Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here 'ya go.......5 things I LOVE this week! If you have a place/person/thing that you think I NEED to experience to be a contender for this weekly post - I encourage you to email me....and let me know!!
Your favourite thing - might be mine - and my regular readers favourite too!!!
Ok.....on with the post....

1.) Do you like your cupcakes? ME TOO! Try D'lish!!!! Very fresh.....a little pricey - but SO YUMMY!!!!!!

The only part that is a little the daily menu. They only bake certain cupcakes on certain days. NO EXCEPTIONS. See the menu HERE!

I went to the Yonge Street was cute!!

If you are looking for a treat......this may be it for you!!!! 

2.) Last night I saw 'Oz Great and Powerful'. Now I know haters gonna hate....but I liked it. I didn't have an overblown idea of what I thought the movie should I was not disappointed! I enjoyed the costuming, the scenery, and the technical FX that went into it. It is what you would call a good old fashioned SPECTACLE. If you haven't at least seen some of the scenery are MISSING OUT! Check them out HERE! The acting was pretty good - although a winged monkey and a china doll steal the show! They seemed to keep a lot of the mythology of Oz.....but then again, I didn't read the books! Yes, the 3D was TOTALLY necessary - and at a couple points was REALLY magical!!! All and all I liked it!
Was it as good as "The Wizard of OZ"?
NO.  But how could it be???
COME ON PEOPLE - shake your heads!!!!!!!!
But what it IS - is an entertaining spectacle......and that is good enough for me!
But the blog worthy-est part? For was the opening credits.......they are AH-MAH-ZING (I DARE you not to love those!!) :
Now go out and see the movie - so that they make MORE of them!!! ;-)

2.) The Wychwood Barns. I was out on the weekend for the first time to this area. It was just GREAT!

Artscape has transformed the historic Wychwood TTC streetcar repair barns located in Toronto’s St. Clair and Christie neighbourhood into the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

The 60,000 sq. ft. multifaceted community centre brings together arts and culture, environmental leadership, heritage preservation, urban agriculture and affordable housing to foster a strong sense of community.

 They have tonnes of programming here.....go to the site to check it all out!!!

4.) I love these!!! Emily Roose designed and stitched breaking news stories into cross stitch samplers.

 Emily says, "I juxtaposed content that is extremely fast and ephemeral (breaking news stories) with a very slow and archival medium (cross stitch). I wanted to see how this transference of medium affects the message of these stories and highlights the absurdity of the way stories are reported in the media and the way we consume them."

Go to her site!!
(thanks Junk Culture for this one)

5.) I like this amused me!! BUT IT IS NOT FOR YOUNG/DELICATE EARS!!
or....if you cannot understand his crazy foreigner accent......or you are missing some of the words.....

Monday, March 25, 2013


So, I know this particular post is very popular with y'all......and it has been a long time since I have done here we go....
I had a wonderful Sunday! Brunch and Sunday shopping! Enjoy the photos:

First stop: PANCAKES!!!!

Every Brunchday starts with 'cakes!!
Second stop: Value Village (at Lansdowne!!) I understand the need to mock the poor and unfortunate Walmart shoppers.......

.....but the calendar was packaged with these kids pocket flash cards.
Ok....first lesson......these are pants. Second lesson......these are the wrong pants for this woman.
YIKES! Teach 'em to criticize and mock YOUNG!

Can't we just be kinder.....and learn to give thanks?

...and LOVE one another?

...and can't we learn to love this statue of Dennis Franz?

...and for a few extra can buy this lovely Richard Harris (Dumbledore) companion piece.

I certainly do NOT need this game to play "Snap Judgement" at home.
No. Seriously - what ARE we teaching our children?
(and by our - I mean YOUR)

Oh my. Either Daddy is easily startled, or Daddy is a meth-head.
It's the crazy eyes!!!

No. I am not gonna mention that these two girls were taking up the whole aisle.
I took the photo, because they were playing with this toy crapper....
and the poop jokes were abundant!

...but make sure to see "Cruising Bars 1" first!!
I am a little concerned about the crazy eyes on these guys too!!!

"I just can't wait to finish this game, slip into my high waisted pants,
put my hair into a bun, and spy on the neighbours."

"I can't wait to finish this lame game, put on my beige pant suit, get my binoculars,
and spy on the neighbours son...." (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more)
For the person who has everything for Easter....I give you this themed drapery valance.
Sadly, I am NOT kidding.
Not my size.

Sometimes you need a friend (or husband) to tell you the truth.
Insert (likely mean) truth here.
THIRD STOP: A book Launch for 'The Stop' at The Wychwood Barns
It was a packed courtyard!

I will talk more about the Artscape Wychwood Barns on WEDNESDAY!!!
FOUTH STOP: Double Take (on Gerrard at Parliament)
I love these posters although I have NO IDEA what they are promoting!

Again.........see "Don't' wake Daddy" comments.
I worry for her as well.

A discount bin of Hockey books.
Who knew there were SO MANY books about it?!
More importantly, who knew Hockey fans could read?!
(Just kidding - THAT was a snap judgement)

This 'Jenny Needs a Makeover' doll.....was not super popular with girls....
I felt the need to start redressing her - but was swiftly escorted out of the store.
Evidently it is weird for a 40 year old man to be undressing a doll.

FIFTH STOP: Dollar stores.
Boys....some free advice from Rob.....
(You're welcome!)
HEY LADIES.......Spring is is time to STOCK UP on Dollarstore  tube tops!
(You're welcome!)
Ladies....some free advice from Rob.....
(You're welcome!)
Picasso Bunny....check.
Cap gun...check.

So......when you buy Dollarama Condoms, expect to also be buying THESE!
(Just as reliable, I am sure!)

How's that for a Sunday???
Hope yours was just great as mine!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


1.) Ok...all you locals.....this one is for my Hamilton readers!! Once every few months we visit Hamilton and when we do, we LOVE to eat dinner at Incognito Restaurant & Wine Bar. The food is good enough to keep us coming back again and again!!!! It is also very close to the Go Station for all you commuters!!!

Deelish!! You gotta try it out!

2.) This is one for the artists. Sorry all you art haters! ;-) This website "That is Priceless" takes your master paintings and re-names them with modern titles! I like it! Here are a few...but there are HUNDREDS on the blog!

3.) "It Happens all the Time" is a new album from Megan Hilty. You know Megan from TV's "Smash". I LOVE her. I think she has a great voice!

She is a broadway belter, no doubt...although this album (her first solo) is not about that! It has kind of a 'soft jazz' kind of feel to it. Yes, she still sings well......but it is not showstopper after showstopper....nor is it a 'pop' album. It is just some slow songs, sung really really well....and with heart! And isn't that worth a listen??

If you like this song...go get the album!

4.) Recycled animals...these sculptures are amazing! Marc Sparfel takes abandoned furniture and transforms them into spectacular animals. Really top notch stuff!!! Check these out:

(Via Design Boom )

5.) This is funny. I would like to thank Fil for this one!!