Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey guys! 
Miss me yet??? I have been thinking of YOU! 
Usually I would be in full production and promotion for my shows, alas.....
BUT let me share the info about my last 2 shows of the season.....
I hope to be present at these two events......but it sorta depends on what is happening here in London....(see the last post for THAT sad-sack story)
If I don't see you at the these shows, please do take care of yourselves, and have a great holiday season! Cheers!! ~R


Happy winter!! I hope this finds you warm and happy!
As many of you know, I have temporarily moved back to London to care for my family. READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE! Because of that, I am away from the studio and my please excuse the crappy JPG above! ;-)
BUT I still have 2 shows that I am committed to doing, and I wanted to share those 2 shows of the season with you.

Come out to the WONDERFUL Wychwood Barns for some INDOOR holiday shopping! This indoor art market features a wide range of hand-made things PERFECT for that hard-to-buy-for person on your holiday list (jewelry, pottery,  clothing and paintings)!

For my part --  you can expect a whole bevy of works UNDER $100! (WOW!)
As a special enticement for you to come out to this event, I will be offering $5-10 off on all the prints! Exciting!!!! So come out:

Thursday December 4th from 4pm-10pm 

AND……….then there's this:


A fabulous group exhibition at Julia Veenstra Gallery in Hamilton!

December 11th and 12th, 7-10pm
167 James Street North, Hamilton

This is your chance to se a HUGE array of 12" x 12" artwork by some of my FAVOURITE artists....and me! As a special  incentive, all the work will be SPECIAL PRICED at $225.00!!! (YUP - crazy deals to be had!)

...and YES, there will be BRAND new unseen work from me -- so go and check this event out!! See more on her site HERE.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello faithful readers!!!!
I bet you are wondering where I have been, right???
I have never missed a Wonderful Wednesday post, and NEVER missed WHOLE WEEK of posts before......'s not that I don't care for are my favourite peeps!
But here is the truth......sometimes in life....things kinda fall apart.
I am not the kind to solicit pity and sympathy.........I like to consider this blog a place for humour and fun and not a place for sad I will keep this short and sweet.
The sh*t has hit the fan!!!!
In a big way. I AM FINE......but my parents are quite ill. Yes BOTH. At the same time.
(It is a great test of my limited mental fortitude!m ;-)
So, I have essentially moved back to my family home in London for a while.
It may be only a couple months, or it may be into the new year.
I don't really know.
Just until things are settled.
Right now I need to be the best son I can be.
It is important for me to take care of the people that gave me this life -- they provided me with so much of the life that I am so grateful for!
And that is where we are at!
Sad? YOU BET! Part of life, yup!
I have a lot still to paint, a lot of stories to share, a LOT of art and life to enjoy.
BUT......I need to take the next few months to take care of my family and grieve.

I hope that when I return to my blogging and painting and showing, that I will be a smarter, stronger, more determined-to-find-the-silver-lining kinda guy!
LORD KNOWS when things get bad, you really gotta FIND the things to be grateful for == so I  hope I learn some profound and powerful life lessons!
(or I at least hope to survive the stress and suck-y-ness without killing someone in the healthcare system ;-)!
So.......I will blog if at all possible. I will show with the commitments I have made,
I will paint when I am able...
and ohhhhhhh...I....I will long as I know how to live....
SORRY - was getting a little Gloria Gaynor-y
Take care of yourselves, take care of the people you love, and I will be back soon!
Better (and maybe drunker) than ever!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!!
Here are the top 5 things that I want you to LOVE this week…….

1.) You know me….loyal readers….I am a fan of the Sweet+Salty….Admittedly….I started drooling at this…….
It's Bourbon Bacon Brittle!!!!!
Thanks to for posting this recipe for brittle!!!!
(for the full recipe check THIS link!!!!)

2.) Some things are so UGLY that I cannot help but LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Like these sweaters from Mondo Tees:

So awful - and so fantastic!!!
Go to MONDO TEES for more nerdy stuff!

3.) Speaking of awesome fabric work……I give you the work of Ellen November from California. She has combined her skills in illustration, photography, graphic design and fiber art to creat some really lovely work!!! Like these:

Commission Ellen or inquire about the pricing and availability at

4.) Hey train lovers…..yes…I know you are out there! I am one of you!!! The future is coming……well….for the Brits at least……check out these driverless underground trains….the 250 new trains are being built and will be capable of fully automatic operation:

The design reflects the contemporary culture and architectural landmarks of the city but also stays true to the british transport’s style heritage.

See this video….it's CRAZY…...

(link to the video)
ALSO GO TO DESIGNBOOM to see the interior of the train!!!

5.) Finally…..I give you this. It makes me laugh every year…Thanks Ellen: