Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Well…it's my annual Halloween themed Wonderful Wednesday!
Let me share 5 things that I think you may find interesting this Hallowest of Weens.

1.) Horrorville USA. Check out this cool site from Roadtrippers!

FUN!!!! Let's go road tripping!!!!!!
If you are from Canada….
HERE is an article about the  "Most Haunted Places In Canada: 10 Spooky Canadian Ghosts Stories" -
-- yes it has a number of photos with quick captions for you ADD-ers out there!

2.) If you can't take a road trip….you're out of luck for THIS too…..The annual great jack o’lantern blaze at van cortlandt manor in new york features more than 5,000 individually hand-carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns in a elaborate walk-through experience!!

These pumping 'sculptures' are crafted by teams of professional artists into towering installations scattered throughout the landscape. 

The great jack o’lantern blaze runs will run for 25 nights through november 11th, 2013. 
(thanks Design Boom)

3.) This is creepy…….thanks Prada….and Jane Fonda.

The Future of Flesh from Luke Gilford on Vimeo.

4.) THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Are you sick of seeing smug couples have their sappy engagement photos thrown in your face??? Me too! Well it seems that Van Lawson and her fiance Josh Morden, both from Parry Sound are with you!!! Shot by professional Toronto photographer Brandon Michael Gray, their photos tell a story - a deeply disturbing story……that start with:

and end with :

YOU MUST see all 26 photos, in order HERE!!!
(thanks to If it's hip, it's here!)

5.) Here you go. 1 part Disney - 1 part Chicago. Very creative!! See if you recognize any of these celebrity villains:

Monday, October 28, 2013


Ok folks…….I am in the middle of the busiest few weeks ever.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Hangman Gallery has decided to close.
Which means that all the artists the rent from them are being forced to move.
After 7 years at the same location, I am really sad to be leaving my studio home.
Then again, sometimes the changes you are forced into are the best changes for you in the long run!
So, today is my last day at the studio….and tomorrow is my big move.
The good news??? YES! I found a space I like a LOT!
The bad news??  Unfortunately they will not have any suitable vacancies until the new year.
So what does that mean for me????
Well….I will pack everything up and move it home until space becomes available.
I had hoped to make an easy transition right into a brand new space…..but I don't want to make a rash decision! I want my next move to last for years to come!!
And I think that less than 30 days is JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME for anyone to find the right space!
So that is that!
You will still be able to see my works - by appointment when necessary.
And to make myself more accessible -I have added some more shows for the fall/winter.
First off…...

First - I will be doing "The Interior Decorating Show"!
This show is HUGE!!!!!!!
Come out to the International Centre at 6900 Airport Rd, Toronto and see my huge double booth #311

There is lots of HGTV celebrity experts to see - and THREE shows in one. The International Home Show - the Interior Decorating Show AND the Better Living Boomer Show.
It should be great!!!! Come out on and say hi….I am at booth # 311:

Thursday, November 7, 2013, 11am-9pm
Friday, November 8, 2013, 11am-9pm
Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10am-9pm
Sunday, November 10 2013, 10am-6pm

For more information on this show - and the schedule of speakers - click HERE

Okay…..if that wasn't enough….I am also doing this FANTASTIC Holiday show!!

The Holiday Art Market
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie St, Toronto

Sunday, December 8, 2013, 12pm-5pm
---more details coming soon.

Ok….so that's all for now folks!
Stay tuned for more from me soon --AFTER the move is DONE!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ok….so here are 5 things that I like this week - that you should like too!!!!

1.) As part of the London Design Festival 2013, Lebanese designer Najla El Zein created "The Wind Portal", an interactive wind installation showcased at the V&A museum. El Zein folded thousands of paper windmills, to create the gigantic moving structure.

SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

2.) I AM SOOOOOOO looking forward to this movie. Ok….so there is a tremendous wait ahead….but just look at this trailer of writer/director Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel which opens March 7, 2014.

The story takes place in early 20th-century Hungary and revolves around the goings-on at The Grand Budapest Hotel (duh), where a legendary concierge (Ralph Fiennes) takes a young employee (Tony Revolori) under his wing to become his trusted protégé. It looks soooooo stunning -- I mean the art direction is AH-MAH-ZING! It looks weird and quirky and I am a fan of that!! It is also real treat to see Ralph Fiennes in a comedic role!!!!

3.) I WANT TO GO TO THERE. Check out this crazy renovation! The Broerenkerk church – now named ‘waanders in der broeren’- in the city of Zwolle, the Netherlands was built in 1466 and was used for prayin' and such, up until 1982. Then it was dormant for 3 decades! But now it is open again -as a bookstore/cafe/gallery!!!!

Local firm bk architected did a splendid job of keeping the best parts of the church! With a few modern touches like a contemporary stained glass panel made by norwegian artist knell nupen. I love the refurbished organ at the end of the building.


See WAY more photos at designboom

4.) CheeseWerks. At the home show last month, I listened to 4 presentations about this place. OBVIOUSLY this worked on me. We went last weekend!

