Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy Friday!
I am a busy boy!!
First…I wanted to share this new painting:
"Eds", Acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24"
So…let's talk about it!
As you know, soon Honest Eds will be no more. Sad? Undeniably!
But I think we should celebrate the life and times of this institution!!!!!
This painting is my away of remembering it!
The 'poster' part was SUPER HARD to get right….but after a lot of repaints, I think I got it just right!!!
The background is obviously the Bathurst Subway tile.
Also on this painting…….a sign "so special" that is to resemble the GREAT signs that are all over the inside of Honest Eds!
The Turkey is because they used to give out free turkey during Christmas!
And those 'carnival lights' are like the ones in between the alley!!
I really liked this quote. ("The price of anything is amount of life you exchange for it!")
I tried 4 other quotes - but they all sounded a bit preachy… I thought this one was the best!
This piece, is now available with "Go West" (from Monday's post) and you can come out to see them at:

That's right! A big show of ORIGINAL WORKS!!!!
This is your chance to see a HUGE array of BOTH my "Sign of The Times" Series paintings and my "Tin Toy" Series!

"Rob Croxford’s latest exhibition has an agenda: to amuse and entertain! His "Tin Toy Series" is enjoyable for all ages, while his ‘Sign of the Times’ paintings explore the sights and the issues from the city he loves!"

Come out see both BRAND SPANKING NEW work and some crowd pleasing favourites!
This show has a NICE LONG RUN….so there is no excuse for not swinging by to check it out! ;-)

When?      Wednesday December 18th, 2013 - Thursday January 23rd, 2014 

Where?     The Miles Nadal JCC (right on the corner of Spadina/Bloor in Toronto) 

** HOURS: Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm; Saturday - Sunday 9am - 7pm

To get the prints of this painting - or of  "Go West"- or ANY of my 10 other prints, you'll need to come out to see me at the HOLIDAY ART MARKET on December 8th!

Or - go to my Etsy site!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


5 things that I am enjoying this week……..i hope you love these too!!! Sorry Michelle- a lot of this is VIDEO this week!!!

1.) I really enjoyed this. Yes. it is old…but I still love this!! In response to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries not wanting "not so cool" kids or fat women to wear his company's clothes, Greg Karber has come up with a funny way to readjust the brand……….

2.) Hälssen & lyon has created FANTASITC gift idea!!!!!! So they created ‘the tea calendar’. Yes…..a calendar MADE OF TEA!!!

Each of the 365 days in the year are represented by a unique flavor and should be torn from the booklet style folio one at time and dropped into hot water, where the small, dated piece dissolves and brews into a drinkable beverage.

The singular layers were compacted into 1mm thin sheets and configured into printed pages. for now, the annual calendar has been developed as limited special editions for the company’s business partners.

COME ON!!!! I love this idea!!!!!!
(thanks Design Boom for this one!)

3.) Are you a fan of 80's cult have Pee-wee Herman? Or have a super fan in your family??? I think you need one of these:
The Official Pee-wee Herman Fun Book is an “old school” interactive, wild ride through Pee-wee’s life, featuring a pop-up Playhouse, Pee-wee rub-on tattoos designed by Chris Carver (Miami Ink), Pee-wee-inspired art postcards, an official Pee-wee spinner game, Pee-wee “Colorforms,” lots of cool stickers and a very cool Magic Screen (think 1960’s Magic Slate) with a pen that you can actually draw with and lift up the acetate to erase. Absolutely chocked-filled with color and pictures, this First Edition, limited run is a MUST have collectable for every Pee-wee fan.

or how about Pee-wee's Balls:

OR THIS T-SHIRT(hint hint Santa-- Robbie Like-y)!!!!

 So…go to his store…and buy a t-shirt for your  something for a friend Rob.
(VIA Pee-wee on Facebook!)

