Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello folks.
It's Wednesday, and I hope you know what that means by now.
For those of you who are not loyal readers #WW is Wonderful Wednesday.
On this, the hump day, I introduce3 you to 5 glorious things that have inspired me this week.
It is the one post in the week, that I don't talk about my damn self.
(and it is my fave! - propbably for that same reason)
So in the words of Peaches and Herb....let's "do it to it y'all":

1.) You know I love creepy things. Creepy places.....and ruins especially. I am not sure why. But this
     week......I found a few SUPER-CREEPY-FANTASTICO (no, that is not my stage name) places!    
     (thanks to Deb)
     Enjoy these 3 AMERICAN places!! See another 6 places at the GADLING.COM BLOG

Centralia, Pennsylvania was condemned by the state of Pennsylvania and its zip code was revoked. It has been on fire for almost fifty years. YES, YOU HEARD ME! In 1962, a fire broke out in a landfill and the fire quickly spread through a hole to the coal mine beneath the city, and the fires have been burning ever since. SINCE 1962!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS that scary or what!! Smoke billows out from cracks in the ground and large pits in the ground randomly open up releasing thousand degree heat and dangerous vapors into the air. Sounds like paradise, huh?

This town is smokin' hot!

Hmm.....whole town on fire...this doesn't raise ANY 'end of days' concerns??

Cough Cough!

This looks a bit like "War of the Worlds".

Bodie, California a ghost town right out of Scooby Doo!! The boom-town over in the Sierra Nevadas was a gold rush outpost in the 1880's. It sounds like my kind of place with 65 saloons lining the main street! It was quite a bug city for the time with churches, hospitals, four fire departments, and even a Chinatown district. Today, you can walk the deserted streets of this town built on gold and hope and hooch. LOVE IT!



"There's only enough room for one of us in this town" (insert gunslinging music here)

The Leaning Outhouse of Bodie.

Detroit, Michigan. It is shocking to see the state of some of these buildings! SHOCKING!  You MUST see the rest of the pictures on the COOL CRACK BLOG - you will not regret it! Just look at these:
Urban Decay Chic. LOVE IT!

Insert searing commentary about our educational system here. 
A fixer upper.


Funny.....this is how my dentists office looks. (Or maybe just how I see it)

Lovely. What a waste!

2.) On the subject of creepy places. This is also on the list! (thanks Cindy) The Salton Sea, California.
Created in 1905 when heavy rains and snow melt flooded the Colorado river. Over two years water flowed through two newly created rivers and emptied into Salton Sink, creating a 15x30 mile sea resting at 226 feet below sea level. BAM! Instant lake! Fish were introduced to the lake, birds used the sea as a major nesting site. Motels and small resorts popped up to cater to the growing tourist population. It was the new Palm Springs! BUT THEN.........and you knew this was gonna happen......TRAGEDY.....they realized that because the sea had no outlet the salinity (aka salt-i-ness) would continue to increase. The large scale farming being done around the sea caused large amounts of nitrates and other pollutants to flow into the sea. Eventually, toxicity of the lake increased, the fish began to die out, the bird populations declined and  large algae blooms began to appear making the lake to reek of sulfur! DEEE-LICIOUS! By the late 1970's most of the towns dotting the shore were abandoned. BARF-O-RAMA. Look at these photos:
Although this could be any small town these days.

Former resorts. :-(

AMAZING! and sad...


STUNNING PHOTO! And what a comfy chair. I saw one like this on Craigs List!

and check out this clip of a documentary about the Salton Sea:

2.) The TONY AWARDS are this Sunday June 12th on CBS at 8pm! 
     You must watch it! It is always entertaining!!
     Especially with NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) hosting! And you KNOW how I love me some musical  
     theatre. Here is a clip that you must watch. Fabuloussssss! (Thanks Dale)

3.) Photographer Gregg Segal followed the men and women who dress up as characters  outside of 
     Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood to find out what their life is like in the privacy of their 
     homes. Though in costume, the super heroes are unmasked by the ordinariness of their apartments 
    and their routine chores. YOU MUST check out his website!!
    (Thanks to JUNK CULTURE - one of my favourite Blogs for this!!)

4.) Shawn Huckins "The Paint Chip Series" it's awesome. You should check it out. Find out more about 
     Shawn's work!!

5.) Speaking of fun Tony nominated songs. I know that is a terrible segue....but....I leave you with these enjoy these clips from "The Book of Mormon"


  1. All those abandoned places - hard to even imagine...and the town still on fire? We can (alledgedly) put a man on the moon but we can't put out an underground fire? Really? Anthony Bourdain did a show and featured Salton Sea - some people actually kind of sort of still live there. Weird!


  2. I KNOW, RIGHT?????
    Ya....but have you seen the folks that still live there.
    I mean, bless their little hearts, they still eat the rotting fish in the sea!!!!
    (thanks for the comments - always appreciated!!!!)