrilled!
So, I thought I would expand my line of postcards….so you have more selection!
No….not a professional hand model…….
But just look at the 5 new beauties!!!
These cards are still only $3.00 each.
That is only THREE BONES!
DEAL….am I right???!!!
Each card is 4" x 6" in size, and is printed on LOVELY thick glossy paper stock -- and matte on the back -- so that you can actually USE IT to send to a friend!!
Now as you know, I am a guy who loves the details……some even claim I am a little OCD…..
So the back of each card has a design that coordinates with the theme on the front of the card…..
Get it? Now look here…..
Cabbagetown….on the front…..which has a cabbagey-victorian loveliness to it:

The back? JUST AS LOVELY! See my cabbage…..
I put a lot of love into these…..so that you may love them too!!!
Perfect as a gift or as gift to self…..
Send one - frame one…..whatever you like!!!
See them on my website…or buy them from ETSY….
Or wait until December - for my Christmas show…..
(details forthcoming!)
Ok….that is it……HAVE A GREAT WEEK y'all!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Welcome back!
Here are 5 things that I think you should LOVE this week…..

1.) I really love this one. I am not a mommy….but I am really drawn to these great collaborative works… Ruth oosterman has painted a bunch or FANTASTIC watercolour painting using her 2 year old's doodles as a framework for the pieces!

I was sceptical at first - because they are SOOO GOOD….but check this out…..


Ruth says…..
‘just as my painting forms, I make sure to follow her outlines and leave some of her drawing visible, keeping it a collaboration. it is a fine balance that I am continuing to learn from.’

I love them!!! I REALLY DO!
Please give her a little support on her BLOG
or buy prints of her stuff on Etsy


2.) I love a good toe tapper - you KNOW I do!!! I have been listening to Clean Bandit's "Rather Do" on repeat for a week now…..here is the official music video…..prepare to tap your toes…..
(GO HERE more of their videos)
Here is the wiki explanation of this group…..

"Clean Bandit is a British electronic group from England. The group consists of Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, Milan Neil Amin-Smith. Clean Bandit's music has been described as "fusion" music, mixing electronic music with classical and deep-house elements. Most of their music intertwines classical compositions, such as those from Beethoven, Dvorak, etc. (most typically, Mozart for their song "Mozart's House"). Some of their music also has a lot of humour and a bit of tongue in cheek at times."

I really enjoy the whole album "New Eyes"……
……yes…..it's chock-a-block full of "disco-y" goodness…....Preview it on iTunes….
THEN BUY IT - and prepare to have your toes tapped!

3.) Dear Toronto. Let's ALSO think outside the box - or rather the highway……

Recently, plans have been unveiled for an aerial gondola system that would connect Brooklyn to Manhattan, bringing commuters over the river in just three and a half minutes. The ‘east river skyway‘ is viewed as a relatively inexpensive and quickly deployable solution. it is believed that the scheme could accommodate over 5,000 individuals an hour in both directions!!!!
Is this brilliance??? YES!!!!!!!!

Check out more details on designboom.com
4.) Ok….I am not sure WHY I love this so much…..but I do…..COOL MATERIAL brings you the Lighter Cufflinks.

Perfect for camping or for a night on the town or the formal-dressed pyromaniacs out there.
(Wait….I think I may be confused about what "camping" is!)
Still…..cool, right????

5.) Thanks Buzzfeed for this……you Disneyphiles will especially love this one….


Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey everyone….happy Monday!
So I mentioned that I have been trying to get some 'retailers' lately, and it has been going pretty well.
One of these new retailers is a BRAND new online gallery….

I would like to introduce you to FOXSLY!!
There are a bunch of really good artists that have partnered up with Foxsly…..
You can go to my homepage…..or check out other amazing works….

Why should you LOVE it??
Because it is both Canadian curated and Canadian made.
Let's just enjoy that…..but wait….there's more……they have hand-picked their artists and craftspeople, so there is a nice cross-section of work….with more work being added each week.
It is nice to be a part of something cool and CANADIAN.
So I want you to go and check them out.
RIGHT NOW….they're awesome!
and "like" them on the Book of Face on Pinterest AND follow their tweets!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Time for W.O.T.S. (aka The Word on the Street Festival) -- yes…I am still calling it TWOTS - despite the fact that is TOTALLY OFFENSIVE! Sorry guys….I am still a 13 year old in my heart. :-)
For those of you who do not know this fest…..SHAME on you! ;-)
It is a FANTASTIC way to interact with all things written!
It's your best chance to pick up some great Canadian and Toronto reads!
And just look at this great poster…….

(just in case you are reading this -- have your people call me!!! :-) 

YOU MUST check it out!
HERE is their website…..for more deets.
I go every year! And am excited that my limited edition Toronto Giclèes will be showing in the Spacing Magazine booth again this year:

If you don't know Spacing Magazine…...READ THIS blog post...….
or just put the word "spacing" into the 'search this blog' box….
and read all the times I have talked about them!!

Come on people -- you gotta support them too! It really is an AWESOME MAG!

And soon they will be unveiling a real bricks and mortar retail store…..STAY TUNED FOR THAT!

You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter

See you at The Word on the Street (see how I avoided the acronym there!! ;-)
Monday I have more great 'retailing' news……I am part of a new online art gallery…and am super excited to tell you all about it……but not until MONDAY!
Have a great weekend y'all!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WW184: THE VERB HOTEL, THE LAST 5 YEARS, and spider-dog!

Welcome friends new and old to "Wonderful Wednesday"!
Here are thew 5 things you gotta love this week…..

