Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey everybody!!!
It's Friday! Boy, have I gotten a LOT done this week!!
I wanna show you my latest paintings that are finished and ready for my October exhibition.
"Sign of the Times" at Gallery 129 Ossington: here is one that was a re-paint.
I know, I know, I said I wouldn't waste time on another repaint after my last show...but I wasn't happy with this I thought I would change 'er up. Here is before:

 and after:
What's different?
Let me tell you.....I reapainted the tiles in the background - because the old ones were just too yellow!
(Yes, I know that tiles in Dundas station ARE actually deep yellow - but I took a little artistic liberty!!)
I repainted the poster part to seem a bit more graphic.
Once I did all of that....the keychain really stood I repainted that too!!!!
Also this week I finished this one:

"Age and Beauty", 36" x 24", Acrylic on Board. THIS one I am REALLY happy about.
In the background is a vintage inspired Art Nouveau wallpaper...that I have aged with washes.
The poster part is of the Gooderham Flatiron building (which is a Toronto landmark!)
I painted it once before - but not as poster-y. See that one HERE!
(The previous painting had a whole different look and it was sold - sorry! ;-)
I LOVE the lettering and the fanciful boarder that I used on this one. 
I think it really works well (given the age of the building)
I painted a little pink piece of trompe l'oeil paper with the address of the building on it, and a quote that I made up. "Sometimes beauty and age are not mutually exclusive." This is only the second time EVER that I have not used a quote from a smart dead person.
Also on this painting is an Art Nouveau hand mirror. I was really happy how it turned out!!!
As always, there is a lot of aging washes and burnishing to make it seem old & some fake tape too!
Whadda ya think??
hate it?
I love your comments!!!
Remember, we are less than a month away from opening of this show.......and all my work looks better in person!!! So come out to see it in October!!

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