Friday, November 30, 2012


Yes, you read it right, after lots of testing and years of thinking about it.....
I have decided to produce a few prints of my work. 
Now, if these prints sell well, I will probably create a few more, but I wanted to start small.

Starting in the near future I will also be listing a few older posters/prints for sale. 
But for now, THE NEW stuff.

There are 5 prints currently for sale....I will show you the images, and then the details about them, and how to order these lovelies!!! they are:
Taken from my original painting "Summer Fun"

16" x 20". Variable Edition Print.
Retail priced at $65.00ONLY  $50.00 (if ordered BEFORE Christmas)!

"Simply Beautiful",
Taken from my original painting "Simply Beautiful"

16" x 20". Variable Edition Print.
Retail priced at $65.00ONLY  $50.00 (if ordered BEFORE Christmas)!
"City Hall",
Taken from my original painting "Laws"

16" x 20". Variable Edition Print.
Retail priced at $65.00ONLY  $50.00 (if ordered BEFORE Christmas)!

Taken from my original painting "Enjoy"

16" x 20". Variable Edition Print.
Retail priced at $65.00ONLY  $50.00 (if ordered BEFORE Christmas)!
Taken from my original painting "Strangers (on a Train)"

16" x 20". Variable Edition Print.
Retail priced at $65.00ONLY  $50.00 (if ordered BEFORE Christmas)!

Each print is cut to 16" x 20", (so that it can be framed/matted in large format frames). 
The actual 'live area' is about 8" x 10", so it looks swell in a smaller frame too! 
See what I mean about the scale: 

Frame them yourself and watch them bring your living room TO LIFE! 
Great in modern, country, or eclectic homes!

SO.........what else do you need to know?

-These LIMITED EDITION beauties are Variable Edition Prints (which means there may be slight differences from print to print.) 

-Each print is heat transfered onto paper by hand and hand embelished with ink.

-The paper is high qualtity, acid and chlorine free 100% cotton rag paper.


YES! If you order from me, and pick up in person, I can frame your print in a 17" x 21" black frame. 
There is an extra charge of $50.00 for this!
Please note that framed prints are NOT available through Etsy (due to the high costs of shipping) speaking of ordering.......You have a few ORDERING OPTIONS:

1.) Order through me. SEND me an email with your order and your print (framed or not) will be made available for pick-up at the studio at 756 Queen St E. (unless special arrangements are made).
This process saves you the waiting and the pesky S&H. Payment is due upon pick up. Rob takes Cash, Cheque, Mastercard, VISA and American Express!
2.) Order through ETSY - and your unframed work will be mailed to you. S&H charges apply, and there is a wait time for this processing/mailing time. Remember to use COUPON CODE 'Xmas2' to get your discount!

................BONUS WAY TO BUY THREE OF THESE NEW PRINTS.......................
If you want to see a FEW of these great prints in person before committing to buying them, go and see/BUY them at: 

Located at 38 Abell Street (Queen WEST - just west of Dufferin St.)
This is a great little craft and art sale! Lots of great stuff here!

The show runs from Saturday December 7th to Tuesday December 18th.
Daily from 11am-6pm

**At this show I will have some pieces from my Mixed Message Series AND the

following 3 prints: "Fun" (ontario place), "City Hall" and "Simply Beautiful"(the Flatiron Building)

(And yes, I get 100% of the sales from this event!)

So there you go!
A perfect Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love!!!!
At $50.00 I DARE you to resist them!!

If you have any other suggestions about potential future prints, I would also LOVE to hear from you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Happy hump day!
It is always great when Wonderful Wednesday comes around. This week I have compiled a list of 5 more things that I love, that I want you to love too!!!
Please enjoy!
And remember, if you have something that you LOVE and you think deserves recognition.....send it to me and I might just feature it in a WW post!!!!

1.) These photos of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade are AH - MAH - ZING!!! Creepy and fantastic!!!!  I picked some that I like the best:

Check out the rest of the 50ish photos on Facebook HERE!!!!
(thanks to Cindy for bringing this to my attention)

2.) As you may know, I am getting ready to re-launch my Etsy store....well check out this AWESOME Etsy pick.......FACARO....amazing recycled chandeliers made of bike parts!!! WOW!!!


Caro (Carolina Fontoura Alzaga) is a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for repurposing castoff materials and exploring socio - political themes. To view more models in the series please visit:   

3.) Yes...I am slowly but surely making my way down the list of Chicago MUSTS. Each week there is something......usually food related.......but also usually a bit 'bad' for you.....this week I want to feature some thing healthy!!!! CRAZY, I know! The Protein Bar was just up the street from us at The corner of State and Lake in the Loop.

The inside was nicely decorated:

Even the 'Bobsy Twins' liked it:

I had this:
(of course) And it was DEELISH!!!!

Next time you are in Chicago try THE PROTEIN BAR!