4.) This is ANOTHER reason I NEEEEEEED to go to NYC right now! I want to see Woody Allen, Carol Channing, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Stiller, Sarah Jessica Parker with Matthew Broderick, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Bernadette Peters are appearing as three-dimensional Al Hirschfeld drawings enjoying a festive dinner party in the New York Flagship Henri Bendel store window this holiday (Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street)!

The "Hirschfeld Spectacular" is a tribute to the late illustrator who is considered by many to be the greatest line artist of the modern era. In addition to the sculptures created from Hirschfeld drawings for the window scene, Al Hirschfeld’s original line art is featured throughout Henri Bendel, including a two-story-high presentation of illustrations.

For more than 75 years Hirschfeld drew luminaries from Broadway and Hollywood for “The New York Times” and almost every other notable publication. Full of wit and verve, in distinctively bold and often intricate lines, Hirschfeld captured the greats with his pen. Actors, singers, dancers, producers, directors, and playwrights, classical musicians and rock bands-from the 1920’s on, being “Hirschfelded” signified that you had arrived. Famously, Hirschfeld drew while seated in a barber’s chair in his New York City studio. Hirschfeld continued to work daily until his death in 2003.

Henri Bendel has worked hand-in-hand with Hirschfeld’s exclusive gallery, the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York, to create a truly unique presentation of the late illustrator’s work for their holiday windows. The displays in the window and throughout the store were hand sculpted by Tom Carroll Scenery, with the art direction and assistance of Henri Bendel Assistant VP of Visual, Gilberto Santana.
above: The HIRSCHFELD SPECTACULAR! Poster (Size: 37"h x 28"w) is available for purchase. Until January 2, 2014! 
LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.) Finally…..I was at a Musical Theatre themed party last week. I was surprised how much everyone at the party LOVED Les Misèrables. LOVED. I was a little 'meh' about it……..but for those people who are cray cray for LM…...I give you THESE…I LOVED these!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


So….it's been another busy week.
I did a pop-up shop at MJG last night……and they are keeping it popped all weekend long!!!
CHECK OUT MJG for my prints and such this weekend!

Most everything is a bit discounted for the season!!
ONLY CASH for this weekend only, please!!

MJG Gallery is at 1028 Queen East……which is Queen almost at Pape!!
He can also be found on FACEBOOK--HERE!
Check it out!

OK……so here is something EXCITING……a brand new piece!!!
For all of you who have been asking for more west end related paintings……there is THIS:
"Go West", 30" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas
Ok….so let me talk about it……
The 'poster' part is the gates of Trinity-Bellwoods Park (on Queen St West)
(you'll even notice there is a subtle CN Tower in the 'poster' background!)
The background is taken from an OLD map of the area…..and a picnic blanket on the bottom - as this park is well known for people boozing it up picnic style!
There is a coaster that shows the Gladstone Hotel……and I added the infamous white squirrel in this painting too!!!
The Quote "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra."
I like it a lot.
The prints of this are in the process of getting done NOW…….and will be available at the H.A.M:

The Holiday Art Market is at
The Artscape Wychwood Barns (601 Christie St, Toronto)

Sunday, December 8, 2013, 12pm-5pm

Check out some of the other great things you can buy in the PREVIEW GUIDE  HERE!!!!
I will have MORE to show you next week……more new work for the HAM!!!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hey! I am BUSY getting everything ready for WANDERLUST tomorrow… I am gonna keep this one S-H-O-R-T! 5 things I love this week:

1.) Lego Thriller. Yup. You heard it right. I enjoy this:
I know what you are thinking…..where's the music???
How about THIS:
Am I right????

2.) If that wasn't childish enough………I give you this. The sensation of TP-ing someone's house!!
     TRY IT HERE!!!!

  Thanks to Cheetos, I can do this:


Admit it… have been thinking of doing this to City Hall all week!!
Try with your neighbours house today!!!!

3.) Now for some thing completely different…..photographer michael vahrenwald presents 'The People's Trust'. In this series he examines monumental US bank buildings that have honestly seen better days! Thankfully they have found new life with contemporary commercial businesses. I like this. It is a bit depressing….but still very neat!

