Monday, October 3, 2011


Happy Monday.
Thanks to all the folks who came out on the weekend!!
To celebrate a great Studio Sale, I went out antiquing on Sunday to Freelton and Aberfoyle.
As you know, once a year, I make the trip out - to read all about last year's trip click here.
For those of you who are already loyal on.....
Here are some of the highlights - in no particular order.....
BUT BEWARE. Some of the objects are a little racy!!!

Great old pinball machine-y thing

Barbie, that new mud mask you are using is really working!

I LOVE THIS. I wanted it! Real bad like.

Perfect for the young child in your life.
Maybe not one you like...but still....

This is what Cindy kept calling the Pedophile Plate collection.

Great book cover
 or terrible advice for children...
you decide.

One can never have too much eye shadow!

This puts the 'EW' in MEOW!

I LOVE THIS TOO! But he was $400.
So I just took the hand.


I really like the colours on this!

Will this help me with my taxes this year?

Will this help me mail my taxes this year??!

Home meth kit.

Dirty. I don't know why.

This is gonna look great in my living room.
Believe it or not she lights least parts of her do.

I can never get enough of circus stuff!

I wanted this.  Especially for the word "lubritorium".
I think I rented a movie called that once.
I know, I know, ICK!

Clowns and Carmen Miranda - together again for the first time.

Love the mini cars. I could take them to my new Lubritorium!

This is gonna look great with my Bailie Quarters soap dish,
and my Less Nessman toothbrush holder!
(Did I just date myself there?)

The end. 
All and all a very successful trip!
Hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Lubritorium, HA HA
    Did you buy anything else?

  2. Lovely post, and some lovely items found.
    Thats one of my favourite outings.
    I got to ask, which bits of her light up? :)

  3. Brian....thanks for the comments!
    But I think you KNOW what 2 areas light up.........
    wink wink nudge nudge say no more......