Friday, April 26, 2013


My latest commission was a crazy one! Crazy and AWESOME!!!!
So, I was commissioned to paint something as a present for a Bar Mitzvah.
I asked for a list of things that may be of interest to the young man....well....boy turning into a man....
So here is the partial list:
Hank's Root Beer
Bike Riding
The Simpsons
Nikola Tesla
Middle Earth
Think crust pizza
Sufficed to say I was a bit worried....what on earth would I come up with??
So I went to the drawing board and decided to focus on 3 things......Tesla, Rootbeer and Cycling.
I came up with this: I liked it - but thought it still needed some make it more boy friendly........

So I changed the name.....and moved things around....and added a zombie.
Unfortunately, my client felt that the Zombie was too I came up with this final drawing:
We both agreed that this one was the best.
So once I got the OK from my client - I went to work......
As you can see, I have already made some changes to my drawing....but it still has the same 'feel'.
 More is blocked in...and it is beginning to come together....
 This is pretty much the drawing part to add all the finishing touches that tie it together!!

So that was the final bits......all I needed to do was some aging.....just to give it the 'old time-y' feel:

So this is the final piece!!
FANTASTIC!!!! i was really happy with the final look...and now I just hope that Ethan likes it!!!
Keep your fingers crossed!!!
The bottom line on this one?? I can ah-may-zng! ;-)
So think about it folks!
I can make YOU a commission today that will suit YOU today!!!!!
Let's talk about it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WW114: ABC'S, GARFUNKLE AND OATES - 17th and OAK versus GEEK MY WALL...the FINAL WORDS.......

THIS IS    A-N-O-T-H-E-R     RE-POST! ----May 22nd....

OK...the latest.........
I am honestly not sure WHAT to say at this here is the NEWEST info as it has been presented to me!
AGAIN......I am NOT an investigative journalist, so keep that in mind.....

A few weeks ago.......I posted this item:

1.) I enjoy these graphic posters from Geek My WalL - pop culture icons depicted in a very graphic way - using typography to spell out a quote from the character......

Great...I posted it here. 
Last week I got a comment at the bottom of my blog this week by Pete Ware at
He was really upset that someone I featured is ripping off his work. As he puts it:

"The similarities between the work are too close to be coincidental. Especially as this person has only been operational for a month. My work has been featured on many blogs and magazines and has been 'out there' for a long time so I believe that this person has seen it and figured they could make money out of copying it. I'm all for taking inspiration from other artists, it's what keeps creative juices flowing but blatantly copying them is not on! Especially as I've put a lot of hard work into my art as I take it very seriously and the thought of someone jumping on the back of my success angers me! It's unoriginal and lazy!"

So here is 17th and Oak's work: is similar in many ways.
I can see why Pete is upset, I would be too!
Unfortunately there is no way to say whether his came first and were copied or i did a little research and found Laura Sweet of "It's Hip, It's here".
Laura also posted the Geek my wall versions and was confronted with the same moral dilemma - she handled it with professional blogging journalism.....

"I completely understand your frustration as a fellow creative whose personal work and blog posts are often duplicated. However, in giving this artist the benefit of the doubt, I asked her if she was aware of your work. She says she was not until after someone brought your work to her attention following my post. She claims to have been inspired by these pieces on deviant art. t is not uncommon for certain styles to be very similar and many people are playing with type. I can only take her word for it.

That said, in an effort to prove her originality, she is going to check your store before proceeding with any new art to make sure they are different. And let me commend you on your lovely work, of which I was not aware until after I wrote this post."

YES! I  stole words directly from lovely Laura at "If It's Hip. It's Here"
Sorry Laura! But I really Like the way she handled it.
I thought I had al but handled it, but then yesterday,  Ayse from Geek my Wall commented to me - defending her work.
In the name of fairness I want to share her rebuttal.....and then we can be done with this!

"I don't want to make things ''uglier'' so I won't blame anyone about this. I'm just writing this reply to make something clear. First of all nor me or Pete invented typography. There are so many typographic works made with ''same technique''. So results would be identically same.

At the beginning I felt guilty and even considered re-creating my works. Cause he said he was selling these for over one year. However, when I checked his history on Etsy I realised that his sales start on the very last months of 2012.

On the other hand, I was selling my posters locally in this web site. Some of my listings are still active there but actually I quit there. Thanks heaven, I never relisted these, so you can accept the dates as a proof of my argument. First listing's date is 12th April 2012.

In fact, I had to be upset about this but anyway, I don't have time for such things. I spend my time creating artworks and designs. I'm also painting stuff with my style (But I don't think I invented painting or my style. Nor I have right to accuse someone about it). : ) They will be up soon.

