Monday, August 18, 2014


Happy Monday!
I am gonna share with you my latest treasures from The Value Village.
You're welcome.
Remember, this week I was at VV Boutique on Queen East……so if you are looking for any of these items as Christmas gifts - you best get down there ASAP!
Ok….as an aside….I also went to the St Lawrence Antique Market……and saw this….
Yes….it is a fox. In a box.
I would not could not buy it for my house,
I would not could not buy it for a mouse.
 OK….now onto the VV….
There is this purse.
I am almost sure this is copy-write infringement….

It looks like as she aged, poor Ariel got addicted to BAD cosmetic work.
"look at her face,
no longer neat,
wouldn't you think her surgery's incomplete,
can't you just tell,  she's the girl,
The girl who's done everything?

She's had botox and boob-jobs a plenty,
She's been reshaped and lifted for sure
You want Rhinoplasty?
She's had TWENTY!
But who cares?
No big deal
She NEEDS more….."

You know I have a second verse to this…….but we must move on….
Now, I watched Sharknado……and I saw flaming sharks raining from the sky….
I did not however see any hairy sharks…….
I this a thing??

So ugly, I can't help but love it!

Ah technology.
I bought these to make my parody youtube videos of:
Say Anything
Working Girl
Sex, Lies and Videotape

…and speaking of latest technology….there are these…
Just image the joy of hearing your voice AMPLIFIED in every room of your house as you
screech for help from the nanny!

Now…in the glass cases are the REALLY important treasures at the VV.
… a DVD box set of Gossip Girl or CSI New York??
Even after he retired from a successful professional bowling career,
Phil would sit alone in his basement and fashion trophies out of driftwood and used liquor bottles.
FINALLY a cake that will love you back.
So after you eat your feelings, you can feel reaffirmed that at lease the cake loved you.
The Loon pillow. No joke.
I have issues with this product..
1 - the name - Why not just "butter-shape" or  maybe even "butter-face"
It should have a warning for adult obesity on it!
Although if you are only eating tomatoes, cucumbers and buttered bread… may not be that bad!??
Will he?
When I was young, "wait 'till your Father comes home" was a threat.
Now the threat is TO your father!
Come home….and this cheap moustache-faced-man ceramic mug will be waiting for you.

When at the VV I like to think about the profile of the person who could buy everything in a certain section.
For example…...
Barry is a sporty guy. He plays tennis, midget basketball and professional bowflex.
He also loves dollies and cooking with spices….as one does…..
Sadly, he lost his leg in an unrelated 'butter-a-shape' related incident.

HEY TEACHERS…..this is the perfect accessory for back to school!
Look at the extensive word list you could add to your students lexicon.
You're welcome.
Ok….ok…..I get it….the last belt was a titchy-bit much…
 What about this one??
I REALLY want to know what 'filled out' this little vignette.
Cermaic puppy - check.
Hand-written bath sign with black silk flower accent - check.
Anyone want to take a guess??
Mini binoculars?
A toaster?
You tell me!
Finally I leave you with this image…….

The Germans, mostly known for their funny and kooky humour, are also known for their Squine Dancing
(that is the German square dancing + line dancing hybrid)
You're Welcome….again…..
Have a great week!!

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