Wednesday, August 28, 2013


No time for chit chat today folks......(I'll explain why on FRIDAY) here are my top 5 things you hafta check out this week!!!

1.) I wanted to post this one LAST week....but I already had a song on WW131! So this week, it's a little Dolly...yes.......I am a Dolly Parton fan. Ever since I saw her in 9-5 as a 10 year old, I have thought that she was fantastic!!! Now check out this slowed down version......

It is moody and weird. I LOVE IT!!!!!
In that same vein....if you like are gonna wanna try this one.....
I am not a Springsteen this is enjoyable to me.......probably not for everyone though....
OK...moving on....

2.) This week I started watching the TV show Broadchurch (on Showcase). It is a classic whodunnit....but BRITISH!! Yes, another fabulous (if you can call a murder mystery fabulous) 8 part drama series which looks at how the murder of a boy - Danny Latimer - affects a small town. 

The main focus of the drama is the investigation into Danny's death lead by DI Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Ellie Miller (Oliva Colman), but other strands explored in the drama include the impact on Danny's immediate family, and how they cope and move on; the wider community in the town, and how they deal with the tragedy; the role of the church in such circumstances, and how people affected by the crime can look to faith; and also the role of the media - local and national - and how people deal with the kind of scrutiny a crime like this brings.

From the immediate family, and then radiating out, one by one the community of Broadchurch are drawn into the police enquiry, Local hoteliers and business people are implicated as the effects of a death in the community begins to impact on their hard-earned livelihoods. But can the town survive such a seismic shock during its economically crucial summer months? As the case drags on, the whole town will come under pressure: personal, economic, professional and emotional.

The casting is AH-MAH-ZING! The pace is a slow burn (but not glacial like 'the killing')
Oh those Brits!!! I just LOVE their 8 parters!! Check it out!!!

3.) ANOTHER reason to go to NYC right this MINUTE!!! The Whitney Museum of American Art has created a life-size, 3-dimensional recreation of edward hopper’s 'nighthawks' in the NYC landmark flatiron building!! The pop-up, cut-out style model is created by the in new york in celebration of their current exhibit, hopper drawing -- a show devoted to the painter’s process which includes some 200 previously unexhibited drawings on paper. 

The four protagonists from the iconic 1940s diner scene were scaled up to mimic human proportions and their arrangement around the wooden bar perfectly replicates hopper's original. the distinct architectural elements of the flatiron building -- in particular its reflection of the triangular site -- was an initial influence for the locale pictured in 'nighthawks'.

For those of you who don't know the original.....Edward hopper, nighthawks, 1942
oil on canvas, 33 1/8 × 60 in. (84.1 × 152.4 cm), The Art Institute of Chicago

I (HEART) NYC!!!!!!!!!!
4.) Ok...all you budding photographers - you're gonna LOVE this one.....this accessory will change your simple smartphone into a SUPER SMART camera!!!
Photos of sony's smartphone lens accessories are making rounds on the internet! I found this on Design Boom:

sources from sonyalpharumors have provided new information on specifications that show exactly how the so-called 'lens cameras' will work. both the leaked models ( DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100) will feature full frame sensors and resolution of up to 20.2 megapixels with carl zeiss lenses and bionz processors - the smaller of the two boasting 10x optical zoom with an 18MP sensor. the attachments will be controlled via android and iOS smartphones or tablets using wifi or NFC, magnetically connecting directly to the bottom and top of the device. the accessories will also support a shutter button, an SD card slot and a rechargeable battery pack. for more information on the leaked specs, see the illustration below.

COOL, HUH?????

5.) Gosh, I hate to do this, but.....if I had to see do you. Thanks to (and Cindy) I had to watch the repeat of Miley 'twerking'...this time on famous paintings. I am gonna reserve a judging statement here....and just give you a little taste - so you can judge for yourself!!! ;-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Let's get to it.....five glorious things that I DON't want you to miss!!!!!

1.) I know what you are thinking.....Rob, I do not waste enough of my time on the world wide interwebs.....can you show me something that will help spend time getting absolutely nothing accomplished? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! I give you Tonematrix:
Useless? YES!
A solid waste of time....CHECK!
Enjoy this. (Thanks Deb)

2.) I heard this from a Facebook friend......and cannot stop playing it. LOVE her voice!
Now is the time to make a has taken me a long time to admit this.....
I love country music. That's right folks, I am coming out of the country closet!
As a country music fan, I am happy to share with you this Toronto grown gem of a singer.....
Lindi Ortega. here is a little wiki-bio:

Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Now living in Tennessee, her voice has been described as a blend of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Emmylou Harris. She spent nearly a decade as an independent artist in the Toronto music scene, releasing two albums and an EP in that time. She has been described as "Toronto's best kept secret" and nicknamed "Indie Lindi". Ortega toured extensively as a backup singer for Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers. She has been nominated for two Juno Awards. She also has a brand new album coming out in October!

Here are a couple songs:

Now...go to her website - or iTunes and get a little country in your life!!!

3.) Thanks to Cindy....and a bit of research (aka time wasting) I found this website.....Better Book Titles, once you see the names of these will NEVER see the old names again without thinking....oh ya......that WAS a better title!! Please enjoy this SMALL snippet......

Check out more HERE!

4.) This is weird...but WONDERFUL......

It's a unicorn covered in cute food!! The work of Spanish artists {and brothers} Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, aka Brosmind. Their Barcelona based studio is the hub for their very successful illustration company. Their wacky personal projects are the real treat though.

