Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1. The Cheesecake Factory. I LOVE me some cheesecake. LOVE IT. They have food at T.C.F. - with horribly American portions. Two can eat ONE meal....that is how large they are. But the cheesecake (also perfect size for sharing) is to die for!!!! I have to highly recommend the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake. I WOULD DIVORCE MY HUSBAND JUST TO MARRY IT!!! (Sorry Husband!)

O        M        G    

2.)  I know this seems like a rich man's waste of money...but the architecture is super....and I LOVE that it is a 'green building' you go (article taken from Design Boom - check out their blog!!):

Here are some images of the completed 'Spaceport America' by internationally-recognized firm foster + partners in new Mexico, USA.
The first commercial space terminal in the world, the new 11,148 m2 facility will offer opportunities for tourists to travel into space. a dedication ceremony for the 'virgin galactic gateway to space' was recently held to celebrate the milestone event. 

3.) Ok, this one is for Christina. These are super cool creations! (I found this artist on For the launch of the 'My Monogram' service on Small Leather Goods, Louis Vuitton asked British Artist Billie Achilleos to work on four animals made of Louis Vuitton leather goods. Billie masterfully transformed wallets, bags and belts into a menagerie of animals! Check out the awesomeness:

Oh, and here is Bio:
"I graduated from Wimbledon College for Art in 2007 with a BA in Technical Arts and Special Effects. Since then I’ve had my fingers in many pies – Opera, Theatre, Film, Window Display, Advertising….I thrive on variety.
No job too small, or too weird. Or too big. Or too hard. (And no budget too large.)  contact me via email at –"

 Also check out this video of the making of her works:

4.) Many years ago, I had a theory that you should be able to talk about 3 things like an expert. 3 things that you felt confident about discussing. One of mine was cheese. Yes. Cheese. Another thing I thought I knew a LOT about was fonts. Yesterday, I was rocked to the core when I realized I know very little about cheese AND fonts. This game gives you a name...and it could be a font name or a cheese name: 

Test your knowledge in this amusing game! BTW Leafield is a cheese name. (Thanks Dale for this one!) 

5.) Finally...I enjoyed the new Fitz and the Tantrums' song. Don't now them? Read this post

So, there you go!!
I hope you enjoyed this weeks post.
Next Wednesday, I am doing a special post Halloween post!!


  1. mmm, love the cheesecake and handbag sculptures.
    i've never been the the cheesecake factory in the 'flo, ill have to check that out.

  2. Ben, you MUST try The Cheesecake Factory......but bring your biggest appetite! I DARE you to eat the full portion of food they bring!!
    Thanks for the comments!!

  3. Cheese and fonts, ha ha!

  4. EBM - I KNEW you would love that game......