At the end, people will decide whose work is better.  Kind Regards, Ayse. T. Werner"

So there is that!
She is defending herself...and I don't blame her! I would too!!
Who is right?????? I DONT KNOW!!!!!

BUT my FINAL bottom line on this one is STILL THE SAME!

I know the frustration that Pete and Ayse are talking about!
I really have felt it myself!!!!
But the thing is, there are a finite number of original ideas out there.
Ya......I think it is possible for two people to have the same idea.
I still believe that eventually the cream rises to the top!
It could be both of these talented graphic artists - I HAVE NO IDEA!!
I am still sure that eventually all the people who lack REAL creativity will eventually move on!
**For the record, I think both sets of work have their merits....and if they both were clueless of the others existence......they can be proud of their works individually!
Truly great work transcends these types of situations!!!

SUUUUPER Sucktastic for everyone involved right now?
But hopefully it makes everyone better as artists, and stronger as people.

So that is all that I will say about it.
You decide whose work YOU like better and go BUY it.

Ok guys....Hopefully that is ALL on this one!!

Here again is the rest of the post on this day:

2.) Blossom Dearie. She is dead. But I just found her. She was an American jazz singer and pianist, "often performing in the bebop genre and remembered for her light and girlish voice. One of the last supper club performers, she performed regular engagements in London and New York City over many years." (thanks Wikipedia!!)
Ok...I am just gonna let you judge:

She has such a nice clear sound...I like it a lot!!
Here she is singing a nice Broadway song:

and here is something else:

3.) Fred and Friends XYZ blocks. I WANT THESE SOOOOOOO BAD:

Pick them up at Indigo!!

4.) You like your boozey girly drinks like I do??? TRy one of these fab flavours of sweetness in your next martini!!!

YUUUUUMY!!! I have had the Whipped Cream - and it is deelish! (and soooo sweet)

5.) Garfunkel and Oates. So you like comedy? You also love music??? So you like funny ladies......well......I give you these two!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Happy Monday!!!
So...I am still working p my latest to tide you over until Friday when I post the progress and final results...I give you this post!
Thanks to the Value Village - for being so full of spectacular merchandise.
Here are a few of said treasures:
Happy Birthday Mom....I made this beautiful object d'art in class.
I call it 'creepy man touching his junk in a sharks mouth.'
A gift for the woman who cares enough to take a monthly photo of her beautiful newborn.'s still in its original packaging.....

Minnie loses her head for all the great bargains.
No. Let's be clear, she was NOT on sale!!!!

Nothing says 'I love you' better than a painted mailbox......
except maybe a painted mailbox ON a glass brick.
Perfect for ANYONE!

Quick quiz.
When you think of Sri Lanka.....what do you think about?
If you said deer, You're right!! 
Dear first glance this may look like head ware good enough for Carribana 2013.....
ALAS, no.

Oh...I needed a cheese grater.....

MMMM.....even comes with parmesan!!!!!

Sounds like a date I had once.

Sadly, I am no longer 34, so I felt compelled to put it back down.
:- (

FINALLY!! Science for ladies!!
You're welcome!
Thanks to Facebook, I was able to revisit a look that I had forgotten about!
The early Mexican peasant look is all the rage in 2013!


"Oh that a silk taffeta evening gown? I love the lacework along the neckline."
I guess I should tell you, I was at the VV Boutique on Queen East & Logan - so that you can hurry in to buy any of the amazing finds from today's post.
You're welcome.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Ok. Here's the thing....

