Saturday, June 25, 2011


The dog ate my homework.
Ok, that is not really my excuse for missing my regular Friday post........
I am working 4 days on a mural project.
As many of you know, I still do a bit of mural work from time to time.....
although less now than ever before.
I enjoy the murals, but I try to keep focussed on my art career so that I keep moving forward.
This mural gig is through Paint a Lifestyle and it's a Hockey Mural, for a boys room.
I know, I know, you are thinking:
"Oh Rob, you know SOOOOOO MUCH about Hockey, what a perfect fit!!"
Well, so far so are 2 pictures of the mural after the end of day 1:

The ice still looks like water.....but it will freeze over on Monday!!!

The crowd is kinda scary looking right now....but this is just the underpainting, and they will be behind glass!! 
So that is why I couldn't get it together for Friday's post!!
Taa Daa.
I will post the final pictures of this hockey mural on Friday next week!!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!


  1. You did an amazing job - as usual! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Barb!
    Much appreciated!
    I liked seeing the final product on your blog: