Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey all! 
Welcome to a new week!!!
So, I worked this weekend on some new little pieces for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
You can read about the TOAE here.
I am excited to do some new and affordable little assemblages!
This is a new one, and is part of my "Mixed Message" Series.
As a reminder for you, my little shadow boxes take imagery from my catalogue of completed
paintings of which there are over 500!!!!!!!!! I then print them on heat transfers, and reassemble the pieces to create  9" x 6" shadow boxes! I then add ink and paint to punch up the colours, and add some found objextd to fill out the box!
They are a big hit, and why shouldn't they be at $100. 
They are super fun and a great value!!!
This piece was built using imagery from my paintings; "Balance" and "Lollypop".
And hey, even though "Balance" sold many years ago, but "Lollypop" is STILL AVAILABLE!!
On this piece I added that adorable cow!
I also painted a tongue for this piece too!!
I think it is super cute!
What say you??

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