Monday, September 3, 2012


So.....I KNOW this has nuthin' to do with my illustrious art career....but you know how I like to over-share with you, my loyal readers!!!
I went to the CNE, which as you can see from my title stands for Carnies N Eating.
It is a yearly tradition in Toronto, and I give you my findings from this year's trip.
Enjoy this picture log of my evening at the Ex:
We ALWAYS start with a corn dog. ONCE a year   - I just cannot help myself!!! 
The 'skyway' was new this year. AMAZING.....except.........
I was very aware of these rules while walking under it.....
When I was young......the rides were painted with an air compressor by a fat Carnie named Pauly......
I thought they were terrible then......but now.....

....they just plaster the side with bad vinyl this picture is not blurry - the 'art' is PIXILATED!!!!!!!!!!!
So sad.

I cannot believe we still think that this game is politically correct!!
The Star had some super cool old photos at their booth!!
LOVE this one from the Ex in 1914!!!! I wish it still looked like this!

So cool!


I just think the old photos are fantastic!!!! 
It was soooooo busy...and full of wackos!! I would like to blame the moon....but....

Am I the ONLY person creeped out by the magic pedophile man?
Not just because he kinda looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Just swanning around the Ex.
Notice the beads I had on.....YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT I DID TO GET THEM!!!!!

This is a great idea! Having a LRT vehicle so that people can more clearly understand it!

Nice Ride!

Ok....I am not a Buddhist.....but this seriously creeps me out.
That one mini-buddha seems to be going for the left boob. 

Tried to buy this pimpin' coat.

Fine art at the fair. REALLY PEOPLE????
She's like "OH MA GAWD...I totally love that triptych of the sunset on the will like totally match the couch!We are like sooo original!! And look, we can like get all three for $105."
(ok she didn't say triptych - she said threesome.)

O               M                G

This guy is there every year! Good on him. I LOVE that new one the best!! (The one on his easel!) 
What Canadians love. Birch trees, poppies, and abstract.

I love the sculpting element to the Ex!!!!!

Here is a butter sculpture of Mayor Ford.....
ooops.....sorry...wrong one..... the butter sculpture of the mayor.....and isn't that brother Doug around his neck??  
My MISTAKE. THIS is Rob. Reading Margaret Atwood - while driving.
So. There you have it. 
Another successful year at the EX!!
I hope you enjoyed this post! As always, I LOVE your comments!