Friday, August 29, 2014


One week until the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show

- see more HERE!

I will have loads of great stuff for you to see! I will also have THIS brand new piece:

"The Evolution of the Toronto Streetcar", 36" x 48", Acrylic on Board
Ok… this big boy IS pretty big for me………3 foot by 4 foot!
It is my version of the 3 most identifiable TTC Streetcars.
Yes….I will be making postcards and prints from this!!!!
(You're welcome!)
What do you think??

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday this week.
Here are the five things I want you to LOVE this week!!!!

1.) LET'S GO TO NYC!!!!! Come on guys! (I know….like I need an excuse to want to go to there!!) "The Water Tank Project" is part art exhibition and part social awareness campaign that transforms 300 rooftop water tanks in New York City into original works of art.

Filmmaker Mary Jordan, who came up with the idea for the project, sees the initiative as a chance to educate people about the global water issues. "Understand that we have to reduce our plastic waste, reduce our meat consumption and really conserve our water," she said. Over 100 water tanks will be wrapped with art by acclaimed artists such as John Baldessari, Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Andy Goldsworthy and even NYC public school students.


About The Water Tank Project from The Water Tank Project on Vimeo.
Find out more about the project here.
(via [Collabcubed])

2.) I NEEEEEED one (or two) of these…..(hint hint…husband ;-) THIS BOW TIE!!!!

TAKD Design, from Detroit makes this awesome tie! Each tie is made from solid timber, then "sanded and finished in-house using CNC routing and woodworking methods to ensure quality control."

 But which one????? That is the question!
(go here to BUY one -- like the "Wenge" with maybe a couple of straps like the "Mack" or the "Woodard"!!!!!!! ;-)
(thanks again to Design Boom for stoking the fires of my mental illness!)

3.) Who's thirsty??? Let's try the Jolly Rancher Spiked Punch……mmmmmmmm…….

3 cups pineapple juice
1 bottle cranberry juice (64 ounces)
1 bottle Sparkling apple cider
1 bottle ginger ale (1 liter)

This amazing drink is brought to you by Sugar and Charm.
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4.) ok…..another art related thing… DrFaustusAU - ok I stumbled on these AWESOME illustrations on Deviant Art…….please enjoy these Seusspired (that is Seuss-inspired) illustrations of modern movie classics…..and go to his page…..


5.) This made me laugh last night on the Emmys! The Seth and 'Billy on the Street' bit….

BUT Here is a longer version…….a few more jokes……check it out….
So….of course I had to check out MORE from Billy Eichner….and found that he is a LUNATIC……but that is evidently right up my alley….as I enjoyed wasting HOURS watching him harrang poor innocents on the street…….PLEASE enjoy….

They ALL made me laugh….

 Check him out on his YouTube channel…..
or on Funny or Die
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OR his Tweets….

Monday, August 25, 2014


So today - a little late in the day, I wanted to share 3 bits of NEWS with you…….

"Get Lost There", 24" x 24", Acrylic on Mixed Media

Ok….why is that big news?
Well….let me tell you. One….I painted it a little differently, and I although I am thrilled that it looks so freaking good -- one can never tell what people are gonna think!! So it was nice to get the validation!
The part that makes this an interesting story is that I waited for a month for the 'right person' to find it.
As I have said time and time again, I fully believe that each painting, each print, each piece I create, needs to find the right home. What makes this DOUBLY great, is that this client is a student working on her PHD and is therefore -- BROKE.
So we worked out a payment plan.
Yes….it will take over a year for me to get paid - and for the painting to finds its forever home……BUT…..think of how happy my client will be to finally have it!
For the cost of a few coffees a month, my client will own ART!!!!!
Let this be a lesson to all of you who tell me you 'can't afford' my work…..
YOU CAN. You really can!
It may take some time, but you CAN own original art!!
Don't be afraid to propose a payment plan to me…..I WANT you to have my work in your life!
And let's be honest - I have been rather fortunate -- so chances are, that piece you love will go to someone's home so…..SHOULDN'T IT BE YOURS???

#2 -- I am just finishing up some work on a commission….here is a photo IN PROGRESS. I cannot tell  you what this is for….but I can show you….it is about halfway there….
I think it will look swell when it is done!!
Say tuned for (fingers crossed) more info on this piece.
Why is THIS news?
Well, this is just a reminder that I would LOVE to work WITH you on a cool commissioned piece!
They are exciting and fulfilling - and often end in such happiness!!
Let's talk about a commission…..I have 3 on the drawing board currently…and the 4th COULD BE YOURS!!!


#3 -  I want to share these photos a client took of my prints in their home. They bought them last year (actually on 2 different occasions) and then realized they didn't fit the room...….so they repainted to MATCH MY WORK!!!! How novel of an idea is that!!!! FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!
Why is this news? Well….there is a lesson - surround yourself with things you love….not just 'things that match your couch'! C'mon people!!
Also, they then took them to my framer - who made them look even better…..and it took some more time to get that done….
These clients (who are really lovely BTW) WAITED to get the right thing - framed the right way.

I love that I got to see their final home too!!

So there you go….what a great way to start a Monday!
I have a busy week/month more commissions, and more new work to get ready for The Cabbagetown Show (see info here)… look for more news SOON!!!!!
Have a great week y'all!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's Wonderful Wednesday!
So here are the 5 things I want you to love this week:

1.) Paper. I love when an artist can turn paper into magic. Like these from artist Bovey Lee.…..
Layered freeways, power lines, rebar & steel bridges & high rises..…that create delicate and beautiful flowers here:

See more on Facebook
Also check out her blog!

2.) Dear Jonathan Adler,  WHYYYYYYYYY???????

I NEEEEEED these ceramic containers SOOOO BAD!!!!!

My birthday is coming up…….a set of 5 of these would be perfect.
Get them on Jon-Jon's website.
(thanks Deb!!!)

3.) OH MY GAWD. This. THIS PEOPLE!!! Thomas Leveritt ‘How the Sun Sees You’……

He set up a special camera and monitor that was able capture an image in ultraviolet and relay it back to a viewer in real-time. UV lighting allows those within in its scope to perceive, beyond the range of the human eye, not-yet-visible changes, and otherwise unseen parts of the skin.

Leveritt asked passers-by to take a look at the screen and check out the changes in their faces! These poor people then saw faces full of freckles, scars and sun spots  - AKA sun damage where they might not typically apply sunscreen!!!

Follow his tweets at:
(if you can't see the video go HERE!)
See his whole site at  Thomas Leveritt 
Now go put some sunscreen on already, would ya??

4.) Grilled Peaches and Pound Cake….Ok… this last weekend I made a yummy desert.

Because I am lazy and challenged in the kitchen, I just bbq'd my peaches (with a tiny bit of sugar on them) and bought a poundcake to grill with it…adding a bit of low fat whip cream on top! 

But you should go whole hog and follow this recipe by

Bryan Calvert, chef and co-owner of James in Brooklyn, New York, loves the versatility of his supermoist lemon pound cake: He uses it to make everything from French toast to a stuffing for baked apples. At this time of year, he grills it until crisp and toasty, then tops it with warm, tender grilled peaches and whipped cream. 

Get the whole recipe here:

5.) I leave you with these images from Funny or Die:

See more HERE -- and have a great week!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Happy Monday!
I am gonna share with you my latest treasures from The Value Village.
You're welcome.
Remember, this week I was at VV Boutique on Queen East……so if you are looking for any of these items as Christmas gifts - you best get down there ASAP!
Ok….as an aside….I also went to the St Lawrence Antique Market……and saw this….
Yes….it is a fox. In a box.
I would not could not buy it for my house,
I would not could not buy it for a mouse.
 OK….now onto the VV….
There is this purse.
I am almost sure this is copy-write infringement….

It looks like as she aged, poor Ariel got addicted to BAD cosmetic work.
"look at her face,
no longer neat,
wouldn't you think her surgery's incomplete,
can't you just tell,  she's the girl,
The girl who's done everything?

She's had botox and boob-jobs a plenty,
She's been reshaped and lifted for sure
You want Rhinoplasty?
She's had TWENTY!
But who cares?
No big deal
She NEEDS more….."

You know I have a second verse to this…….but we must move on….
Now, I watched Sharknado……and I saw flaming sharks raining from the sky….
I did not however see any hairy sharks…….
I this a thing??

So ugly, I can't help but love it!

Ah technology.
I bought these to make my parody youtube videos of:
Say Anything
Working Girl
Sex, Lies and Videotape

…and speaking of latest technology….there are these…
Just image the joy of hearing your voice AMPLIFIED in every room of your house as you
screech for help from the nanny!

Now…in the glass cases are the REALLY important treasures at the VV.
… a DVD box set of Gossip Girl or CSI New York??
Even after he retired from a successful professional bowling career,
Phil would sit alone in his basement and fashion trophies out of driftwood and used liquor bottles.
FINALLY a cake that will love you back.
So after you eat your feelings, you can feel reaffirmed that at lease the cake loved you.
The Loon pillow. No joke.
I have issues with this product..
1 - the name - Why not just "butter-shape" or  maybe even "butter-face"
It should have a warning for adult obesity on it!
Although if you are only eating tomatoes, cucumbers and buttered bread… may not be that bad!??
Will he?
When I was young, "wait 'till your Father comes home" was a threat.
Now the threat is TO your father!
Come home….and this cheap moustache-faced-man ceramic mug will be waiting for you.

When at the VV I like to think about the profile of the person who could buy everything in a certain section.
For example…...
Barry is a sporty guy. He plays tennis, midget basketball and professional bowflex.
He also loves dollies and cooking with spices….as one does…..
Sadly, he lost his leg in an unrelated 'butter-a-shape' related incident.

HEY TEACHERS…..this is the perfect accessory for back to school!
Look at the extensive word list you could add to your students lexicon.
You're welcome.
Ok….ok…..I get it….the last belt was a titchy-bit much…
 What about this one??
I REALLY want to know what 'filled out' this little vignette.
Cermaic puppy - check.
Hand-written bath sign with black silk flower accent - check.
Anyone want to take a guess??
Mini binoculars?
A toaster?
You tell me!
Finally I leave you with this image…….

The Germans, mostly known for their funny and kooky humour, are also known for their Squine Dancing
(that is the German square dancing + line dancing hybrid)
You're Welcome….again…..
Have a great week!!