Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello friends!!!
As you probably already know, I am busy getting my "Town & Country" exhibition for July ready.
I seem to be on a roll of repainting....which is probably the HARDEST way to create new work.
Starting from scratch would be easier than trying to re-invent my older works.....
But there's just one see.....we nev-vah,  ev-vah do nothing......nice.....and easy......
(yes....that is a Tina Turner - Proud Mary - reference)
So here is the work I have most recently reinvent!
"Fast Enough" 2010 there was a lot I liked about this painting.....I was happy with it (read about it here)
Enlarge it and you can see what I liked. I thought the keychain was super 'tight' and pretty well painted.
I LOVED the poster.....a good design.....I also thought the car itself was well painted...
I was pleased with the lady too.
What bothered me was the fact that everything was competing for attention.....
So when I went back to the drawing board....I decided to keep the general layout.......and the lady.....
So on went the gesso.....and then the repaint began....
Here is the painting as I began to repaint it:

As you can see it was A TOTAL MAKEOVER!
A "move that bus" kind of re-do!
Here is the final painting:

So.....let me brisk down the NEW elements...(*all of which are painted - of course)
1.) there is the "Jilly's" building at Broadview and Queen St. E...with 2 meeting streetcars.
2.) there is the square dance poster
3.) the lined paper with the quote "we do not look in out great cities for our best morality" (Jane Austin)
4.) the 'hoedown' ripped paper
5.) I painted out one of her arms - and repainted a new arm  - to make her more dynamic!
6.) the background has dance steps (do-sa-do)

So there you go......a TOTAL re-do.......what do you think?
Do you love the new direction?
I LOVE your feedback!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cindy! I was pleased by how it turned out!!!

  2. David (Thunder) ThorntonJune 22, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Rob! you are perking up my art appreciation. Well done.

  3. Thanks Thunder! Glad you are checking in at my blog!!!!