Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WW:90: A LITTLE BIT OF CHICAGO, ADELLE, and lost in translation

I was so impressed by Chicago. I can hardly wait to go back again!! So over the next few weeks I am gonna share some of the things I loved! Don't worry though, I am also gonna put in a couple NON vacation related things!

1.) "They" say that in Chicago, you MUST do the Chicago River Boat cruise. "They" are right. You simply must! The architecture was really impressive! We took the architecture cruise, from the Chicago Architecture Foundation. It was 90 minutes that FLEW by. I loved it!!!! I do NOT want to give away all the interesting stories I I won't. But here are some photos I took. REMEMBER TO MAKE THEM BIGGER!!!

2.) Adele. Skyfall. Yes, I know I am weeks behind on this one.....but I just had to put this one...just in case you have been living under a is the song:
and....if you are looking for something more upbeat for the treadmill.......I STRONGLY SUGGEST this one. I know, I know.....not for everyone.....but it gets pretty good around the 2 minute time mark:

3.) Joseph Cornell.  Ok...I hadnt hear of him, but he had a huge presence at The Chicago Art Institute. (he died in 1972) By collecting and carefully juxtaposing found objects in small, glass-front boxes, Cornell created visual poems in which surface, form, texture, and light play together. Using things we can see, Cornell made boxes about things we cannot see: ideas, memories, fantasies, and dreams. What makes these so great is that they are from the 50's.....and yet seem so current. Take a look:

4.) (ok this is 3 part-er) The Wit Hotel. Located at State and Lake in Chicago, right in the Loop, this was a very enjoyable hotel experience. WHY? The lobby was nice, the rooms were lovely....and I got a fresh warm cookie upon checking in!!!!! Here are some photos:
The outside of The Wit

The lobby is very nice too!!
(pay no attention to the ne'er-do-wells hanging out in the lobby) 

LOVE these lights.....
and right outside the windows, the cool train!!!!

Lobby Mural

The carpet was rolled out on a rainy day.
Very clever!!

The room was lovely.

The sink was stupidly big!!!!

I approve of this bathroom art!!!
Another great thing about the hotel was the adjoining restaurant State and Lake.
I really like the logo here!
Nice atmosphere! 
Especially love the subway tunnel light box at the end of the restaurant!
Nice brunch menu......
Red Velvet Pancakes.
...and for lunch.....a turkey and swiss burger on a pretzel bun with blue cheese fries!!!
Lastly, I was impressed by the rooftop patio!!!

Open in winter too (yes it is all glass!!!)
Like the logo again!!!
The views were fantabulous!!!!
Here is a video of the patio -- it was not full of people (or d-bags as the video suggests) when I was there! ;-)

Thanks to Lastenia and Joe for making the arrangements for us at The Wit!
I really enjoyed it!

5.) Ok...this also has NOTHING to do with Chicago....but it made me laugh....(thanks Cindy/Dale)

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