1.) Vintage lovers…..this is for you…...I am not a lover of the game of ball-of-bases…..but this hotel reno….near Fenway Park in Boston is AWESOME. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!! GBH worked with boston property developers samuels and associates to create a something AWESOME! The Verb Hotel is a redevelopment of a 94 room, mid-century modern howard johnson motel, built in 1959. They stripped it down and re-sexy-fied it!!! Just look at these screen captures from their site…...

OH MAN. I really like it! 

 Even the stationery is SUPER COOL……

Now….go to THE VERB HOTEL site to see more photos.
You will be glad you did!!!! And let's make our reservations to GO!!!!!
or on Facebook  or the Twitter….

2.) My fellow theatre dorks……LOOK AT THIS -- A SNIPPET! It's Anna Kendrick (who I LOVE) and Jeremy Jordan (from Newsies and Smash) in Jason Robert Brown's cult-favorite musical "The Last Five Years"!! I love this musical, and am looking forward to the film version!!

(that link is for my iPhone friends)

3.) Hey nerdy peeps…..how about THESE…….if you like word-y things.….and Star Wars…….how about these cuff links?! New officially licensed Star Wars Cuff Links use a 60's rock poster typographic look…...The rhodium plated and enamel cuff links come in seven different typographic characters:

Prices start at $39.95 a pair
Shop for Star Wars Typography Cuff Links on Amazon

4.) MMMMMM……..two of my favourite things….TOGETHER…..shoes….and cake. Yes….I am a boy…so I probably won't be wearing these myself….I want YOU to!!! Please enjoy the creations from The Shoe Bakery……custom created by Chris Campbell! There are a bunch of deeelish styles and colours…

NOW…go to the WEBSITE…..
or give them some "like" on Facebook !
(thanks to If it's Hip it's Here for this one!!)

5.) This made me laugh….I LOVE the incidental music…..so funny!!! (thanks Jeff D)
Check out his YouTube channel…or on the facebook
    (link HERE!)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Look everyone…..NEW giclèes!!!!

"Forever Yonge" -- my take on the classic Yonge Street -- wanna know more about the original painting? READ THIS POST!


"The Evolution of the Streetcar" -- 3 generations of Toronto streetcars…..more about the original painting HERE ON THIS POST!

I have had a lot of interest on these thanks to some great social media shout-outs!
Like all of my other prints, they are available as 8" x 10" ($35.00) or as 16" x 20" ($75.00)

They fit directly into any 8x10 frame or the LARGE Ikea 'ribba' frame!
I will be adding them to Etsy in the next few days….but if you wanna order one directly from me just email me at rob_croxford_sales@me.com - and we will work it out!

OR if you live here in Toronto, just wait until December - I will be having a pre-holiday show of some kind! I am also still waiting for some shows to come through before the end of this year, and will have more details for you(s) in October!
ALSO - I am getting postcards of these new paintings by the end of the month!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!!
Here are the 5 things I want you to LOVE this week!!!
Check these out:

1.) José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ latest works which just showed at La Luz De Jesus Gallery are still amazing! I love seeing Disney characters doing very unDisney-like things. Uncouth, corrupt and compromising Disney Princesses, Princes, Villians and Mickey et al are featured in "Profanity Pop".

“With Profanity Pop, Rodolfo pays tribute to specific historical works that have inspired many generations. Universal themes are once again narrated by beloved animated characters, but in the guise of the divine and with all the fragility of martyrs. Away from the paradise of happy endings, the pastel sprinkled drama takes on a vulnerability that juxtaposes subversively with situations never similarly interpreted. The Monarchy of prejudices and taboos crumble in this story. The disenfranchised reach beyond discrimination, and in this narrative no union is sinful or suppressed.”
Below are the paintings photographed from the actual exhibit at La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

So great.
Check out  La Luz De Jesus Gallery
and of course go to José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ site too!!!

2.) The 'Noke' from FŪZ Designs looks like a supper cool padlock!!!! I need it!!!

No you b*tches…..not for the gym…..just cause it is cool!!!
You use air the Noke lock with your phone using bluetooth and their app. When your phone is in range (you can also generate guest keys for friends etc...), just press the shackle and it will unlock. You don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to unlock!!!!!!!!


And if there is a  battery failure (most likely your phone because Noke has a year long battery), you can also program a Quick-Click code to unlock it.
Go to  Fuz Designs to see more!!!

3.) I WANT TO GO TO THERE……..The Flederhaus is an awesome structure in Vienna designed by architects Heri & Salli….

It is for hanging out - LITERALLY!!!!!! The open building, situated in the Museum Quarter of the city, houses 28 hammocks on 5 floors that offer great views to one and all at no cost. The inviting hammocks are arranged to allow for meeting and interacting with neighbours.

HONESTLY!!! How great is this??

Let's go!
(thanks to http://collabcubed.com)

4.) I posted about this one in March of last year, but they swung by my booth at The Cabbagetown show and bought this print…..

So I thought I would mention them AGAIN!!! Rashers. an amazing little eatery in Leslieville is delightful for a takeaway nosh!! (If you LOOOVE some bacon, like I love bacon.)

I have been in a number of times this year and have had the bacon sliders, the Brioche and a few of the grilled cheese sammies!!


A snippet of the menu!!

I like the "wall of bacon" GO SEE MY PIECE HANGIN HERE!!!!

You should go! AND give a little 'like' to them on Twitter and Facebook too!!!
(and thanks for the support guys!)

5.) I leave you with this…….I cannot help but watch it over and over again…..I think it is the elaborate score!!!!
Thanks Cindy for this!