Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WW97: THE BEST OF 2012 - PART 1

Each year, I pick the top 5 things from the year that I LOVED the most.....from my Wonderful Wednesday re-share with you! Here are my picks:

1.) CHICAGO What a great trip I had! I talked for several posts all about my highlights from the trip. Here are some examples:

ww90:Little bit of Chicago....
ww88:Chicago hits......

2.) MEAT. Sorry vegetarian and vegan friends, but it was a year of meaty are a few of my favourites from the year!

 - Franks and Dawgs
This hotdog from Chicago...YUMRead about it:
- Hey Meatball
A Toronto MUST:
read about it on ww89

- Giordano's
THIS PIZZA from Chicago
 read about it on ww88
- the food trucks in NYC - read about them in ww60:new-york

3.) In music, I just cannot decide who I love better this year.

FANTASTIC Caro Emerald: read more about her in ww80

OR AMAZING April Smith: from ww72:

4.) Paper art.......I was all about other artists that produce amazing things out of paper. Read these ones:

THIS huge post about paper stuff: ww46: Paper-palooza

- Beltran Herrera in ww71
- this amazing paper video in ww69

- Brittany Lee - GENIUS:ww66

- Thomas Allen in my post ww63:

- Great checks at ww52:

- one more...about money: ww68

5.) Ecce Homo....the funniest mistake of the year!! Here are my highlights:
I talk about it A LOT in this post:

ww81: Solar-roads, ecce-homo......

I especially like the SNL skit about it:

AND IT STILL KEEPS this image from last week: that's it!!!
What was your favourite this year?????
I would love to hear!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Well, last week I had some big news!! I didn't blog about it, as I was waiting to get more photos.
I was published in Spacing Magazine's Winter edition!
I am so THRILLED with the press! Spacing is known for being a politically aware magazine that focuses on Toronto. Here is what they say (that sounds a lot smarter than what I say):

This city is a special place — we’re excited by its people and its neighbourhoods, its sidewalks and its graffiti. Spacing is here to help our readers understand and take ownership of Toronto's urban landscape.

I want you to go out IMMEDIATELY and pick up a copy!
I have been reading it this week and I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE!!!!
It is the best money you could spend this holiday season!!!
Great articles about Toronto things! I really can't say enough about it!
Here is the cover:

I was expecting a small little write up! But instead got a 2 page spread!!

Here are a couple from photos of the Launch party. It was a high profile event, at one time, I was standing beside Adam Vaughan and David Miller (if you're not from Toronto - they are political mavericks). Very cool!!! There was a professional photographer......but I don't have those photos yet...I will share them, when I see them! there ya go!
I know it is not a very Christmas-y post today.....but I just had to share with y'all!

Friday, December 21, 2012

LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS IDEAS! it is a few days until Christmas, and you still haven't gotten everything off your lists!
I have been trying to encourage you to take advantage of this deal:
But, since you havent taken me up on that.....I have some more suggestions for you......
Now.....all these items were for sale at the Value Village in Toronto (Lansdowne location)
But that was earlier this there is no guarantee that they will still be available..... are my finds....
This is what it looks like when you walk in the door.
Now.....what do you see first???
If you were thinking GIGANTIC're right!!
Seriously though, why waste money on Victoria Secrets??
This fancy thing could be a gravy boat, or just an objay-de-art!!

Yes, it is a headless cookie jar - a great idea for the impatient person on your list!
Why wait for cookies??

Love wolves?
Love clocks?

For all the sailors out there.
Put in all your Captain and Tennille CDS
(get it? Captain - like sailing???)
or Phish CDS

Everyone loves the Pope!!!
Please do not use it as a cookie tray..... 

This dresser was only $12.99
The panties sold separately!!! (I think)

Ah yes, the practical shoe phone.

As you can see, it was hard to NOT buy it on the spot!!!!

This creepy sunburned lady is perfect for Christmas.
Please note, the colour has not been modified here!

There are lots of things for little girls on your list. Let's see.....
Barbies, Barbies, Barbies, pretend high heels, REAR VIEW MIRROR, Barbies.

Would you leave your own house like this??
Sadly, I know the answer to this....

Fun for the whole family.
Grandma will LOVE it!!!!!!!

Sorry, this is a

This obese snowman holds cookies.

Finally I leave you with this photo from the parking lot.
I will let you put in the smarty-pants comment!! But let me draw your attention to the pole on the right.

So, there you go!!!!
Great ideas!
You're welcome!
Now get out there and finish your shopping!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey folks...I know I have been not too great with my posting in the last week......Christmas has a way of gumming up the works........ya know???
BUT..........I give you 5 things I love this week:

1.) Wow. I love this one. Yusuke Oono's amazing laser cut book opens out to reveal a beautiful three-dimensional diorama. He is "expressing scenes from a story in a three-dimensional way using the pages of a book". It is amazing - enbiggen the photos below to be impressed!!!

(Thanks to spoon tamago for this one!)

2.) I made these Christmas cookies.....I realized this week that I REALLY am a terrible baker....thankfully these cookies make it idiot proof!!!!! Melted Snowmen...are delightful!!!

              - make any kind of cookies - then let them cool!!
              - melt a marshmallow in the microwave and drop it on the cookie (5 sec will do it)
              - use mini-cocolate chips for eyes, and a orange jimmy for a nose, and a hat!!!
                (do it while the mallow is gooey) I made my hats from a mini Reese peanut butter cup, and a 
                chocolate looney (also available at the Bulk Barn)
              - heat up royal icing (or buy tubes of pre-made from - guess where - the Bulk Barn!) and pour 
                over look like the melting body! 
              - add some buttons (chocolate chips) and two pretzel arms

You can make these super fancy if you are an accomplished baker/decorator - BUT I AM NOT!!
Here are someone else's:

Good for them!
Easy and fun baking for the whole family!!
3.)  Whilst we are in a Christmassy mood....I give you is a commercial......but I enjoyed it!
Did it make me want to get T-moblie??
Mission accomplished!!!!!

4.) is a great gift is a two parter......but totally great.
     Part one.......I make a personalized cover for my phone:
Gelaskins..........great ways to personalize your phone....for me....I got the stickers......of my artwork.....
and then applied them to my phone. You can get a hard case or a soft case OR the stickers.
I like the stickers because they cover the front and back of the phone!!
Now that might seem like enough of a gift......but for me....I am a CLUTZ.
I needed something to protect the sides and such. I went with this:

Look at this iPhone 5 case!!

This little guy was a LIFE SAVER......well....a phone-saver.....
It has great bumpers around the edges, an nice metal looking button covers! 
It doesn't have a plastic back cover, so I am able to see the splendour of my artwork! 
It is simple and effective. It really is a discreet and attractive way to protect my iPhone!
I got mine HERE! And I am thrilled with it!!
Go and check out MOBILE FUN.COM for great deals on iPhone cases of all kinds!
And they have more than just cases....they have lots of great techy stuff for EVERYONE on your Christmas list!!! is my phone with the new case and stickers!!!

again....check out this iPhone 5 case

This iPhone 5 case is beautiful from every angle

Me too!!!!!

5.) Okay, I leave you with this. Beaker ALWAYS makes me laugh.....