Friday, December 27, 2013


Well……it's all over for another year!!
As my gift to you, dear readers, I want you to have this post…with all my love.
Well…'s more like with all my snippy and slightly inappropriateness……but still….you get it……
I did some of this post….in LONDON!!!
Yes…my fellow Londoners…….you have JUST AS MUCH to blog about in YOUR Vallue Village as we do here in Toronto!

Londoners ALSO love their creepy baby photography!
…..Er……yay Londoners….I guess…...
It's a ditto machine!! I WANTED IT SO BAD!!!
Ok - for all you kids…..a "ditto machine" was the pre-curser to the photocopy machine!!
I have fond memories of going into school with my Mom (who was a teacher) and doing her dittos for her.
Yes - IT STILL SMELLED….mmmmmmmmmmm……
I am sure it didn't look creepy at all - me on my hands and knees smelling this antique!
In London, they have clearly defined gender roles.
That's right girls… your cards right and you can grow up to be:
a homemaker, princess OR a secretary!!!
Boys…..same deal… can be:
a monster truck driver, a fireman, a wrestler or an accountant!
50 shades of………..not to sure...
I just wanted to give you an idea for your dad or boyfriend!
MILES AND MILES of ties… far as the eye can see!!  
"Wits End" - it's a board game based on my life.

Hey East Coasters………..there is this THRILLING game for all ages!
(I bet you already have it Penny!??!)
…Ok…..I take it back…..maybe THIS is the board game of my life!!
Or maybe it is just a movie I rented once……
Ew….sorry…..that was unseemly,  Rob!
What will I learn from my totem - the 3 toed sloth??
I guess I could learn to crap pin the sidewalk and wait for a human to pick it up in a bag.
Am I way off base here???

I dunno why I took a photo of this bag of leis.
"Bag of Leis" …..also sounds like a dirty movie
- sorry folks - I don't know where my mind is today!!!
THIS is to show you how many recorders/flutes are available.
UM…..London is musical….and/or has an inordinate number of mice…..
MUSICAL!!! See?? Londoners have exceptional musical talents!
This shelf is brought to you by parents who jumped for joy
the day their child was DONE playing the electric guitar!
Er….um….…..Londoner have exceptional musical taste??
Am I imagining that that black got probably got a lot of flack about this outfit from his family??
Just saying.
I bet this painting is GONE now. ….what with Christmas and all.
Really something to behold….I believe it is Fanshawe Lake.
I feel like someone's idea of what constitutes "figurines" needs to be re-assessed.
Am I imagining that the Royal Dolton is deeply offended by Mr M&M….and the clown is just trying to look the other way???? Seriously….I feel like there is a real story in this photo!!!
If it says "E-Z" it MUST be!
Sorry folks - I bought this bad boy myself!!
I also bought the 4 cock serving platter.
…..Which also reminds me of……
SORRY - never mind...
London carries ALL the latest and greatest in HI-FI!
This is for Cheepay and Michael! I don't want to spoil your Christmas gift…..but…...
Ok….I am back in Toronto!!
As you can see…….Torontonians have REAL musical talents……
no plastic recorders here….no ma'am.
A GENUINE bongo….filled with crack.
The reason for the season.
(it is also a doorstop - I KID YOU NOT!!!!)
"Hey….thanks JC for gettin' that door for me!" 
Oh dear.
The game is……don't get shot/stabbed.
I almost bought these classy shorts!
Nothing attracts like sexy shorts… I right Ladies????
Again……I am not making comparisons……
but you just don't find THIS kind of musical instrument in the VV in London!!
BOO YA! (sorry guys….the holidays get to me!!)
It's the partridge family home band starting kit.
Flute, microphone, tambourine…just add talent!

It is the "pervy Irish guy nap-sack" FINALLY I found it!

……ain't it just like the Irish?? Face down on the floor??

THIS… really THIS……is the story of my life…..
yes….I identify with that prissy pink bird…….

You're waiting for a lascivious comment here aren't you??
Mitch's first album must have really moved some serious units!!!

I love Rusty. She's a gal after my own heart!
Knockers up Rust!!!
Yes….she made a follow up…."bottoms up"……is ONLY FOR ADULTS!!
C'mon….NOW I must make a unseemly comment!!!

Rusty is looking for a good time…Good on ya' Lady Rust!

Words to live by…they really describe my personal philosophy!!!
"if you're queasy or uneasy…..if you like your comments breezy…..Knockers up!"

Um….Bed and Bath Miscellaneous… the universal code for diapers.

No idea what these are!!!!!!!!!!!
I think they are the equivalent to a bug zapper….for children…..but that is my best guess!

S&M Daddy Teddy….available for your youngster.

It always makes me sad when people donate frames that have their families in them.
Poor Kermit….really fallen on hard times.
\Well…..there you go.
You're welcome!
Merry Christmas friends!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I wanted to wish you all the very best today!!!!!!
I hope you got everything you wished for!

1.) As always, I am wowed by the effort that NYC retailers put into Christmas!! For example these Saks Fifth Avenue windows!!! This year the annual holiday light show turned the façade of the iconic luxury retailer into a traffic-stopping festive 3D spectacle!!!!
Snowflakes, ice skaters, gifts and a Yeti all interact through a custom-built, six-projector system. Iris Worldwide developed the dramatic light show, which utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technology to create a vivid 3D projection that maps the holiday story onto the building's exterior. The show will continue every evening throughout the holiday season.

It's the year of the YETI at Saks with interactive the light show, holiday windows, mobile apps and more featuring the story of the legendary Yeti, who is rumored to live on the roof at Saks, making snow during the holiday season.

2.) I CANNOT UNSEE THIS……so I must share it with you… MUST check out the UBER-TACKYand horrible 'Porn-aments' website. It gives another meaning to Ho. Ho. Ho.Here are a few of the g-rated ones….dreadful….but wonderful!

So tacky and horrible - I DARE you to NOT check it out!!!!!!!!!!

3.) I know I have passed this one on before. BUT brings you a new book entitled:

This is amaze-balls!!!
Here are some great examples:

…but go to to waste a day laughing at other people's pain!
(thanks Cindy for passing this on!)

4.) Vintage santas……so well done…..

5.) For those of you who missed the whole 'elf on a shelf' nonsense……I give you this:
Yes. It's Mensch on a Bench. LOVE IT????? OY YESSSSSSSS!

and I leave you with this "Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf"…..