Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WW27: FAB, CRAZY, GAGA, PIZZA!! Confused yet?

No intro......just 5 things I love this week:

1.) Fabian Ciraolo. I think his work is super fun!!! (as always you can click on the image to enlarge it)

    Check out Fab's work HERE.

2.) These NEW retro styled screens from CRESTVIEW DOORS are super fantabulous...sadly my little home is WAAAAAAAAAAY to small for screens. sigh.

This was the inspiration...LOVE IT!

Here is the interpretation. Pretty darn good!!!

3.) I LOVE THIS PICTURE (that I stole from Emily Forgot) I think if I had my way, I would probably be the type to makeover the streetlight! OH WHO AM I KIDDING....I am out right now scaling the lamppost in front of my house!!

4.) I know what you are gonna say....but I cannot help this one......Heck, if I had a nickel for every time I   
     listed something Lady Gaga on #WW...I would be able to retire early! But this song amused me this  

5.) You know how I love creepy places. Here is another GREAT one! The Cane Hill Asylum in London, England is one of the most famous abandoned hospitals, and has been a magnet for vandals, urban explorers, photographers and filmmakers ever since it closed 18 years ago. Check out some more info about it and lots of creepy photos HERE. IT IS SUUUPER worth checking out!!

Check out these (and more) more 'artsy' photos from Hidden Forest on RedBubble:
(click on them to make the bigger!!)

 I hate leaving you on such a creepy here is a BONUS #6

6.) Lil' Baci. I was there this weekend and forgot how much I enjoy the food there!! I had a delicious pizza....and I think all the menu items are super. It is very fresh and the pizza...YUM!!!!! Or check it out for Sunday Brunching. (Also yummers!!) located right in Leslieville (892 Queen Street East, Toronto)

There you go folks!!!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

....OFF TO WORK WE GO.....

Well, it's a new week, and God willing this is the week I put paint to canvas.
BUT until I have something new to show you, I need to share something else!
Like this GREAT story and cool retro artwork.
Ty Mattson created some posters inspired by "Dexter" (the bloody good t.v. show).
He designed them as 'fan art'....
The next day Showtime called....yes.....SHOWTIME......and then he wound up releasing limited editions of the prints through Showtime.
Then he got to meet all the cast/creative from the show.
Target featured his work in every copy of the season 5 DVD!!
Think that is enough??
Then they filmed an interview with him for the DVD bonus footage.
By this time, his posters were recognized in several design annuals and magazines
Finally he got to do a walk on ON THE SHOW!!!!!!
Crazy huh??
Here are the posters that started it all:


So what is the moral of this story?
1. Do what you love. 
2. You never know what is around the corner
3. Make your own opportunities
4. all of the above

It was super inspiring for me!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry I am late y'all!
Better late than never though, don't 'cha think??
I have been soooooo busy with the BIG STUDIO sale.....
So sorry.
To make it up to you, here are my favourite 5 things this week:

1. THE MUPPETS! I know, I know I am getting to be a freak about this whole muppet domination thing. BUT C'MON!!! They released another parody trailer for the movie. It is amusing! Now, I was not a huge fan of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - (ya, I am the one person!) I found it too violent. But check out the new trailer for the movie.......and then the Muppet version. I like it!

2.) You know how most men (myself included) hate to stop and ask for directions? This artist - probably does not have that problem.  Matthew Cusick creates his ultra detailed imagery using the medium of maps. "Cusick slices and dices maps of all sizes, colors, and regions to create fantastical images that take you down undiscovered routes and send you on an epic visual voyage." It is super cool - check it out!

3.) Here's a Blog I have been enjoying. She makes great stuff for Etsy, and I love her style it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Go look at is a snapshot form her site:

4.) The swinging 60's are SOOOOO back. I love it. I haven't seen these shows yet.....but I think so far the ads look luscious. Thanks to Mad Men, retro is back in! In a big way...look at these ads:

The jury is still out on how 'good' they are. But the art direction looks GREAT!!! Let's keep our fingers and bunny tails crossed!!!

5.) The Drake Hotel. Ok...I know, I am NOT a hipster. I do not have big glasses or an all year toque or a blase attitude about mainstream culture. But I do enjoy the Drake. They are great supporters of the arts as well:
Go and see this exhibition!
I also like their dining room - which is super cool right now:
"Our Dining Room is home to roving themes, décor and menus too, hosting a series of pop-up restaurants inspired by our favourite movies, countries and, of course, food! Our latest and greatest pop-up is Chinatown circa 1940s L.A., with favourite Chinese dishes re-imagined by Chef Anthony Rose, including Smiling Buddha Lobster, Short Rib and Pumpkin Potstickers + so much more. Come for the experience, the food or the photo opp, but don’t wait too long - this stop lasts only until November 19! "
I like the website. I even like the bathrooms. All very nice!!! 
But more than anything, I like their warm scone platter. YUUUUUM!!!
I cannot say enough about my delicious brunches at the Drake. 
You should check it out. 
(Just turn a blind eye to the yuppies and hipsters.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#WW 25: OCD, COCKROACHES AND MADONNA (together again for the first time)

Lots to share with you this week!
Let's get right to it:

1.) Ok...maybe it my the inner OCD talking here....but this really appealed to me!! Swiss artist and author Ursus Wehrli has a new book coming out soon, The Art of Clean Up, where he organizes everyday scenarios neatly that he perceives to be chaotic and unorganized. And heck, who doesn't want to organize your bowl of chicken alphabet soup?? Check this out:

Thanks to Juxtapoz for this one!!

2.) Y'all know how I love decaying buildings. Well, this next artist takes it one step futher. I really like his work. I was checking out "This is" and  came across these photographs by Jiang Pengyi. Amongst the ruins in the photographs, entire miniature cities emerge from the shadow and ruin. It's as though tiny cockroaches had been busy constructing bug-sized skyscrapers and transit systems. These photos are meant to be commentary on the "excessive urbanization, redevelopment and demolition in the city of Beijing." Check out more here.

3. Cafeteria. I forgot to tell you all about this restaurant!! It is in NYC. We went because it was a recommendation - and it was the place the "Sex and the City" Girls always did brunch. before I tell you what I loved, let me warn you, our waiter was really terrible, and he made the place a little less desirable......Which is a shame, because the food was YUMMY! Here are some photos (aka food porn):

Nice outside patio.....
Nice indoor design too!
A white grape Martini helped me find my inner Samantha!
Blue cheese and almond stuffed dates, wrapped in 
bacon on mixed greens with balsamic reduction.
Turkey burger with avocado, cranberry Aioli and goat cheese!
YUUUUUUM!! (oh, it also come with salad and sweet potato fries)

For desert, dark chocolate covered peanut butter
cheesecake pops with carmel corn!!!
 As I said, it would have been 'rave-worthy' if it weren't for the fact that the wait staff spent more time looking at themselves in the mirror, than serving customers. I get it. They are attractive....BUT THEY ARE WAITERS.....WAIT ON ME!!!!!! Am I wrong?? 

4.) I hate to bring controversy to my #WW blog, but I MUST! My #4 is Madonna. I (in my younger years) was a super Madonna fan. I know, I know, insert gay stereotype slur here. I was front row for her "Girlie Show" Tour, and was...let's face it.....a uber-fan. AS I grew up, and she grew British, I liked her less. But I, even in our later years, despite her being a super ***tch, but I cannot help but like her. I AM SORRY! That is why I post this:

5.) OK...There are 3 movie related things that are tied for this, the prestigious 5th spot.
     - Adele....singing James Bond theme.....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!
     - The trailer for "The Last Circus"...weird and wonderful??

       - I really like this poster for Batman. Very clever design: that is it! 
Hope you liked my Wonderful Wednesday this week....
Later 'gaters!!