Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello faithful readers!!!!
I bet you are wondering where I have been, right???
I have never missed a Wonderful Wednesday post, and NEVER missed WHOLE WEEK of posts before......'s not that I don't care for are my favourite peeps!
But here is the truth......sometimes in life....things kinda fall apart.
I am not the kind to solicit pity and sympathy.........I like to consider this blog a place for humour and fun and not a place for sad I will keep this short and sweet.
The sh*t has hit the fan!!!!
In a big way. I AM FINE......but my parents are quite ill. Yes BOTH. At the same time.
(It is a great test of my limited mental fortitude!m ;-)
So, I have essentially moved back to my family home in London for a while.
It may be only a couple months, or it may be into the new year.
I don't really know.
Just until things are settled.
Right now I need to be the best son I can be.
It is important for me to take care of the people that gave me this life -- they provided me with so much of the life that I am so grateful for!
And that is where we are at!
Sad? YOU BET! Part of life, yup!
I have a lot still to paint, a lot of stories to share, a LOT of art and life to enjoy.
BUT......I need to take the next few months to take care of my family and grieve.

I hope that when I return to my blogging and painting and showing, that I will be a smarter, stronger, more determined-to-find-the-silver-lining kinda guy!
LORD KNOWS when things get bad, you really gotta FIND the things to be grateful for == so I  hope I learn some profound and powerful life lessons!
(or I at least hope to survive the stress and suck-y-ness without killing someone in the healthcare system ;-)!
So.......I will blog if at all possible. I will show with the commitments I have made,
I will paint when I am able...
and ohhhhhhh...I....I will long as I know how to live....
SORRY - was getting a little Gloria Gaynor-y
Take care of yourselves, take care of the people you love, and I will be back soon!
Better (and maybe drunker) than ever!

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