Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello friends and spoooooooky persons.....
Yes, it is Halloween! And I thought you might like to see how I spent my day today....
No. I was not creating art. BOO.
I however WAS creating a scary mood for the youngsters.
(and by youngsters - I mean me - and maybe my neighbours!)
When I was a hip downtown Toronto renter, I was ALWAYS out on Halloween night.
Getting drunk and making fun of the people who had to give out candy to children.
That's right.....No kids. No tacky decorations. No CANDY!
But then tragedy struck.
I moved to the suburbs, and it seems that I have caught some kind of illness.
The worst symptom is a compulsive need to decorating one's house for special occasions.....
There is no known cure. It just WORSENS each year!
At first it was a a sting of lights at Christmas, and now.....well.....I give you.....

The 'Ween 2012 (insert sinister laugh here)
Yes. A chite pumpkin!!! Notice my little the skeleton hand.....
it is all about the details, no?

My sister and Dad made this little guy.....
Notice the CREEEEEEEPY pumpkin is all wart-y and such?

I am usually pretty happy with my carving skills....but this one is kinda.....meh....

My lighting technician changing the pumpkin light!

It is supposed to be a Zombie.........(with a strobe light in it)!!!

The overall house.....BLURRY - but you get the point?!?

Spooooooooky lighting.

A ghoul and some Zombie hands in the upstairs windows!

The scariest picture yet.....look at the creepy man in the doorway....
 There you go.
How I wasted spent my day!


  1. Mommy with lots of chocolateOctober 31, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    Amazing! The upstairs windows are super scary. And that pumpkin carving is great! Flowers, nice touch. Overall effect, very scary. The lighting is amazing!

  2. the man in the door way is scariest of all!!!

  3. M.W.L.O.C - Thanks!!!!!

    Becca - I KNOW, RIGHT??

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Great carving! Wayne would be very proud of your decorating. Me, I never "got" Hallowe'en. Yes. With an ' . That's how I roll!