Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello all!
It's time for a little Wonderful Wednesday!
Here are the 5 things I love this week - that I want you to love too!!

1.) This is a project that I like a lot If there is one thing I cannot stand in this world, it is having NO COMPASSION. If there are 2 things I cannot stand, they are no compassion AND BAD SIGNAGE! This project called "Signs for the Homeless" is really neato! Boston-based artists Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope interviewed and photographed a number of homeless people on the streets of Boston, replacing their beat-up hand-drawn signs with brand new hand-painted ones. Each interviewed person was also given a small donation in exchange for their old sign. Nakayama and Hope have documented the project on their Tumblr blog hoping to raise awareness about the current state of poverty and encourage others to follow suit offering a helping hand.

See more about this project HERE
[via Design Taxi]

2.) Ransack the Universe. If you are in Toronto, looking for vintage and vintage themed must go check out Bloor west village!

Lots of great finds!!! You will not regret going!!! Here are a few things that caught my eye!!!

They also have a BLOG to check out!!

3.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory THE MUSICAL! Come on. We knew it would happen eventually! This kinda looks like least eye candy:
ROALD DAHL's deliciously dark tale of young Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka comes to life in a brand new West End musical directed by Sam Mendes!!!

Featuring ingenious stagecraft, the wonder of the original story that has captivated the world for almost 50 years is brought to life with music by Marc Shaiman, and lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman (Hairspray; Smash), a book by award-winning playwright and adaptor David Greig (The Bacchae; Tintin In Tibet), set and costume designs by Mark Thompson (Mamma Mia!; One Man, Two Guvnors) and choreography by Peter Darling (Billy Elliot The Musical; Matilda The Musical).

A chocolate garden, an army of squirrels and the curiously peculiar Oompa-Loompas must be believed to be seen in this spectacular new musical that is choc-full of fantastical treats to dazzle your senses.
ANOTHER reason to take a trip to the UK!!!

4.) I can't decide if I hate this....or love it........BUT.....back in 1983, Andy Warhol produced more than 40 works of art inspired by Perrier. To celebrate these works, Perrier has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to create Perrier by Warhol–a limited-edition series of Perrier packaging based on Warhol’s original works.......they are super attractive.......

And so ends this week's corporate sales job.........

5.)'re looking to waste VAST amounts of time??? Let me recommend Crap!
You'll find all sorts of treasures that you NEVER wanted to see/own. Here are some examples:

yes....actual crap!!!

Just pull his woodpecker.....go on.....

Smell like a hunk-a-hunk-a burnin love.

No comment - you're welcome!


Nothing Nanny loves more than her slots.....except cheap mugs!!!

(Thanks Cindy)

Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey guys.....people have been asking for one of these posts for WEEKS.
Well, you know how I hate to here is some of the recent treasures that I wanted to buy at the Value Village.
I can't keep up with all the studio visits, so I am extending my "Great Rain Sale" by a week:
Make sure to email me ASAP!!!
Ok....on with the post....
One of my favourite illustrated covers!! FANTASTIC.
One of my less favourite albums......

The very LEAST favourite of mine.....

Um......preachy much? Is it any wonder this ended up at the VV?
Also........notice that the 'headquarters' are in Waco TX......yes....the epicentre of good judgement.
Hmmm....plates......crystal........or loose insulation......which do I prefer to eat off.....

Meanwhile elsewhere in the pottery.......I found this attractive wall art.....
This could fulfill my dream of owning my own underground bar!!!!
And THIS my dream of owning a gambling hall!!! 
In fact, I just found a great bouncer for my bar/gambling hall!
Adorable child, or future gangbanger......I leave that judgement to you.

Also known as 'My lonely Life magic Set"
You'll notice none of these have sold....and that they make no claims like:
"amaze your friends..."

I will be trying to re-enact that scene from know the one......

I wanted this game. I feel like I have so much to learn.

See above comment.
Preventative child-safety fun or instructional game for Pedophiles - you decide!

One of these things is NOT like the others....
.....plush toy.....Elmo.......toy vanity.......Elmo again......small cage....
Yup.....all the necessitates for child abduction.

Don't let the 50% off sticker scare you off Ladies.
I am sure it lives up to it's claim! Oh's empty!!!
(evidently one lucky lady took it out of the package.....and slipped it into her purse!!!)
AH HA! I bet she is the one who stole the above mentioned frog/prince!

Yes....again.....I found a purse to match my outfit! LUCKY ME!!!

"collectables" -  REALLY????
Two....TWO.....T-W-O....creepy plaid clown dolls for the price of one! 

The amazing "Childcatcher 3000" includes this child's chair and toy 'bait'. 
Finally....a game for girls to test their intellect!!!
I bought it for the 'Sassy Sticks'
(which is also my stage name)
I had to return to this photo......


This one is for Josephine Cleo and Michael Wismer!
DAMN! Just ruined your Xmas present!

At night before I lay my head on the pillow.....I prey there is an end to terribly painted artwork.
 OK FOLKS....this is where this blog goes a little off the rails...............beware.............

Here is the gist of it....Clay doesn't know why there are so many Gay rumours.
Maybe it is from all the butt f*&(ing Clay?? Think maybe that's why???
Ok......let's play a game!!!
Just guess what this t-shirt says!!!!!!!
FINALLY! A foot petal operated fax machine!!!!!
Perfect for any small business person!

Hmmmm....I think I rented this video once.......

Game of Size??? What does that even mean?
Is it like Game of Thrones?
Evidently I needed to buy much to learn about manners.....
and size.....
She loves R-OCK!!!
What else would it say????
Ok....there you go!
Another great trip to the VV Boutique!
Hope you enjoyed it!