Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Howdy ho all!
Currently I am in a ragweed induced stupor. Those of you who are allergy suffers KNOW my pain....
So I am gonna just get right to it.
5 things I LOVE this week:
(this one is really technology based today....aka - super geek-y)

1.) FULL ROOM PAC MAN!!!! Japanese game director Keita Takahashi, has conceived the '3D pacman room' - an immersive, playable projection of the awesome 80's video game. Mr Pac, as I like to call him, fills an entire room...eating little pellets all the while being chased (and/or chasing) by spooky multi-coloured (and/or dark coloured) ghosts in a full 360° environment. The installation was shown at new york's museum of art and design's as part of the babycastles summit 2012.

F - U - N! I am gonna do this to my media room!!

Who's in for a game?
(don't mind the crick in your neck)

2.) THESE ARE NUTS! But I love them.  Australian artist WBK or works by knight has developed a series of portraits which pay tribute to various individuals whose influence helped change the realities of technology and mass media through out the 20th and 21st centuries. Each portrait is made from keyboard letters!!!!!!!! COME ON!!! DIG IT!!!

3.) So, you know how I wish we had our own alternative energy cars.....well I LOVE this idea too!!! American urban green energy and general electric have teamed up to install the worlds first integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station in barcelona. The system implements a 'sanya skypump', an innovative vertical wind tubribine technology paired together with GE's durastation EV charger to provide clean zero-emission energy. 


Originally designed for commercial and government application, a series of additional 'sanya skypump' units are projected to be installed throughout the united states in shopping centers and universities later in 2012.
(thanks to Design Boom for this one)

4.) I love my loose tea. How about you? Currently I have a robot tea infuser READ ABOUT IT HERE.....But I found another terrific tea steeping device:

You're welcome nerds!!!

5.) "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". Here is the trailer. I highly recommend this when you need a laugh!!!! Jerry Seinfeld.....has never been funnier! Fun interviews! YOU WILL LOVE IT! Here's a trailer for it:

Ok...and this one is super funny...long - but funny!!

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