Wednesday, June 13, 2012


WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY!!!! Here are 5 things that I L-O-V-E this week!!!

1.) Brittney Lee. SHE IS SUPER TALENTED. I am envious! Her paper work is breath taking!!!! Check out some of her papercut work:

Seriously talented artist!!!!

2.) Recently I had a day of gluttony. Not with food (surprisingly) but with documentaries!! I sat through 6 of them in a row. It was AWESOME....I want to share 2. Two that could not be more different.
    TABLOID. This is a love story about a young woman and a Mormon. It is EXTREMELY    
    entertaining and told mostly by the woman....and the heads of the tabloids that covered her selatious 
    story! It is both entertaining and disturbing........but pretty 'fluffy' for a doc. Check out this trailer:

      On the other side of things. The serious side....I encourage you to see Hot Coffee.
      This movie is about Tort reform. I know it sounds BOR-RING, but it is super interesting....and 
      frightening!! If you wanna seem smart at your next cocktail party......see this and then talk about it!
      It made me a little sick to think about how I am manipulated by the media.......Here is a trailer:

3.)The Beet Organic Café. In Toronto's Junction neighbourhood a taste of local, organic healthy eating. They use locally grown grains, dairy, meats and produce to create a menu that combines optimum nutrition with dynamite flavour. The Beet is your one-stop shop for good quality, delicious and nutritious meals. I had brunch- peanut butter and banana was DEEEEEELISH! We had an order of potato/sweet potato wedges.......and from what I was told the avocado and Tofu sandwich was yummy too! I recommend you ty it for brunch!! Fresh and tasty!!!

4.) And hey.....while you are in the Junction Area.........check out Metropolis Living. A home décor store devoted to industrial loft-style living. If you are looking for cool salvaged materials, that have been repurposed into cool stuff! 

5.) If you have ever been foolish enough to read the comments on anything.....especially stuff on YouTube, you will love this. It is very clever!!!!

BUT BEWARE --- IT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN or those with delicate sensibilities....

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