Thursday, October 17, 2013


I missed it! I totally missed yesterday's Wonderful Wednesday!!
Sorry friends and loyal readers.
The search for new studio space is currently all consuming....more about that later! are 5 things that I am LOVING this week - check them out.

1.) OK....I mentioned this already......but I REALLLLLLY want to impress on you how good this one is! I watched the season finale last night and I felt like someone had punched me in the gut!!!




Broadchurch is a classic British whodunnit! It is just too brilliantly acted to ignore. Honestly, I kept thinking....oh....he did she did was the WAS CRAZY!!!!
 It is a MUST MUST MUST SEE!!! Here is a trailer:
Did I mention HOW CRAZY GOOD IT WAS? It is only 8 parts -- and it is really twisty and turn-y!

2.) SPEAKING OF REPEATS......Hey! east enders.....I JUST NOTICED that Leslieville has a great new addition!! Hey Meatball! Leslieville is NOW OPEN at 912 Queen Street East (at Logan)!!!

Word on the street is that the new restaurant will be pretty much the same as the College Street one, but at 850 square feet, it’ll be a bit cozier.

 I think it also has some new menu items in the works -- as well as the CLASSIC dishes you expect from your friends at Hey!

So if you like balls - like I like balls - YOU MUST go and enjoy them TODAY!!!

3.) Elise LeGrow! I am late getting to her.....but......better late than never! She is a Canadian recording artist and songwriter. I love the old retro feel!!

and if you think she is just a studio to the Britney......I give you:
or this one:
Go see her in concert:
Check her out!!!

4.) Embroidery art. YUM! I am a bit obsessed these days with more 'crafty' looking art! I keep thinking that I would like to make something awesome like this!! Check out the work of Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza. AH MAH ZING!!!!!!!!!! (click to make the images larger)

I really love these. They are creepy and fantastic all at the same time!!!
Thanks to

5.) Not sure who game me this...either Husband or Deb.......enjoy these recreations of old family pictures.....I dare you to get these haunting images out of your head!! (click for larger versions...if you DARE)

see all the rest at:

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