Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WW27: FAB, CRAZY, GAGA, PIZZA!! Confused yet?

No intro......just 5 things I love this week:

1.) Fabian Ciraolo. I think his work is super fun!!! (as always you can click on the image to enlarge it)

    Check out Fab's work HERE.

2.) These NEW retro styled screens from CRESTVIEW DOORS are super fantabulous...sadly my little home is WAAAAAAAAAAY to small for screens. sigh.

This was the inspiration...LOVE IT!

Here is the interpretation. Pretty darn good!!!

3.) I LOVE THIS PICTURE (that I stole from Emily Forgot) I think if I had my way, I would probably be the type to makeover the streetlight! OH WHO AM I KIDDING....I am out right now scaling the lamppost in front of my house!!

4.) I know what you are gonna say....but I cannot help this one......Heck, if I had a nickel for every time I   
     listed something Lady Gaga on #WW...I would be able to retire early! But this song amused me this  

5.) You know how I love creepy places. Here is another GREAT one! The Cane Hill Asylum in London, England is one of the most famous abandoned hospitals, and has been a magnet for vandals, urban explorers, photographers and filmmakers ever since it closed 18 years ago. Check out some more info about it and lots of creepy photos HERE. IT IS SUUUPER worth checking out!!

Check out these (and more) more 'artsy' photos from Hidden Forest on RedBubble:
(click on them to make the bigger!!)

 I hate leaving you on such a creepy here is a BONUS #6

6.) Lil' Baci. I was there this weekend and forgot how much I enjoy the food there!! I had a delicious pizza....and I think all the menu items are super. It is very fresh and the pizza...YUM!!!!! Or check it out for Sunday Brunching. (Also yummers!!) located right in Leslieville (892 Queen Street East, Toronto)

There you go folks!!!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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