Thursday, August 18, 2011


EVERYONE......just calm down everyone!!!
So, as you can see, I am a day late posting this.
I sifted through all your hate mail, and had a gypsy curse put on my house......
I am not mentioning any names......Cheepay!
But now I  am ready to share my LATE Wonderful Wednesday you can stop!!
Do you forgive me?
You know what they say.......better late than never!
I will not neglect you again like this!
I promise!
So here we go....5 things I LOVE this week:

1.) Peanut Butter Cafe. N.Y.C.
     Do you love a good PB&J?
     I do! In the words of Abba: I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DOOOOO.
     When you are in New York next time, i highly recommend the delights of this sandwich shop.
     They have so much choice, some a bit strange....some DEEEELIGHTFUL.
     This is the home of "The Elvis" which is a grilled PB sandwich with bananas, honey and bacon.
     YUMMERS! (or "disgusting" as Husband thought)
Please do not hold this bad artwork against them!!
I waited FOREVER for this family to get out of my picture.......but all the peanut butter must slow a person down!!!

Yes, all the waitresses have super human speed!

"Dark Chocolate Dreams" - Dark chocolate PB and cherry jam with shredded coconut.
2.) TILE-RIFFIC!!! Chcek out the images in the Storefront Tile flicker collection 
       Amazing time wasting stuff!! I love the old Victorian mosaic ones a lot. Here is a sample:
This is from a luggage store.
Get it?
Packs???? Get it????


Say that 3 times fast....

Ye olde fetishes.

3.)Sweet Meat - Photographer Jasmin Schuller put consumer perception to the test by transforming meat scraps into mouth-watering sweet treats. In her photos nothing is as it seems. The sundae is actually made from ground meat covered in cream made from grease, and topped with a cherry carved from a pig’s heart. The cherry syrup is real blood. 
Who's hungry now???

 (thanks to JUNK CULTURE for that one!!)

4.) I LOVE THIS. It made me openly weep. I want MY bathroom to look like this!!!

This tile is all from Made a Mano......YUMM YUM YUM!

5.) This made me laugh SOOOOO LOUDLY!! If you love the show Hoarders, you will love
     this parody. It is fall down funny. Watch it to the end! (thanks to Christina for this!!)

There you go!!!
I hope it was worth the wait!!


  1. Always worth the wait - but I shouldn't have read this before dinner - no, the craved pigs heart cherry didn't do me in - the peanut butter and jam sandwiches did. Ugh. With bananas. Double Ugh! But I do love me some Funny or Die! They have had some real gems!!

  2. SORRY ABOUT THE MEAT SUNDAE........But c'mon.....give bananas and PB a chance!!

  3. Oh I've come along way. Someone convinced my child that a PB&J is delicious so I'll actually MAKE one now - but I won't be licking my fingers when I'm done!