4.) I love this one!!!! "Erratum", by London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison's project 'erratum', where he invited workers from factories across china, india, turkey and pakistan to insert an error in the items they mass-produce every day. It is really super funny work!!!! Check out some of my faves:

Jeremy Hutchison: erratum
Paradise Row, London
on from december 5th through to december 21st, 2012
(thanks to Design Boom for this one!)
5.) Today.....I appeal to the lowest depths of your humanity with the cruelly funny video. So in the spirit of A.F.V. enjoy:

Think you have something FUNNIER than that??? PLEASE submit it to me!!
HAve a great week, y'all!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Well, it's a new week, and it is getting closer and closer to Christmas!!
Other than the gift of ROB CROXFORD ARTWORK, is it impossible to find a suitable gift for your treasured loved ones??
Ya...I thought so!
So, after brunch yesterday, I went to the Value Village and scouted out great gifts for you!!!
See how much I do for you loyal readers????
Please enjoy:
The gift of everlasting mean......the gift of timeless fashion...... mean......

For the sports nut in your life.
It's a golf's a wait there's more....
it's also an effective outdoor rain preventer.....

Okay, no, the previous owner of the plate didn't feel too special......
but should that mean that your loved one won't feel special??

I cannot imagine who would give away this lovely item.
Decorative, offensive......what else could you ask for?
PERFECT for the little lady in your life!

Fun for the whole family!!!

This is a great gift for children!
Teach your child the true meaning of hard work!

Don't worry. There are a number of unopened games!!!
They also make great gifts for those in your life that are tanned

A BABY baby grand.
You're welcome!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a home depot smock.
You can gift it. We can help!

Surely there is SOMEONE in your life that could use this
helpful and thoughtful gift?
Maybe someone who is just thinking about Prozac?

Mallard art.
It's quilted, it has dried flowers......PERFECT for the fancy boy in your life?

No time to personalize pillow cases for your partner?
These silk cases with hand CROCHET are perfect!
They are perfect for the boudoir...but they are just for show!

Many great Christmas ideas!
Christmas hat? CHECK.
Christmas stocking? CHECK.
Christmas mittens? CHECK!
Christmas OVEN mittens? Check!
Fake Christmas beard? Check!
Christmas Canada Day hat. Check....
HUH? Okay, the last one...maybe not so much?????

So there you go. A number of VALUABLE suggestions to kickstart your shopping.
You're welcome!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


ON TIME!!! You're welcome! Here are the 5 things that LOVE this week.
Here we go:

1. The "Designing 007 Exhibition" at TIFF is open 'till January:

If you are a fan of the James Bond franchise, you will like this exhibition at the Toronto International Film Festival Lightbox. I took it in on Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Yes, it is a bit 'packed in' the small space...and I may have done a little 'plussing' on the exhibit (but I am seriously a control freak). Here is a little video preview....

Here are some stills from the exhibition....

The iconic entryway!

These FANTASTIC felt marker set design illustrations - I LOVED!!!

Ken Adam was impossibly talented as a production designer

Cool toys!

More awesome props

Get into Bonds swim trucks....(or just get the reflection of you in the glass)


More cool props!!

Killer hat!!!

The $15.00 is especially worth it when you ALSO include this free exhibition:

X-MEN MASTER: GORDON SMITH: A new exhibition at the CIBC Canadian Film Gallery
till March 31, 2013

This new exhibition devoted to the work of makeup artist and special effects designer Gordon Smith. An Ontario native and a graduate of the University of Windsor's theatre programme, Smith is a thirty-year veteran of the film industry. This show explores the process by which Smith developed and applied his silicone prosthetic technology with artifacts that Smith preserved after their use in the films. Spotlighting seven characters — Wolverine, Mystique, Senator Kelly, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, Toad, and Nightcrawler — the exhibition allows visitors to get a close-up look at the extraordinary effort and detail used to make these comic-book creations come alive on the screen. This is an invaluable opportunity to study and salute the work of a true film artist, whose work has had an enormous impact on the film industry both in Canada and worldwide.

IT WAS COOL!!! Go and check out both shows!!!

2.) I HAVE to mention this fantastic hotdog place I went to in Chicago! Franks and Dawgs.
YOU MUST GO THERE. I am not a hotdog fan...but it was remarkably fresh and delicious!

I had the mac and cheese dog!! MMMMMM!

Whats great is that it is local and organic!

COME ON!!!! This is what makes it taste better than other 'hotdog' places!!

When in gotta try it! You won't regret it!!!

3.) Forgotten Disney Princesses.  Artist Sam Nielson has come up with some excellent alternative "Disney Princesses" -- specifically, Hester Prynne (The Scarlet Letter), Ophelia (Hamlet), and Jocasta (Oedipus Rex). SICK....and FANTASTIC!!!!! Super clever!

4.) These photos (thanks to Cindy and Dale) are of the Atlantic City Boardwalk from 1870 - current. It was the first boardwalk in the United States.  No commerce of any kind was allowed within thirty feet of the boardwalk and for the first several years, the boardwalk was taken apart and stored during the off-season. The boardwalk experienced several overhauls, each larger and longer, until an 1889 hurricane brought about the 24-foot wide, 10-foot high, and nearly 4 miles long boardwalk with railings on both sides. It was improved and expanded in 1896 and is (was?) currently the longest boardwalk in the world. LOVE THESE PHOTOS:

(photos via BuzzFeed!)

5.) I saw this a few weeks ago........but I love it so much! I KNOW it is really not timely now.....but I really need to share!! Enjoy: