Friday, September 21, 2012


It's Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend! Weekend!
Friday! Friday! Gettin' down on Friday!
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend?
Partyin! Partyin! Ya?
Partyin! Partyin! YA!
Lookin' forward to the weekend?

You're welcome! ;-)
So.....big news.....I am almost done painting all the new work for my upcoming show!!!
Okay, not necessarily big news for you...but for me BIG NEWS!!!
And here is the bigger news.........
I just completed my FIVE HUNDREDTH PAINTING!!!!!!!
5 - 0 - 0
Crazy huh??
Now let's break it down.
500 paintings since 2003. That's 55 a year!
Now, it is of note that in 2003 I only painted part-time so I only created 25 pieces!
But in 2004 I started painting full time and since then have painted EPIC-LY!
I am very happy to have hit that number!
I really feel like it has been a great adventure!
I have said it before, and I will say it again. I would never be where I am now (artistically) if I hadn't painted soooooo many pieces. 
It has been a HUGE learning curve, both artistically and personally! 
I feel like I have honed my craft, and I continue to do so.
My artistic voice is stronger and clearer than ever.
The work is 'tighter' and is generally just better painted than 499 paintings ago!
I really look forward to seeing how the next 500 paintings shape up!
I wanted to show you my very first two paintings and then my last 2 paintings....
To compare and contrast!
Here are my two OLDEST pieces. Sadly, I still have them...they are rolled up in my studio.
At the time, I was thinking that they would sell sell sell!
They did not.

As you can see they are heavily influenced by Art Deco.
So, yes, I have always looked for my inspiration from the past!
They are also covered in leaf - gold silver and copper leaf - as at the time, I was painting a LOT of murals that were on leaf (for the casinos of the OLGC). Like these ones at Woodbine:
Good times! (Not really - thankfully, I have had a LOT of therapy since then!!)
Anyways, the next year, I tried to sell these 2 paintings as murals - showing pictures of them in a room:

That also did not help them sell.
But I was NOT thwarted!
Instead of quitting, I decided to re-evaluate my process and re-shape my work!!
That goodness I did so, or I would have never come to these paintings:
"R&R", 12" x 9", Acrylic on Mixed Media.
Yes, I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to compare the old with the new work!
As you can see, the new pieces are little shadow-box-like dioramas.
I think that they are a perfect pairing with my poster themed work for my upcoming show!
Each piece has been painstakingly created from balsa wood, glue, paint, ink, blood, sweat, tears, earth wind and fire. Wait....I am getting off topic - sorry....
The imagery on the billboards is taken from another existing artwork (of mine) - re-worked in photoshop - and then I have tried to re-create billboard scenery to place the imagery in!

I think it is pretty cool!!!
I am hoping that they will hit a cord with people and they will be bought up at my next show!!
Sadly, five hundred paintings later, I am still not sure how they will be received.
Funny. For all the progress, I guess I am still waiting for artistic validation.
"With Baggage", 9" x 12", Acrylic on Mixed media.
The one above is actually a billboard that is above the "Hooters" in Toronto.
One might make a correlation between baggage and Hooters waitresses......or not.
What do you think?
Do you like the new works???????
I love to have your comments - unless you are a jerk......then.....not so much!
And remember to help me celebrate my 500th by coming out to see these new pieces at:

Gallery 129 Ossington  -  Thursday, October 11th, 7pm-10pm

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