Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey y'all!!!
I keep getting the criticism that I don't show enough of my own work (which I have decided to take as a complement)! So, in my effort to appease everyone, I bring you todays post.
This is the piece: (as always, you can click to see it larger)

"The Streetcar Experience",  30"x 24", Acrylic on Board 

For those of you who are not Torontonians, let me break it down for you. (word)
The streetcar is ICONIC for Toronto. It seems to have a great resonance among the city people.
It especially seems to resonate with those who do not have to ride it daily. ;-)
The actual poster within the art is a mash-up of these two Toronto Transit  Commission (aka TTC) streetcars:

Check out transit toronto for more cool vintage trains!

YOU MUST check out Chuckman's Other Collection Blog
for AWESOME Toronto pictures from yesteryear!

The poster is obviously influenced by the 1930-40's style (kinda art deco) poster style:

The logo for the TTC in the bottom right corner is taken from this old paper:

The tiles in the background area also based in actual tile from 2 subway stops.
I took the UNION station sign - but thought the tile was I borrowed the tile shape and colour scheme that is slightly more like OSGOODE-y:

i love the title of my poster - I find funny - "There's nothing like the streetcar experience"
If you have taken the Dundas streetcar late at night.....or the Bathurst car....well...ANYTIME.....then you get the joke. It can be a bit of an education in crazy-person 101!!
The poster also features the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, and the Imperial Room bar (now a meeting venue) in the lobby. The logo on the matchbook is directly from a menu from the 1960's. I got the defence from the AH-MAH-ZING blog of 'Chuckman Toronto Nostalgia' - CHECK IT OUT HERE:

So there you go. All about this new work!
I really love doing this almost 'trompe l'oeil' mixed media looking style with the faux paper and tape corners, the shine of the tiles, etc.....
I am REALLY pleased with this one.
You can see it live......but not until next year at The Artist Project 2012!
What do you think?
(Yup. Shamelessly fishing for positive complements!)