Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to my spoooooooooooooooky edition of Wonderful Wednesday.
Here we go......try not to be too scared!

1.) There are 3 shows that I have been enjoying.

     1) Grimm -  This is a 10pm is kind of a supernatural cop procedural......I do not want to
                         wreck it for you...but it is highly enjoyable! I have once seen one episode......but it was
                         good...I think it may be my new favourite for this TV season - but only time will tell!

     2) American Horror Story - This is CUPER CREEPY!!!!! I am not sure this show is for everyone....
         it is from The guys that made Glee and Nip/Tuck......but it is SUUUPER WEIRDY!!!! It does  
         have Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) and Jessica Lange....and they are AWESOME in it.....
         (and you see a lot of Dylan McDermott's butt - if you like that kinda thing!)

     3) Once Upon a Time  - It is family friendly and cute. I like it. I know I have it as #3 on my list....but I
        do quite like it and it is a nice distraction. It has some good acting and drama. See it!!

2.) Carved Pumpkins. Villafane Studios sculpts the most ah-mah-zing pumpkins you will ever see! EVER! You saw my version of the carved pumpkin...which was ok...but look at these (and check out their website!!!):

3.)  Haunted places in Ontario. Check out this great post about the top 13 places to visit. (there is GREAT INFO at - go to their site for all the creepy details!!!!!! Like:

2: Spadina House - Toronto

Quick Scoop: Not as many stories from the house as many other places, but for sheer "feel" and environment, a hands-down winner for the history nut and those who wish to almost experience a waking time-shift while touring. A phenomenal site with a good ghost story...

Best Bets: The second floor on the South Side is a place to visit... as is the "museum" very close to the entrance. We also have had people comment on the rear (East) rooms on the ground floor.

Click Here for our reports...
Click Here for the official site...

Ghost Friendliness: 2.5 - We have had nothing but wonderful experiences at the site talking with the staff... most have not experienced anything themselves and again, it's NOT part of the official tour or the like. That said, we have heard there's a wee crack-down to dissuade would-be ghost enthusiasts... and we can understand that. (Not from our people and you readers, of course! We're history first, respect to the place and people foremost! Sadly, not everyone else is...)

4.) What is Halloween without tummy treats.....I like these treats a lot from FORKABLE
     (You must also check out their blog)
Delicious eyeballs!

MMMM... Brain cake

What is cooler than these Dexter inspired candies!!???
5.)Paul Chiappe. Ok, so when I saw these on "It's that Nice" (a great site for amazing stuff) I assumed they were just old photos. Not so much. These are hyper-realistic drawings of Victorian children.




Check out all his work on his WEBSITE

Ok...that is it!
Happy 2 days past Halloween! (aka only-40-mini-chocolates-left-to-eat day)

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