I also love the Brosmind WAGON. "a hilarious car covered with beanbags and powered by pedals. It was created for the collective exhibition ON! Handcrafted Digital Playgrounds, taking place at the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Ohio (March-September 2013). 

All the visitors attending the exhibition are invited to drive it in order to tour the exhibition from a funny point of view. Technical support by Isaac Salom. Pillows manufactured by Woouf.

5.) Ridiculous. There. That's all I can say.
(thanks Warren)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hey! I have been super busy getting ready for some big opportunities that I will tell you all about in the next couple of I have been a lazy blogger......but I wanted to make sure I at least got you your WW post up this week!
Enjoy these 5 things that I love this week:

1.)  I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! PEOPLE FOR GOOD. Such a super concept. I really like it a lot!!!! you have probably seen their print ads....or the tv spots......but I want you to really look again....

Watch this too:

Now...........go out there and DO SOME GOOD!!!!!!

2.) This is the kind of thing that will stick in your head.....SORRY! As you know, I love pin-ups. Not in a sleazy ogle-y way...but as art. That is why I think these are kinda funny/clever. Photographer, Rion Sabean in his photo series, “Men-ups: The Real Pin“ puts regular guys into the exact same 'compromising' positions as the vintage pin-up gals I love so much!! It really redefines the word pin-up....Just be THANKFUL these male models are not wearing bikini’s or dresses!!!

3.) YOU KNOW I LOVES ME SOME MUPPETS......So I am certainly looking forward to this:
Muppets Most summer! Huzzah!!

4.) What is not to LOVe about this one........Bruno Lefevre-Brauer, known as + Brauer, is a graphic designer living in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through painting, photography and sculpture. An artist who regularly exhibits in Paris, these charming illuminated metal upcycled robots are from his series "Viva la Roboluciòn!". SUPER GOOD:

I NEEEEEEEED one!!!  Each piece is a statement of poetic resistance to mass-consumption.
See more work by +Brauer here
5.) THIS is priceless. George Takei is back at it one reviews horrible objects like Sulu!!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK.....and go do some good!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey guys!
Finally the SCA Journal is out........

The Society for Commercial Architecture Journal is published twice a year, and recognizes unique 20th century commercial buildings and landscapes! It is full of really cool stuff. GREAT articles and photos that are super documentation of the architecture and signs and so on that I LOVE so much!
You can check out the SCA on Facebook HERE......or their website at

In this month's publication, Peter Glaser's column "Northern Roadsides" explores the things that we can be proud of and sad about when it comes to the history of Ontario Place:

A very enjoyable article that......WAIT.........IS THAT MY ART??
Oh yes, he also mentions my painting "Summer Fun":

And yes.......this original,  36" x 24" acrylic on board painting is STILL AVAILABLE!
It is also still available as a limited edition print! go and enjoy your weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Howdy Ho!
I am gonna get right to it.......5 things that I love this week!!!!!

1.) These are neato posters from Jesús Prudencio. A talented graphic artist, web designer and illustrator from Badajoz, currently living in Seville, Spain. A fan of both films and cars, he took it upon himself to create these minimalist posters representing movies by the iconic vehicles within them.

Get these neat posters at

2.) Are you in the mood for great big slice of nostalgia??????? Let me tell you about my recent trip to Hamilton to Mother's Pizza.

 Ya. You heard me. YEARS after going defunct, she's back. If you have a hankering for red gingham, and ye olde advertising......

if you are missing the simpler times, the times of faux stained glass:

....well....everything old is new Mother's!

The menu has a lot of the stuff we LOVED as on metal stands....great plastic jugs of Pop Shoppe cream floats.............a crazy guy with a moustache......oh.....sorry - scratch that last one........

 To break with tradition.......I had this panzarotti. This part is gonna either gross you out......or make you want to go to there. It was stuffed with bacon.....and macaroni and cheese. RIDICULOUS! And soooooo bad for you........but yummy.

Next time I will have to try the 'za!!!

So....all your Southern Ontarian's........go and re-live your childhood!!!

3.) King Kong...the musical. Yup. Another shock. But just look at this....WOW!!!!:

Here is a little looks glitzy and glossy......

(or try this link - you won't regret it!!!)

oh....and did I mention the multi million dollar, one tonne, six-meter high "puppet animatronic"?? Suspended from the ceiling, Kong's limbs are manipulated on stage by 10 specially trained stage circus artists who scurry over and around the puppet, shifting his arms and legs by hand or using ropes.

um......WOW! The amazing puppeteer Sonny Tilders (who did the amazing dinosaurs of the "Walking with Dinosaurs" stage show) is one of the folks that helped create this HUGE BUDGET Specti-musi-cal!!!

So....let's go and see King Kong is at the Regent Theatre, in Melbourne, Australia!!!

4.) This is a neato thing too......artist Bill Fitzgibbons uses LEDs to creat beauty in a neglected street underpass in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

The project is titled "Light Rails" illuminates the dark and uninviting underpass with thousands of colours encouraging pedestrian traffic in a vital connection between two growing areas of downtown Birmingham. 

Find out more about Bill FitzGibbons' work here.
via [Contemporist]

5.) Oh Buzz continually amuse and offend me............I give you "21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos" is a sampling......but.....CLICK HERE to see the rest!

Thanks for this cannot unsee it.........