Friday, November 4, 2011


Hey guys! Here is what is happening right now......
So here is the painting that is on my easel right now:

As you can see I am still blocking in the is similar to my last painting......
It is related to the about the other one HERE
It is coming along.....I will post a photo again very soon!

Also I wanted to mention a friend's hair salon.......she bought a piece from me and wrote about it on her blog.....check it out!!

One last thing....The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair started today!
Go for the livestock and stay for the artwork.  ;-)

I have a piece in the Royal's Art my blog post about it HERE

It is called "Farmers Feed Cities" and is inspired by the campaign of the same name.
I will be taking my yearly trip to The Royal next week - so look forward to the blog post soon!!
OK...that's it for today....short and sweet!!!!
Have a great Weekend!

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