Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know I am late today - sorry folks! I got all the way through composing this post and then forgot to save it!!! So I had to start all over again from scratch. ACK!!! But here are 5 things that I LOVE this week!

1.) This is one clip that really has been keeping me inspired. Really so inspiring. I know it is long.......but it is so worth watching!!! SEE THE CLIP HERE

(thanks Josephine Cleo for bringing this to me!!)

2. Hey Londoners....This one is for you.......DO YOU LOVE CUPCAKES? You have to check out Razzle Dazzle:

I really enjoyed the Red Velvet, the Cherry Chocolate cupcake was also deelish!!!!
Look at these photos:

I love the box for presenting a cupcake (this one is for your favourite car guy)

3.) Conor Harrington. AMAZING!!! Graffiti art is normally not my thing at all ....but his works and murals are exceptional! Here are some of the pieces I enjoyed:

and here are some murals that Conor painted for "The Fame Festival" in Italy this year:

and here is little video too:

(thanks to designboom for this one)

4.) This is smart. I am not really a car guy....but I enjoyed this - the world's slowest Ferrari:

the 'fahrradi farfalla FFX' is the world's slowest ferrari, and its name says it all. in german 'fahrrad' means 'bicycle',
and that is exactly how it is powered. the car's second name 'farfalla' translates to 'butterfly' in italian and references its
built-in butterfly mechanism; an angle gear attached to the rear of the axle moves the wing doors while driving,
resulting in them beating in a similar manner to that of the flying insect. this component makes it possible for the
'fahrradi farfalla FFX' to lift slightly off the ground at all times, which results in better ventilation throughout the interior.

the design is developed from the idea of mimicking a sports car and is not a copy of an existing car model. the overall shell of the vehicle has been sculpted to form based on research of various real and fictive design ideas about what it could look like, incorporated with ideas from its creators han-lan. with its movement capabilities completely based on a 'muscle-powered' pedal driving technique, the 'fahrradi' is even a rival for pedestrians on public streets. despite this intentional sluggishness, it can be driven at any time on roads in austria. night-time use is ensured by a lighting system based on approximately 200 ultra-bright LEDs.
'fahrradi farfalla FFX' is part of the sports team MT RACING which includes  the world's slowest porsche 'ferdinanad GT3 RS',
and is currently on show at the lentos museum of art in linz, austria until july 4th, 2012 as part of the 'car culture. the car as sculpture' exhibition.

5.) Trend Hunter.  I really like this website. It is full of great "time eating" stuff. I encourage you to check it out......this week I got a kick out of these Disney/Marvel mashups:

That's all folks!!
Hope you enjoyed it - more than I enjoyed posting it TWICE!!


  1. i'm so happy that you really were inspired by that speech!! :) xoxo MT/JC

    1. Many thanks Cheepay!!!!!! I LOVE IT!
      "Make amazing mistakes.....break rules, leave world more interesting from you being here.....
      MAKE GOOD ART!!!"

  2. WOW!!! Those mural are great!!! I love them. The video is fun too! I would never let anyone film me eating for fear of making a montage of all my habits!!! ; )