Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#WW 23: CATS, GAGA, AND PANCAKES. All Delicious with Syrup?

Even though I am NOT even at home....
I care so much for you, loyal reader, that I am posting this #WW in absentia

1.) Lady Gaga. I love this video, even if it is a few weeks old at this point - it is still worth watching 
     again! You know how I enjoy her. Well, I love this song on the new album. It is kinda Elton 
     John-y. For those of you who don';t know it, it was produced by Mutt Lange (Shania's former 
     husband who banged her best friend - you know that old chestnut) Anyways...don't hate it because of 
     Check out the weirdo video at this LINK on her site!

2.) Modern for Kids Dot Com. Cool stuff, that appeals to me. Because I am a big kid? Maybe. I saw her at the Sunday ANTIQUE Market at The Brickworks, (read that blog entry HERE) but she has an online store. Here is the bio for the site:

"At Modern for Kids you will find vintage and contemporary collectible prints and toys for kids. I have searched the globe to bring to the webshop vintage items that are one of a kind or hard to find as well as lots of nostalgic items and a unique selection of handcrafted contemporary crafts and art.There are unique handmade matroyshka dolls with paint kits from Russia, collectible wood toys from Denmark, circus posters and pennants from mid century USA, vintage children’s books with gorgeous illustrations dating back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I am constantly searching through thousands of items just to find the few that appeal to a more modern aesthetic and have lovely colours, shape and or design."

3.) Remember last week when I talked to you about my obsession with panakers? (that is short for for pancake makers) Well, my number 2 pick for 'cakes is The George Street Diner. GSD is right downtown Toronto, and you DO NOT want to miss it. You can have regular buttermilk pancakes or have them with blueberries or banana chocolate chip. All are DEEELISH! But, wait, that's not all. Not only are the 'cakes YUMMERS, the place is FANTASTIC LOOKING!!! Cool and retro (and quite inexpensive!!!) Here are some pics:

4.) Ok, so you know about my opbsession with Abandonned and creepy places? No? Try reading THIS POST about some USA creepies....or THIS POST about creepy abandoned Theme Parks. Or even THIS POST about decaying Yugoslavian Landmarks. These are must sees for you newbies and a great Re-read for you loyalists. Anyways, so here is another creepy place. LOVE IT!

Google mapped!!!
Here is the little settlement of San Zhi, in Taiwan. I love the 60's mod look of it. It is nothing short of spectacular!! It was built to become a very tourist driven spot when a series of “mysterious accidents” plagued the settlement upon completion. DUM DUM DUM (that was my best scary sound effect) was a series of deaths that halted the completion of this little complex. YIKES. Anyways, so it was never actually used, and was just left to rot. Local religious beliefs held the complex to be the base of angry spirits, which is supposedly why it was never demolished. Enjoy these photos I "stole" from  Yusheng (above) and Carrie Kellenberger: 

5.) My newest trend on #WW's seems to be to end on a here is this. 
Cat Scans. This one is for Cindy and Adrienne and Michelle and Mark and all the other cat ladies. Here is what it is about:
"Got a cat? Got a scanner? The choice is clear. 
We also rummage the interwebs searching for cats on scanners, if we posted your cat without your permission and you don't want it featured on this utterly adorable blog, please let us know and we'll oblige.

There you go!!! Hope you enjoyed the post!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, it is that time again, time for my yearly pilgrimage to my dear friend Erika's house in the 'Peg.
Actually it is first to the Peg, then on to the family cottage in Kenora!
So due to that, I do not have a post for you today!!!
Maybe because I am on vacation......maybe because I am LAZY....
Either way, I am at a cottage in Kenora right now......probably doing this:

"The loons...Norman, the loons....."
(yes, that was actually an 'On Golden Pond' reference.
I know what you are thinking.....
"LUCKY".....well you are right. I am blessed to have another vacation!!
To read all about my trip out west, you will have to stay tuned next week.
But so you can see what is coming.......please review LAST years post-peg blog post:
(for those of you worrying about #WW - DO NOT....I will have something great for you!!!!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

ANTIQUES AND ART - see the connection!

Happy Friday all!!
Here are some pictures I took whilst out antiquing this last weekend.
Although, I am not sure you can call it antiquing when you do not purchase anything.
When people are just out for something to do at an art show I call them "lookie-loo's"
So, basically that is what I was.
Here are some photos from that day!
And to make it more about my art - I have included some of my own work  that is influenced by the stuff I found at the stores!!! Check it out!!