"Spanning urban neighborhoods throughout new york city and detroit, the square-shot portraits reveal a cultural and economical shift from an era in which these fiscal establishments radiated with power and prosperity, to the ambiguous state in which they currently find themselves."
See more on his website!
(Thanks Design Boom!)

4.) Hey….looking to get your nuts cracked???? This is for you you my nerdy friends!! These are designed by Matthias Zschaler for Suck UK! I love them! They are a fun twist on the traditional Christmas Nutcracker!!


5.) I leave you with this. A few of "The 29 whitest awkward family photos".

See the rest HERE (yes……there are MANY more to gawk at)
(and thanks Cindy)

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey guys!
Happy Monday!
I wanted to share another event that is coming up…..THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!!
Nov.21st from 7-9 at MJG Gallery in Leslieville:

Thanks to Mark at MJG Gallery for letting me set up some work at his gallery for this event!!
Come out! Have a drink… some holiday shopping and enjoy Mark dishing gossip!!!
Also I will have some great prices on my prints and some new stuff too!!!!
Here's some more about the event!:

Leslieville Wanderlust

An evening shop-hop and holiday party in the East-End 'hood of Leslieville ~ hosted by the independent merchants of this quirky-cool & laidback area described by the New York Times as "Toronto's Williamsburg" (Brooklyn).
Visitors can expect a mix of music, gourmet eats, give-aways and discount shopping during this 1-night event...a great excuse to explore the Deep East.
~ A gnome-hunt for fab prizes (valued at over $300)
~ Deep deals
~ Portaits with Santa for adults, kids & pets at Timmie Doggie Outfitters
~ Gingerbread Decorating at Baby on the Hip
~ Ice Skating & marshmallow-roasting by the fire pit at the Ceili Cottage (authentic Irish pub)

For more details, please visit "Leslieville Wanderlust" on Facebook OR follow us on Twitter:

Friday, November 15, 2013


Yup. You read it right.
My last show was a real bell-ringer. I wanted to share with you my experience…..I also wanted to keep this post as POSITIVE and upbeat as possible. If you know this blog….you know I try to find the humour and good in things……so that is my endeavour for this!
Let's take the journey together…..through photos…here we go:

I got there at 11am to set up the day before the show opening. Below is a picture of what my booth looked like after waiting for almost 5 hours….Yes. This was 'sanctioned' as complete by the talented carpenters at the I.H.S. (International Home Show). I kid you not……this is my booth almost FINISHED:
Notice the INCREDIBLE attention to details.
The almost 'Dali-like' crooked walls!…..not to mention the fine paint coverage!
The Lindsay Lohan of booths.
Walls so wobbly and unstable…you're not sure how long they will stand!
THANKFULLY they put the "braces" to keep it from colapsing on itself! 
It was one crooked staircase away from being an MC Escher painting!
Am I right???
I love the paint job a lot.
It gives it that whole 'hillbilly chic' look
that one is looking for when trying to sell fine art!
Ok….so you get it? The walls were rickety (and possible unsafe) and the walls were poorly painted.
I DO NOT want to harp on it. Faaar be it from me to harp…...
So let's talk about the lighting that was 'provided' in the cost of the booth:
Yes. These lights are on.
Notice how they bring the artwork to LIFE!
Thankfully they kept the fluorescent lights on.
Art - just like people - looks FABULOUS in fluorescent light!
Here is the final element added to make the show more classy:
Purple carpet!
Purple - the colour of Royalty!!! 
The next day I bought clip on lights… helped- a bit…but still not the best...
The person that 'sold' the show to me explained that it was a HIGH END event, that would feature a whole aisle of galleries and artists. A 'destination spot' for designers and people who know art'. 
Here is that aisle:
art- prints - windows -sewing machines -and a live auction!!!
Not exactly a lot of art. With a couple exceptions.  
The talented Mark Gleberzon (artist and owner of MJG Gallery) was the first booth, and Carlo Allion's wonderfully whimsical paintings were in the booth across from me.

