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Hey guys! have been waiting patiently all are just DYING to know about my experience at the Toronto Fall Home Show this past I will tell you the stories....through photos.......brace yourself.......this is a LONG ONE!! :-)
Yes...before the people come it looks like a preparatory scene from DEXTER!

My booth! I had REAL LIFE paintings and prints for sale!
(just like in picture books - REAL ORIGINAL ARTWORK!!)

Here is a photo from someone walking by my get to the super shammy display -- that's why it is blurry!!
All the Artists/Galleries were all by the stage!
Here was a "celebrity" grilled cheese cook off'.
I did have dreams of them throwing piping hot sammies to me!
 Then I realized that a triangle shaped welt on my face might discourage buyers! 
A screw off.
Insert joke here.
There was a LOT going on at this show! Here are some of the booths that caught my eye:

This booth is about subtlety.
Really, the big gay palm tree was really a sight to behold!
(you can't tell in the photo that is actually is chasing rainbow lights!!)
Ok....this seriously creeped me out-- in case you cant tell - the bright part of this woman was projected -
so she appeared to be talking and 'moving'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 By the end of the 4 days, I had started calling her Janet...
and had made up elaborate scenarios of us going out for drinks.....and becoming her 'bestie'.
You know....just the two of us taking vacations together and such.
Honestly - it was COMIC GOLD while I was at the show!
A giant sculpture is the perfect addition to your powder room!
You're welcome!

I wanted to make a joke about having my mind in the gutter...
..just imagine I had a funny comment!
I believe these are "home" shoes.
I think they attach to your walls.......that is why they are at the home show!
Who doesn't want a wall of shoes??
I tweeted about this one.
 It was a VERY SLOW Thurs/Friday, so I BEGGED people to come out and feel my pillow!
This actually was neat! He will turn any photo into removable wallpaper!
This could be a real asset to my mural business! 
Professional BBQ cleaners! WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?!?!
NEAT! It was actually metal!
The T.M.I. booth.
You stand on the machine and it shakes away your fat.
It worked for the guy who is pictured in the middle of this display...
AND HE WAS THERE - AS THE AFTER --- trying to sell you the fat-shakes!!!!!   
The hot tubs were a little under-represented at this show.
ONE BOOTH?? I need at lease 5 to really make me feel like I am at a Home Show!
I wanted his autograph. I love his show!! wait........I am thinking of Dr. WHO.
My bad.
The Etsy booth was STUNNING!!!
MJG Gallery was there too!
 (and yes, he represents me in Leslievile)
I enjoyed this.....the ReStore 'ultimate upcycle challenge'.
Each designer/artist was to take a regular old door and 'up cycle' it into something fabulous:

a cool desk!
a stunning shelf!
The painted doors were good too.
All three of these used to be doors!!
Meanwhile, back near my booth........
It seemed like the Home Show "shoppers" went CRAZY for ANYTHING that was free.
Bless their hearts!

My solution!
(yup - that's my card)
...and speaking of terrifying bedlam.......

Here was my booth again.  It was a primarily QUIET show......until......
Here is my booth when 'The Property Brothers' were at the stage.
It was nothing short of a waking nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the artists had to take their work DOWN because the people were poking and elbowing and clawing
 for space to see the Property Bothers. (Yes - I meant to leave out the 'r'!)
Here was the view from my booth. It was a truly dreadful experience.
I honestly could have NEVER imagined that people would be so rude and inconsiderate!
Shocking. was better once I took my art down - so that these people wouldn't bump - knock-- or handle the original art! But it still bothers me that it had to come to that!
I mean, they were all telling me how my work was "far too expensive" for them......and yet.....valueless when they needed to see AROUND it!
One lady pushed PAST ME......into my booth......put both hands on my work to use as leverage as she craned herself to see around my booth!!!!! 
I kid you not!
I may have yelled at her! OOPS!
I get it. They are hot guys.....but really??? LADIES??? REEEEALLLY???
My solution was to just LEAVE my booth and go get liquored up!!!
Here I am after the craziness had subsided- and the masses went back to looking for free samples!
(sad but true) 
It was a long one, huh?
Well, I assure you it was shorter for you reading along at home than it was for me. 4 LONG days! ;-)
Here's the thing......the show seemed to attract a certain type of buyer.
After almost 10 years and countless art shows, I was NOT prepared for many of the people I met at this show (or the ones whom I did NOT meet -- but talked about why they did NOT like my art!)
Don't get me wrong.......not ALL the people were this unsophisticated, and nasty!
I DID meet a few really lovely people.....and the folks that run the show are really super nice and wonderful!!!! So it was good in that respect.....and I am hoping that in the long run, the money and time I spent on this show will pay off!
BUT until it does.....I will be at my own home with a drink in my hand....trying to forget!

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