Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, here it is.
Now, before all you nay-sayers start gossiping amongst yourselves, I AM GONNA POST MORE OF MY OWN WORK.........and I know these posts are not directly related to my work.....
BUT it is MY blog. So there!
Each week I will post my 'Creep of the Week'. It could be on a Monday or on a Sunday...but it is gonna be something I LIKE the creepiness of!!
So let's go!

Abkhazian Railway Station

This abandoned station stands along the Abkhazian Railway, a 63 mile line along the Black Sea coast. It  originally connected Russia’s North Caucusus Railway with Georgia.  The connection was severed in 1992 during the War in Abkhazia, in which Georgian forces clashed with Abkhaz separatists over independence of the region from Georgia.  
It has been abandoned since then and it is slowly deteriorating.
It looks STUNNING!!!!

The first 5 images are from Dimitry Morfolff make sure to check out all the images on his website!

Here are a few more from English out the rest of these too!!

So there is my Creep of the Week.
Hope you enjoyed it!

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