Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hey! I have been super busy getting ready for some big opportunities that I will tell you all about in the next couple of I have been a lazy blogger......but I wanted to make sure I at least got you your WW post up this week!
Enjoy these 5 things that I love this week:

1.)  I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! PEOPLE FOR GOOD. Such a super concept. I really like it a lot!!!! you have probably seen their print ads....or the tv spots......but I want you to really look again....

Watch this too:

Now...........go out there and DO SOME GOOD!!!!!!

2.) This is the kind of thing that will stick in your head.....SORRY! As you know, I love pin-ups. Not in a sleazy ogle-y way...but as art. That is why I think these are kinda funny/clever. Photographer, Rion Sabean in his photo series, “Men-ups: The Real Pin“ puts regular guys into the exact same 'compromising' positions as the vintage pin-up gals I love so much!! It really redefines the word pin-up....Just be THANKFUL these male models are not wearing bikini’s or dresses!!!

3.) YOU KNOW I LOVES ME SOME MUPPETS......So I am certainly looking forward to this:
Muppets Most summer! Huzzah!!

4.) What is not to LOVe about this one........Bruno Lefevre-Brauer, known as + Brauer, is a graphic designer living in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through painting, photography and sculpture. An artist who regularly exhibits in Paris, these charming illuminated metal upcycled robots are from his series "Viva la Roboluciòn!". SUPER GOOD:

I NEEEEEEEED one!!!  Each piece is a statement of poetic resistance to mass-consumption.
See more work by +Brauer here
5.) THIS is priceless. George Takei is back at it one reviews horrible objects like Sulu!!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK.....and go do some good!!!

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