As you can see - the place was just BRIMMING  with people on Thursday!
A real destination!
Like Siberia.
Here it is BRIMMING on Friday!!!!
Here is a photo of the live auction booth beside me…..or as I like to call it 'scamming for cancer'.
You could buy a signed print by Morrisseau! (or someone in his family!???)
Bids started at $30!!!
Surely this "fundraiser" funds will CURE cancer!!!
….because as they kept telling the suckers people a percentage of the proceeds go to cancer!
 (just sayin')
Here is some more of the art that you could buy in my prestigious fine art aisle:
Canadians love their wildlife!!

Framed prints!
It is like original art…..kinda…..
I think I found 'Waldo' in that print on the bottom.
Not sure though.
A GIANT sunset, the beach or some birch trees…..all framed and matted for $200!!!
WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The prices so looney you can't help but buy!!!!
Ok……that sounds like I am a huge art snob.
NOT (completely) THE CASE.
I am happy that people buy anything to put on their walls.
I wish it was MY work….but still….
I heard a LOT of criticism about my work during this weekend….so I KNOW my work is NOT for everyone either! I get it!!!! Art is subjective!!
Now let's check out all the other reasons that make this show 'Canada's largest Show'….
First…..the colourful characters……

It's the amazing Furnace Man!!!!!
He's HOT!
(get it? 'cause he has the body of a furnace.…..get it???)
OH MAH GAWD!!!!!! It's Janet!!!!!!!!!!!
(remember her from the Fall Home Show Blogpost?)
No. We didn't speak.
That b**ch didn't bother to call or nuthin….. 
Yup. You just KNOW that it's a top notch event when Mirror Elvis shows up!
Then there is this…..
If that were not enough to impress you…….here are some booths that REALLY impressed me: 
I call this one Prince's storage room……it is this attention to detail that sets THIS show apart!

"Sally…I know we've bought a Sham-wow and a Slap-chop…but do we have enough for this classic car?"

I came very close to shaking my fat away……until I SAW THE PRICE!
I can buy 4 sunset photos for that price!!
This rock, water and flower installation REALLY screams "I'M F**KING CLASSY  Y'ALL"
This "rock" and potted plant vignette IS EVEN ON WHEELS!
"Look….Sally, I know we bought our Sham-wow, a Slap-chop, and a '57 Chevy….
.…but do we still have money to rent this Bobcat?" 
Ok….now THIS display was the 'spare no expense' vignette.
It really makes me feel like I am in Epcot!
Wait…… that what they are going for??
Yes. These are cockroaches.
Need I say more?
…and these are moths and spiders……
 THANKS ORKIN MAN! I will sleep like a log tonight!!
No recurring nightmares of giant bugs for Rob….No sir!
These 'Easy super twist mops' were a HUGE HIT at the show.
But the product that keeps me from losing my glasses???
(yes….you may get one in your stocking this year friends!)
See……three mops for that guy….another 2 for that other guy…..
it's mop-polooza!
LOOK! Our friend with the subtle LED outdoor -
gay-pride-palm-tree was there too!!!
And speaking of smoking meat….
FINALLY…….the best for last…..there was this:

Yes…..finally my chance to feel the sensation of travelling through a giant colon.
Let it be known……the colon is dark…..a little loud….and smelled of plastic…
Now you know! You're welcome!
This is a haemorrhoid!
Insert joke here…...if you can.
So……that was it,  my experience at "Canada's Largest Fall Home Show"!
It's true……the whole show seemed (for me) like I was travelling through a giant colon……
But I feel like I came out the end…………..and learned a lot!
Would I recommend it? Probably not.
But not unlike colon cancer, it is preventable if we can just get comfortable talking about it!
Good times!
Hope you enjoyed this…..and have a great weekend!!!