Monday, September 10, 2012


Good Monday!
As you can probably tell, I am super focussed on my new show "Sign of the Times". is the latest piece for the show:
"Love/Hate",  60" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas. this painting is B-I-G!
I am thrilled with it.
There are actually TWO painted posters on this.
One poster shows the old entrance to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and is slightly more aged.
The other poster is also of the ROM, with the addition of "Michael Lee-Chin Crystal".
For those of you who do not know anything about the ROM here are some wiki-details:

The 'new' main entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum, Daniel Libeskind's The Crystal, first opened in 2007. The Deconstructivist crystalline-form is clad in 25 percent glass and 75 percent aluminium sitting on top of a steel frame. The Crystal's canted walls do not touch the sides of the existing heritage buildings, used to close the envelope between the new form and existing walls. These walls act as a pathway for pedestrians to safely travel across "The Crystal".

The crystal has been a centre of controversy since it started getting built.
Some say it is an eyesore - and others LOVE it.
That is why I like the quote "When you make something no on hates, no one loves it either."
On this piece I have also painted a butterfly (to represent the huge array of natural history elements in the ROM) and also to make the point about transformation.
I have also painted an antique sextant that is housed in the "Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada", and dates back to 1800. 
There is also some painted dino bones in the corner (which are a BIG draw in the new ROM).
Finally the background has the OLD version of tiles in the Museum TTC Subway Station.
I like the new tiles, but I thought that these old ones were more 'retro' and a better neutral background!

What say you?
I love your comments!!!!


  1. That is really awesome. Totally loving this collection! I love the idea of showcasing Toronto in an old school promo poster style! I should put you in touch with people at Tourism Toronto that I know- they would love this!

  2. Thanks so much Tammy! I really appreciate the positive feedback!!!
    Please do send a link to EVERYONE about my works.....or send me their information......I am constantly looking for an audience!!

  3. great piece, Rob.
    i fall into the 'hate' side of the big eyesore. i've liked disruptive architectural styles before, but not this one. i just don't think it's pretty :-)

    1. and that IS a big canvas for you! well done! how will you get it out of the basement?

    2. Thanks Ben!
      I have hired a special crane to lift it out of the painting dungeon!!