Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello friends......well here are the 5 things that I NEEDED to share with you this week!!!

1) This electric car. I think it is super cool!!! You would never stress about parallel parking ever again!!! I stole this info right from one of the VERY BEST blogs - Design Boom (YOU MUST CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER CAR PHOTOS ON THEIR SITE - super cool stuff!!)

general motors (GM) is beginning urban pilot programs for its 'EN-V' zero-emissions concept vehicles,
to determine the real-world practicality of the cars. testing is planned to begin in the experimental
sino-singapore tianjin eco-city outside of tianjin, china, although chevrolet is investigating other locations
both internationally and in the US for potential pilot programs.

moved under the purview of GM's chevrolet brand, the 'EN-V' includes three models of two-seater electric urban vehicles.
all are powered by lithium-ion batteries that recharge from conventional outlets to a range of 25 miles (40 km).
in addition to manual mode, an autonomous mode is connected to intravehicle communications and traffic infrastructure,
permitting the vehicle be used by people otherwise unable to drive as well as offering future options for route optimization
based on traffic, knowledge of the state of the electric grid to determine recharging times,  and assistance in the finding
of available parking spaces.

originally showcased at the 2010 shanghai motor show, the car designs themselves represent
'jiao' (pride),'miao' (magic), and 'xiao' (laugh), and are overviewed in this designboom article.

2) Ron English, is a juxtapose regular, and has a wicked sense of humour. These 2 photos are from his latest exhibition in Los Angeles:

Ron English, coinciding with his show at Post No Bills in Venice, California, visited a local Ralph's grocery store and hit the cereal aisle with a little intervention he calls Short Shelf Life.

3) The Walking Dead. I cannot say enough about it. I thought I had posted about this t.v. show before....but I cannot find that post!! So either I have early onset Alzheimer's, or I just haven't mentioned it. You tell me!! (It really could be either!!) I just love this show. It is from AMC (as you night expect) and it is gruesome and FANTASTIC! Yes, it is all about Zombies, and yes, it is scary and shocking....but WOW....I cannot get enough of it. Sadly, last year only had 6 episodes...but this year there is a full 13!!! HUZZAH!!! I will tell you nothing more about it - but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!! I even love these posters:

Season One
Season 2
4) More zombies!!!! Zombies are the new vampires!!! Duh. OK, so  I love this is a send up of the show...with a clever twist (I think I have to thank Deb for this):

5) as you may now, later, I have felt a little disenfranchised with Beyoncé Inc. I just have felt like she and I are not on the same wavelength anymore. (She never calls me know how she gets!!) I didn't get the whole 'Run the World, Girls' thing. I just have felt distance from her lately....but this song....ENJOYABLE!!!:
Admittedly, I am wondering where the baby is here!?

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  1. AMC does seem to have the best shows and I do not get that channel..must resort to Netflix AMC online and iTunes. Love the cereals. I think Froot Looped might be just up my alley some mornings!! Ha, ha!!