Friday, June 15, 2012

REPAINTS: Town and Country

Hey y'all!
So I am busy getting my big show together for July.
Just in case you missed the deets on this show check out THIS POST!
So the theme is "Town & Country" and I will be showing lots of great new work...
But I will also showing a bunch of paintings that I am 'refreshing'.......
I have re-painted one already....and now I would like to show TWO MORE that are refreshed!
The first painting is called "Different" and it has been around for a couple of years.
I have shown it 3 times.....and it hasn't found a home.....but I am thrilled with the new version:
As you can see, I have put an old streetcar in the composition.
I also added some 'trompe l'oeil' elements including a piece of paper, a post it note and a button that says "one of a kind" (which replaces the vintage imagery that said the same thing)
I removed the quote from the sky to give the landscape a bit more "breathing room"...
I also pumped up the colours to make it more dynamic!
I think it works much better in its new form!!

Also....I have never been happy with this piece from my Arcade Series:

Big City Condos, 2010
So I gave it a refresh!
I found the old yellow very jarring - so I toned it down.
In fact I tweaked the whole colour palette adding a lovely turquoise in place of the green
I also changed the composition slightly....I made the buildings at the rights side come up higher....
and to balance that made the trees and the crane on the opposite side taller as well.
I made the clouds a bit more graphic....and I think it is much better!
I also changed the bottom less 'peacock-y'...and added colour in the holes that were black before.
Lastly I added some more text - just to get the point of the piece more obvious.....
Tear it down - build a condo.....

Whadda ya think??
Well worth the time? Or not so much??
I would love your comments!!

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