We were out at Queen West and almost Roncesvalles, there are a bevy of stores out there that you should check out! Here are 2 I like a lot!

This place is a treasure trove of cool yuppie stuff, that I cannot afford.....but love to look at!

Like a giant (fake) hero sandwich
Although I have troubles looking a a sandwich the same way after "Bridesmaids"..

I love this sign. It was enormous...and sold.
You know I how I love signs...

"Decompose" - SOLD

"Decay" - SOLD
Another great sign!
OK...back to stuff at the store:
Obviously I would love this one....I did a whole series of Pinball machines

Totally inspiring for me!

"The Gambler" is available!! It is 22" x 12" (and is meant to mimic the games above!!)

"Shot for the Moon", 30" x 15".  ALSO AVAILABLE!
Next door at:

I love these old car doors....not sure what you do with them.....
See how I am influenced by old cars:
"Live for Danger", AVAILABLE - CLICK HERE

Back to the store finds:
A perfect addition to my creepy clown band.

(no, it did not ask)

GREAT old posted for the Circus......I am heavily influenced by this kind of stuff too!
SOLD.....but check out similar works HERE

Also SOLD.......and from the same series as.....THIS
OK.....the last thing from the store...was SPECTACULAR...look at this: know why I love it!! It is great inspiration for my own version of 'backglass':
"Beauty Queen" is still available (and yes, she lights up too!!)
So there you go!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ok....for those of you reading this will mixed company, please note that the last video clip is not great for the under 10 set.......The rest? YOU BETCHA!

1.) Ok Go. I just think they are super-fantastico! You know thier crazy this one:

or this one:

OR this one:

Then you MUST LOVE this - it is SUPERFANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: (muppets)
You have to go to this link - you will NOT be disappointed:

WAS THAT WORTH IT OR NOT?? HUH??? Who doesn't love the Muppets!??

2.) The Mad Men collection at Banana Republic. Normally I shun this major conglomerate company. Especially considering they seem to hate colour (for men's clothes)....but some of the ladies' wear in this line is pretty nice looking. The Men's collection has nice lines too.....but for me is a bit too BLAND!

3.) I really like the junk robots for sale at "The Sixth". (1642 Queen St.) They are the work of Iner Souster (Performer - Instrument Maker/Design) here is his bio and some pics:

"Iner Souster is a visual artist/musician living in Toronto. For years he has been creating, independently of one another, wearable body sculpture dresses, Fauxbots, and musical instruments, which have been used to compose music for The Fembots, This Beautiful City (3 Legged Dog Films) and sound design for The Alma Drawings. He created instruments and set design for Reesor  (Next Stage 09) and Pelee (SummerWorks 08).  All of Iner’s projects are made from recycled and salvaged materials, found objects, and other unconventional objects in the construction of these instruments. Many of the instruments have likewise been mounted and presented as sculptures. Many of these materials are known to Iner quite well from his years in construction and renovation. His excitement has always been in creating designs that are as unique and unconventional as the materials are, causing the viewer to think beyond the habitual constraints of the art world.  His new gallery, The Sixth (1642 Queen Street West) just opened in Parkdale."

These little mini boxes were SUPER....and not nearly as blurry in real life

Smaller bots.

Larger Bot....with some small shadow boxes

Larger robot.

Another cool large robot!

...Take a message...
4.  Pankakes. Can't say enough about them. I have enjoyed a lot of them on my vacations and a bunch on my weekly Sunday Brunch. Here is one that I enjoy A LOT...that you can visit RIGHT HERE in Toronto. (Sorry to those who live in London or Winnipeg or New Brunswick - but when you come for a visit - we can enjoy these!)

Mitzi and/or Mitzi's Sister - The WONDER-FULL (emphasis on the FULL)  oatmeal pancake, the Mitzi empire's signature brunch dish.  It is both hearty and fluffy, "it rides the fine line between healthy and decadent". 
at Mitzis is topped with a peanut butter cheesecake and caramel sauce. Served with pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream. (also available wheat free)
her sister offers the same oatmeal cake served with blueberries, creamy Pernod custard and a side of whipped cream.
5.) OK. I am ending on a laugh. Not so much an inspiration, but it made me kinda chuckle. This was sent to me by husband....who got it from Deb. I am making sure to give full credit for THIS one!!
Here is only a snippet - but you should see the whole thing!!!

There you go!!!
I hope you enjoyed this weeks top 5!!