I have gone on a NEWS DIET!!!
Yes, I know, you can't even notice all the weight I have put on...but it's obvious to me.
I'm talking about "emotional weight"! Honestly, there is nothing like having a 'heavy attitude' poison the rest your life, am I right folks??!
I have, in the past, been an emotional "news binger".
But clearly one cannot sustain themselves in a healthy way by continuing in life with a 'News Consuming Disorder'. So I am making a change!
I am - stating publicly - that I have wrestled with my emotional weight for years!
To keep me from slipping into bad habits, I am sharing with you, about my diet - or lifestyle change - as I like to call it.
YES YES YES.......I understand there is no end of terrible stories out there....and it can seem somewhat inescapable! The last few weeks have been especially violent and terrible.
With bombings and shootings and natural disasters - it is a whole world of sadness and discouragement and AWEFULNESS! heard me......"awefulness".
How do we keep from living in a perpetual state of fear? The news is lousy with sad, scary emotionally debilitating stories!
In the words of Dame Anne Murray......can't we use a little good news today?
The media is intent on spreading panic by catastrophizing every story that they can.
It's called ratings - or readership.
It's a business - a business that depends on US to keep it going!
"It could be the most deadly thing in the world, and you may be having it for dinner - tune in tonight at 11pm for all the details" Seriously news people??? WHAT IS IT?
Is corn on the cob secretly killing me? IS IT??
Now I know what you are thinking......
Dear sweet emotionally obese Rob, I cannot just put my head in the sand - I cannot live my life NOT KNOWING what COULD effect me or my kids or my dog.
I understand. I really do! I understand your struggle. I have made a living making slightly political artwork....and in doing so, have let news penetrate my life.
Does it make me a hypocrite??? Maybe.
BUT......I try to keep my art (as well and this blog) a POSITIVE thing.
Yes, there is some 'sharpness' to some of the content, but it is meant to provoke change! I am not interested in regurgitate horrible news stories - and feeding them to you baby-bird-style!
I am interested in change. Change for the good!
And your bad news does not help that. It just doesn't.
So, loyal friends, if you MUST watch one cycle of news - or read the headlines on the Yahoo homepage....(yes, I am talking directly to you Christina and Erika) then you must.
BUT....and here's my big butt.....
DO NOT  feel it is your responsibility to welcome all that negative news into your life and into your cannot afford to do it!
Personally, I have such limited capacity in my tiny brain - that it is standing room only! One extra piece of bad news just will not fit...without pushing out something good!!!
If you MUST allow in the news.....try adding this in...
or try this news feed:
That's what I am talking about folks!!!
Let's all TRY to find the good news each day!!!!
And in the meantime I like to think of this song as my motto......
YES. I will probably still find the bad news....and will probably always make art about making a difference.....but I will no longer SEEK OUT bad news items and let them penetrate my head!
I WILL sustain a healthy emotional weight - and will stick to my new diet lifestyle change, if only to save myself the heartache caused by the glut of bad news!
How about you? Can you join me in my cause?
At least think about it!

****I was gonna leave you with that.....but while You Tubing that number from the Wiz, I came across this clip......and I SIMPLY MUST SHARE IT......

(...and yes.....I know you are picturing me in that onesey right now! ADMIT IT!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WW113: FRULI, BEN FROST and HOW ANIMALS EAT THIER FOOD. we go! WElcome to Wonderful Wednesday. here are my 5 favourite things this week. I hope you enjoy them!!!!

1.) Would you like fries with that?? Australian artist Ben Frost is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photorealism and sign-writing. These are super cool.......This series of works consists of acrylic paintings on McDonald's French Fry packaging. Happy Meal to Super sized, the familiar red and yellow Golden Arches containers feature hand-painted pop culture icons, Super Heroes, images reminiscent of Lichtenstein's pop art, Cartoons, Japanese Manga, Universal Iconography and more. You will love these!!!

Check out more of these (WARNING some of them are a bit X-RATED) on his website!
This one is from [if it's hip it's here]

2.) Comedy Bang Bang Podcast. Got an hour to waste??? How about a few laughs??? It is an amusing hour of comedy with Scott Aukerman and his MANY funny guests. What you have to know going that they always have a 'fake guest' with silly voices.......and the HIGH-lare-ity ensues!!! They have a tv program - which I have yet to I cannot recommend it.

Here is how they put it.....

"Comedy Bang Bang is a high-spirited get-together between host Scott Aukerman (“Mr. Show”, Producer of “Between Two Ferns”) and his funny friends! You can expect conversation, music, improv, games, and most importantly plugs."

Get it on iTunes!!!!!

3.) Früli. It's beer! It's fruity!! WAIT......IT'S BOTH!!!! YUMMERS! normally I am not a beer guy (insert fake surprise here) but I really enjoy this Belgian white beer mixed with strawberry juice!

I like to call it Gürli.....but I also like to call it DEELISH!!!

4.) Plastic jewellery!!! Kristal Romano takes expired credit cards and re-purposes them into small-scale wearable sculptures. LOVE IT!!

Kristal says, "My interest lies in cultural notions of value and the use of commodities. The fact that most value is relative and subjective stimulates various questions. How do we perceive value? Do we treat or respect things differently when we view them as valuable? Is money valuable? What is the function of money and how does it affect our lives? These questions often prove to be more interesting than any specific answers they might summon and are mainly catalysts for my persistent analysis of value."

Super cool!!
via Junk Culture and [Unconsumption]

5.) I cannot get this out of my head. it is sooooooo stupid. Sadly it made me laugh and laugh. Enjoy: