Wednesday, March 20, 2013


1.) Ok...all you locals.....this one is for my Hamilton readers!! Once every few months we visit Hamilton and when we do, we LOVE to eat dinner at Incognito Restaurant & Wine Bar. The food is good enough to keep us coming back again and again!!!! It is also very close to the Go Station for all you commuters!!!

Deelish!! You gotta try it out!

2.) This is one for the artists. Sorry all you art haters! ;-) This website "That is Priceless" takes your master paintings and re-names them with modern titles! I like it! Here are a few...but there are HUNDREDS on the blog!

3.) "It Happens all the Time" is a new album from Megan Hilty. You know Megan from TV's "Smash". I LOVE her. I think she has a great voice!

She is a broadway belter, no doubt...although this album (her first solo) is not about that! It has kind of a 'soft jazz' kind of feel to it. Yes, she still sings well......but it is not showstopper after showstopper....nor is it a 'pop' album. It is just some slow songs, sung really really well....and with heart! And isn't that worth a listen??

If you like this song...go get the album!

4.) Recycled animals...these sculptures are amazing! Marc Sparfel takes abandoned furniture and transforms them into spectacular animals. Really top notch stuff!!! Check these out:

(Via Design Boom )

5.) This is funny. I would like to thank Fil for this one!!

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