Friday, April 19, 2013


Ok. Here's the thing....

I have gone on a NEWS DIET!!!
Yes, I know, you can't even notice all the weight I have put on...but it's obvious to me.
I'm talking about "emotional weight"! Honestly, there is nothing like having a 'heavy attitude' poison the rest your life, am I right folks??!
I have, in the past, been an emotional "news binger".
But clearly one cannot sustain themselves in a healthy way by continuing in life with a 'News Consuming Disorder'. So I am making a change!
I am - stating publicly - that I have wrestled with my emotional weight for years!
To keep me from slipping into bad habits, I am sharing with you, about my diet - or lifestyle change - as I like to call it.
YES YES YES.......I understand there is no end of terrible stories out there....and it can seem somewhat inescapable! The last few weeks have been especially violent and terrible.
With bombings and shootings and natural disasters - it is a whole world of sadness and discouragement and AWEFULNESS! heard me......"awefulness".
How do we keep from living in a perpetual state of fear? The news is lousy with sad, scary emotionally debilitating stories!
In the words of Dame Anne Murray......can't we use a little good news today?
The media is intent on spreading panic by catastrophizing every story that they can.
It's called ratings - or readership.
It's a business - a business that depends on US to keep it going!
"It could be the most deadly thing in the world, and you may be having it for dinner - tune in tonight at 11pm for all the details" Seriously news people??? WHAT IS IT?
Is corn on the cob secretly killing me? IS IT??
Now I know what you are thinking......
Dear sweet emotionally obese Rob, I cannot just put my head in the sand - I cannot live my life NOT KNOWING what COULD effect me or my kids or my dog.
I understand. I really do! I understand your struggle. I have made a living making slightly political artwork....and in doing so, have let news penetrate my life.
Does it make me a hypocrite??? Maybe.
BUT......I try to keep my art (as well and this blog) a POSITIVE thing.
Yes, there is some 'sharpness' to some of the content, but it is meant to provoke change! I am not interested in regurgitate horrible news stories - and feeding them to you baby-bird-style!
I am interested in change. Change for the good!
And your bad news does not help that. It just doesn't.
So, loyal friends, if you MUST watch one cycle of news - or read the headlines on the Yahoo homepage....(yes, I am talking directly to you Christina and Erika) then you must.
BUT....and here's my big butt.....
DO NOT  feel it is your responsibility to welcome all that negative news into your life and into your cannot afford to do it!
Personally, I have such limited capacity in my tiny brain - that it is standing room only! One extra piece of bad news just will not fit...without pushing out something good!!!
If you MUST allow in the news.....try adding this in...
or try this news feed:
That's what I am talking about folks!!!
Let's all TRY to find the good news each day!!!!
And in the meantime I like to think of this song as my motto......
YES. I will probably still find the bad news....and will probably always make art about making a difference.....but I will no longer SEEK OUT bad news items and let them penetrate my head!
I WILL sustain a healthy emotional weight - and will stick to my new diet lifestyle change, if only to save myself the heartache caused by the glut of bad news!
How about you? Can you join me in my cause?
At least think about it!

****I was gonna leave you with that.....but while You Tubing that number from the Wiz, I came across this clip......and I SIMPLY MUST SHARE IT......

(...and yes.....I know you are picturing me in that onesey right now! ADMIT IT!)


  1. Rob this is so good! You are the best. The good news is I have no tv, and my yahoo opens in portuguese so I can't read most of the headlines! And it seems like Brazilian yahoo headlines is all about their telenovelas! xo

  2. Thanks EB.
    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY.....what IS happening on 'Avenida Brasil'????????