It is a great causal dining experience - and it would be great for a group of people! It is kinda cafeteria style - so you order at the cash desk and then they bring it to you! Which now that I am typing this - is probably not 'cafeteria style' at all! Anyways…..I like that you can even borrow one of their board games to play while you wait - or while you eat!! Now the food…….here is the menu:

You can choose one of the 4 dishes - and then decide on how you want it styled. We did share-seys! The Houston Mac and Cheese and the Los Angeles Grilled Cheese:

Both were delicious!
So….if you are looking for a fun CHEESEY place to go…….check it out!
It is located at
56 Bathurst St.  Toronto, ON M5V 2P7
(416) 243-3327
(Bathurst and just both of Wellington)

5.) Then there is this…….not at all a waste of 7 minutes……..and not offensive at all!!! PLEASE DO NOT LET YOU CHILDREN WATCH THIS!!! (and do thank my Husband for this one)

Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello! Happy Friday!
What a week for me! is true.....I am still in the midst of trying to find new studio space for myself. The hunt in not really revealing much so far in the way of great spaces at affordable prices.....but I am not panicking.
Something will reveal itself when the time is right!
Ok....also this week my photo spread in "Neighbourhood Living" (East and Beach) came out!

It was super to get this press.
BUT THEN.....there is also this......remember when I was a BIG WINNER at the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show? Re-READ this post to remember!

To jog your memory....I received the Richard Silver Special Award. Yes. An award for specialness! You can read about it on the Cabbagetown site......

NOW you can also read a little interview about my first experience WINNING something!
Check out this LINK to!!!

Thanks Richard Silver/Jackie Marchildon for this little piece!! 
I appreciate the free promotion!!!!

ALSO..........if you are looking for something to do after brunch this Sunday.....may I suggest checking out my new work Toronto/Rural landscapes on reclaimed wood at MJG Gallery
You will LOVE the new work....and I can't wait for you to see is a bit what you will see:
"Build, Moron!",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20" 
Each piece is painted on a segment of reclaimed wood from my Grandpa's old barn.
The barn got torn down a few years ago....and my Dad went and took a load of the wood home for me. Honestly.....I thought I would make a bench or something cool with it.....but as the years passed.....
I realized - I am not as skilled as a carpenter as I am as a painter.
So these WELL PRICED little gems are my first use of the wood!
It was weird cutting it up, but I like the idea that the McCord Barn lives on in people's homes!

"Cha-Ching",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20"
 Yes....they have less words on them - but they still have a little bite!!

"Outside the Box",  acrylic on mixed medium, 10" x 20"
So go by MJG Gallery this weekend and check these out!!!
After can swing by and see my new tin toy piece at Atomic Toybot - whose show 'the devil's in the details' opens that day too!!! 
I will show you my NEW piece for Atomic Toybot on MONDAY....
(as it is STILL not done!!)
Be the first to see it at the crawl! SERIOUSLY......GO AND CHECK OUT THE CRAWL!!!! 
Here are all the deets:

Check out the FACEBOOK page with more details about this SUPER FUN crawl!!!!!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I missed it! I totally missed yesterday's Wonderful Wednesday!!
Sorry friends and loyal readers.
The search for new studio space is currently all consuming....more about that later! are 5 things that I am LOVING this week - check them out.

1.) OK....I mentioned this already......but I REALLLLLLY want to impress on you how good this one is! I watched the season finale last night and I felt like someone had punched me in the gut!!!




Broadchurch is a classic British whodunnit! It is just too brilliantly acted to ignore. Honestly, I kept thinking....oh....he did she did was the WAS CRAZY!!!!
 It is a MUST MUST MUST SEE!!! Here is a trailer:
Did I mention HOW CRAZY GOOD IT WAS? It is only 8 parts -- and it is really twisty and turn-y!

2.) SPEAKING OF REPEATS......Hey! east enders.....I JUST NOTICED that Leslieville has a great new addition!! Hey Meatball! Leslieville is NOW OPEN at 912 Queen Street East (at Logan)!!!

Word on the street is that the new restaurant will be pretty much the same as the College Street one, but at 850 square feet, it’ll be a bit cozier.

 I think it also has some new menu items in the works -- as well as the CLASSIC dishes you expect from your friends at Hey!

So if you like balls - like I like balls - YOU MUST go and enjoy them TODAY!!!

3.) Elise LeGrow! I am late getting to her.....but......better late than never! She is a Canadian recording artist and songwriter. I love the old retro feel!!

and if you think she is just a studio to the Britney......I give you:
or this one:
Go see her in concert:
Check her out!!!

4.) Embroidery art. YUM! I am a bit obsessed these days with more 'crafty' looking art! I keep thinking that I would like to make something awesome like this!! Check out the work of Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza. AH MAH ZING!!!!!!!!!! (click to make the images larger)

I really love these. They are creepy and fantastic all at the same time!!!
Thanks to

5.) Not sure who game me this...either Husband or Deb.......enjoy these recreations of old family pictures.....I dare you to get these haunting images out of your head!! (click for larger versions...if you DARE)

see all the rest at: