Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I wanted to wish you all the very best today!!!!!!
I hope you got everything you wished for!

1.) As always, I am wowed by the effort that NYC retailers put into Christmas!! For example these Saks Fifth Avenue windows!!! This year the annual holiday light show turned the façade of the iconic luxury retailer into a traffic-stopping festive 3D spectacle!!!!
Snowflakes, ice skaters, gifts and a Yeti all interact through a custom-built, six-projector system. Iris Worldwide developed the dramatic light show, which utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technology to create a vivid 3D projection that maps the holiday story onto the building's exterior. The show will continue every evening throughout the holiday season.

It's the year of the YETI at Saks with interactive the light show, holiday windows, mobile apps and more featuring the story of the legendary Yeti, who is rumored to live on the roof at Saks, making snow during the holiday season.

2.) I CANNOT UNSEE THIS……so I must share it with you… MUST check out the UBER-TACKYand horrible 'Porn-aments' website. It gives another meaning to Ho. Ho. Ho.Here are a few of the g-rated ones….dreadful….but wonderful!

So tacky and horrible - I DARE you to NOT check it out!!!!!!!!!!

3.) I know I have passed this one on before. BUT brings you a new book entitled:

This is amaze-balls!!!
Here are some great examples:

…but go to to waste a day laughing at other people's pain!
(thanks Cindy for passing this on!)

4.) Vintage santas……so well done…..

5.) For those of you who missed the whole 'elf on a shelf' nonsense……I give you this:
Yes. It's Mensch on a Bench. LOVE IT????? OY YESSSSSSSS!

and I leave you with this "Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf"…..

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