Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week I have some great stuff to share.
So great, I can hardly wait.
Here you go:

1.) Artist and metalsmith Cathy McLure strips away the plush furry coats from motorized stuffed animals and then casts the disassembled plastic limbs in bronze, while living most of the mechanisms exposed. Cathy says, "The underlying plastic object embodies more potential for my imagination than the stuffed object layered with intricate marketing identities. It is these unstuffed plastic oddities that I reinvent in precious metals. This contrast between the discarded forgotten object and the cherished one underscores societal contradictions and reintroduces us to the magical quality of flipping frogs, drumming monkeys, and slowly turning carousels." Find out more about Cathy's work 
Very Tim Burton-y 
Creepy....and super cool!!
I love it!!
(Thanks to eloisemoorehead and JunkCulture for this one!!!)

2.) You know how I love urban ruins....right?? Well check this out. I give you the S.S. United States. Here is the background: in 1952 the 
SS UNITED STATES was the fastest ocean liner ever built, and the largest passenger liner to be built in the USA. Today, she sits at the Delaware River pier in Philadelphia.  Currently the ship is owned by the nonprofit SS United States Conservancy.  It is estimated it will cost over $200 million to renovate the ship. Redeveloping her as a stationary entertainment complex with a hotel, restaurants, retail, with educational and museum components. In it's hay day she carried heads of state, royalty and celebrities in its 400 round trips. Passengers included Presidents John F. Kennedy, actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, and England's King Edward VIII! Right now she looks bad....but soon.....well...let's hope she gets fixed up!!
THANKS TO Modern-ruins for the before and afters!)

The lounge now...

The lounge then

The dining hall NOW

dining room THEN

The bridge now....
...and then.

The ballroom now....

...and then...

the telephone technology then!!

Crew quarters now...

The promanade

she is in bad shape

so grotty - I love it!



3.) My movie pick of the week: X-men: First Class. I know what you are thinking!!! "Rob are you geeking out??" No. It was a really good story. SERIOUSLY. And it was set in the 60's the look is LOVELY!! you should see it!! If even just fro january jones and Michael Fassbender (depending on your sexual preference)!!! 

Here are some still shots:

4.) Tokyo Disneyland. I love good design....but this place.....WOW!!!!!!! Check out these stills from Tokyo Disney Sea theme park (click on them to see larger images):

5. many of you who read my newsletter know....
    I acquired a gallery in London, ON.  (my home town) 
    Rivertown Gallery is fab. And located at 431 Boler Rd, call to verify their hours (P: 519-641-1273)
    So, as a tribute to London, I am gonna paint a few London inspired images.  
    Here are some photos I took recently:

HEY......YOU......Are you from The Forest City?
I need your ideas of where I can photograph that would be distinctly London, but not too touristy.
What would you like to see captures in a painting?
I would love the help on this!! that is it for another Wednesday!
Hope you enjoyed my top 5!
Remember, I am always open to your ideas on future #WW picks!!!!!!!


  1. Grrrr.....sazle, frazle, stupid again...'cept you don't know it's again because you don't know that this ggggrrrr thing won't take my google id. Forever A.I.N.B I suppose!! Great post! Great pics. (Inspired comments were in my last attempt, sorry!!)

    I feel your pain....
    Thanks for taking the time to comment 2ce though!!!